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Pics of Chino at Ozz Tourbus from Lynne
Pic of Chino in the 80's from Lauren Silva - Do not use without permission
Pic of Stef Close-Up b&w (c) S.M. - Do not use without permission
Pics 81-85 from Jimmy --- "Scream.jpg & Chiscream.jpg" from Mathieu Drouet

- Following photos copyright J. Krieg Photography 1999 (c) -
Please do not use these on any other site.

Here are pics I took at the 08/08/00 show
Here are photos I took from Deftones Internet House Party 6/01/00
Here are various pics from Ozzfest '99
Here are pics from when Deftones were on cable access TV in 1990/91. The one of Abe is from when he was in Phallucy.
Here are pics I took at 08/05/99 at the secret show at Slim's in San Francisco
Here are 5 photos I took at Warped Tour '98 S.F. - 2 at Ozzfest '99 - And at Enharmonik Studios where Deftones early demos were recorded
Here are pics donated by 'El Diablo'

Following photos copyright T. Ryan Photography 1997/98 (c)
Here are some pics from 11/03/97 in Sacto