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Fred on 7 Words
At Deftones recent show in Portugal, Fred Durst helped sing on 7 Words - check out Deftones - The Biggest Band In The World for some pictures and a review of that show, plus a rad new design.

The "White Pony" has now sold over 508,564 copies in the U.S. which means its now gone gold according to the R.I.A.A.

Taproot are rumored to be a possible opener on the upcoming Deftones, Incubus U.S. tour which is expected to take place beginning mid October and run through till late November.

Chino Speaks of Remix Album
I just listened to a phone call from Chino on Here is the link:
It is the call from 8/25. Basically he says that a new version of the White Pony is going to be released. It will have a different first song. He says that the first song will be called "Back To School". Chino said that some of you on the net might already have it. This leads me to believe that it is the Rap Version of Pink Maggit that was not put on the White Pony.
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KROQ in Los Angeles is holding a contest for a Private Show consisting of the deftones and Papa Roach for the winner and a hundred of his/her 'friends'. So if you live in Los Angeles and know of a 'Del Taco', go there...pick up a bumper sticker...slap it on your car...listen to the Kevin & Bean show on Monday morning to find out the rest of the horrifying details to follow.

Just a reminder...the boys are coming back to the U.S. to start the 2nd leg of their tour in mid-October.

Deftones Kerrang! Awards
The Deftones will definitely be attending this year's Kerrang! Music Awards in London, U.K. on Tuesday, August 29 now that it has been revealed they have been nominated for two awards. Their latest release, White Pony was nominated for "Best Album of the Year" and the band themselves have received a nomination in the category, "Best Band in the World."

Chino to do Morissey
Select Magazine has reported that Chino wants to cover a Morrissey song. Here's what Chino had to say:
“One day I’m going to record a Morrissey track. Oh, it will happen,” he says enthusiastically. “Maybe ‘Will Never Marry’, it’s such a soothing song.”
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New Acoustics
On August 13th the Deftones played three songs acoustic at a Las Vegas radio station - Change, Knife Prty, and Digital Bath. They even had Chino's son Coby playing maracas on the songs. This is apparently the first time they've played Knife Prty acoustic, they have played Digital Bath acoustic, which you can watch on the White Pony enhanced CD. A CD with these 3 acoustic songs is up on ebay, bid on it here.

Webcast Durst Peaks has posted that there will be a Deftones webcast tommorrow, not sure if this is an older broadcast or a live broadcast of tommorrows show in Portugal, check it out for yourself here.
Fred Durst watched the entire deftones's concert last saturday at the Bizarre Festival in Germany and even told later to the public that he liked not only their concert but also the Foo Fighters one. Who said they didn't support each other?
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Deftones have recently been opening their concerts with the theme music from the old TV show Twin Peaks, it sounds very cool check out an mp3 of the intro over at

Hesher's upcoming album, which features Chino and HR from Bad Brains on the track "Things", has been delayed with a pending release date.

Iommi Track Cut
It turns out that the track Chino wrote and recorded with Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) will not be included on Iommi's upcoing solo CD, but will possibly be released as a B-Side in the future. has reopened, with some new features added, as well as video clips of Change live at HFest, and Dai the Flu, Damone, and Digital Bath performed in the Deftones rehearsal studio.

Also has added a cool new White Pony windbreaker and some of the recent tour shirts to its selection.

Phallucy Info
I have been told that there's still a good chance that Phallucy's (Abe's old band) old material will be released on Deftones Label, Tone Def Records. Chino even wants Phallucy to TOUR with the Deftones. Getting the full original band could be difficult though, but having Abe play for both bands on the possible tour would be rad!


Abe and Chino were on TRL yesterday, talking with Carson about touring, getting a key to the city etc. Adrian from No Fist was a special guest, got to come up and say hi to the boys, very rad.
Incubus's official site says that Deftones and Incubus will be touring from mid-October through late November, stay tuned for detials.
The acoustic version of Change (In the House of Flies) was released to radio on August 15th. The song was recorded earlier this month at Studio x in Seattle, WA with Terry Date producing.
Check out some articles on Deftones getting a key to Sacto, and about the acoustic Change here - here - and here.
Also vote for Change to get played on the radio in France here.

You can buy music and t-shirts, including Chi's poetry CD, at a new official Deftones store

Boy's Republic for all
The Deftones have recently decided that the track "Boy's Republic" will now be included on all future pressings of their latest Maverick release, the White Pony. This is not unheard of, as Nirvana did this 10 years ago, adding a hidden track “Endless Nameless” to Nevermind after the first 100,000 copies were pressed. The track “Boy’s Republic” first surfaced as a limited edition bonus track on early limited edition pressings of White Pony. It was not included on the regular edition, but the band has had a change of heart. They felt it fit the record well enough to turn up as a hidden track, what held them back originally was having the finality of a heartbeat close the album. While it is unsure whether the track will be on track #12 like the ltd. Edition copies or hidden a few minutes after the closing track “Pink Maggit”, a few things are for sure. With the multimedia portion on the White Pony, there isn’t too much space that the band can use for a gap on track 11 between the two songs, like the 30-minute gap found on their previous record Around the Fur, somewhere around 5 minutes seems to be the best possibility. The cover art will not be altered in any way, and the only modification in the liner notes in fine print will be the mention of “Boy’s Republic” in the production credits section. This is confirmed and straight from Abe and Chi themselves, after having spoken with them at 2 recent shows.
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Hometown Heroes
Just got back from the Sacto show, they didn't do anything too different, but before the encore, they were given a key to the city and recognized as a great Sacramento talent by a representative of the mayor. Here's what they played - BQAD, Shove It, Bored, Root, Feiticiera, Change, MX, Mascara, Around the Fur, Digital Bath, Korea, Lotion, 7 Words - Encore - Engine No. 9, Headup. Also Chino teased us by singing the first lines of Passenger. After the show they came out on the lawn and did some photo shoots. All in all it was a tight show with great energy and much respect from the hometown crowd.

Deftones Biography CD
I was checking out and saw this - Deftones: Audio Biography CD $10.99 - it says release date is October 3rd, 2000, but you can pre-order it now! Should be very intersting.

Check out some live pics and a review of Deftones Hollywood show over at in the review section. The review says that Chino sang a bit of Weezer's 'In the Garage' and the Smiths 'Ask Me'. Deftones have also played the full version of Weezer's "El Scorcho" recently.

Weezer & More Info
The Deftones were the cover story on in today's Encore section of the Sacramento Bee. The article came out real good, here's some highlights :
Chi on the recent Weezer tour rumors - "We'ret going to try and save the Weezer trump card for mext summer," says Cheng. "We're going to let them get their new album out and hopefully get out with them next summer. We want to put together a real amazing package next summer."
On the RX Queen video - "I think Chino has some ideas about a really raw, in a small room like (downtown music club) the Press Club type video," says Cheng. "But I'm not sure. You still have to coincide with the director with the direction, and the label's gotta get into it too. There's a lot of red tape."
It was also mentioned that the Deftones recorded an acoustic version of Change (In the House of Flies). Check out the full article at

Abe is in the latest issue of "Modern Drummer" magazine, it's a good long interview and includes a diagram of his drum setup. In the interview something new learned is that one of the tentative titles to a White Pony track was Webster, and that they have a couple songs that didn't make the album that will be released as B-Sides.

Stef does a video guitar lesson at There's also an interview with Stef over there.

Also remember, Chino and Abe will be on TRL on Wednesday, so make em look good and vote for Change, here's the info again:
Jam the phone lines at 1-800-DIAL-MTV (1-800-342-5688)
CALL from 2:30 - 3:00P (Eastern Time)
CALL from 1:30 - 2:00P (Central Time)
CALL from 12:30 - 1:00P (Mountain Time)
CALL from 11:30 - 12:00P (Pacific Time)
Or vote on the internet here

Oh yeah one more thing, it's been confirmed by someone in the music business that Ozzy will be working with Chino on that song for the Little Nicky soundtrack.

Guests Live
Both White Pony guest appearances have now been performed live once each now - Maynard sang on Passenger a week ago at the Summersault show in Canada, and last night Rodleen sang her part on Knife Prty in Hollywood.

Also, those in the Sacramento area, remember to pick up a copy of the Bee on Sunday for a Deftones cover story in the Encore, which will include information on RX Queen the acoustic version of Change, and the possible Deftones/Weezer tour rumors.

Deftones Go on TRL
On Wednesday, August 16th, Deftones will appear on MTV's Total Request Live to talk about their summer, and their video for Change (In the House of Flies).

Change Acoustic
Deftones were on the LA radio station KROQ today, they were interviewed and played Change (In the House of Flies) Acoustic! Chino had a flanger effect on his voice. The webmaster of In My Own Summer recorded it, so look for it there sometime today!

Also check out this MTV article for more info on Deftones being in that skate video game.

More Black Stallion Info
A reliable source who talked with the band had this to say about the Black Stallion remix album:
I had a good chat with Frank after their Electric Factory show in Philadlephia. We were talking about the Quaanum hip-hop crew - which includes DJ Shadow, Blackalicious, and others - and about this show DJ Shadow did last year at BoJangles (Cattle Club). Frank was saying how him and Chino were at that show and wanted to talk to Shadow (I don't know if they actually talked to him or not). So then Frank says that the band wants to have DJ Shadow do a remix album of "White Pony" called "Black Stallion." To me, it sounded like it was more of a wish than something set in stone, but who knows. I'm going to try and find out more at Monday's show here in Sacto.

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