Chi's Spoken Word Poetry

Chi had a lot of books of poetry that he had written, and decided to release a spoken word album called "Bamboo Parachute." It features over 20 of his original poems.
  "It is pretty wacky stuff," syas Chi. I'll read something to my wife, and she'll look at me and say, I don't know what the hell you're talking about."
  So far he has done one live poetry reading, which you can see pictures of here.
  See the discography for more album details.



A hip-hop-flavored, beat-driven collective, consisting of the Deftones own DJ Frank, Team Sleep's own DJ Crook, and Sacramento's own DJ Epik (of The Green Team).
  "It's us having fun with our records and drum machines," Delgado said. "Hip-hop beats and breaks that have come from our never-ending search for any and all sounds. We'll take sounds and manipulate them, chop them up, and make them our own sounds. The whole idea is for us to do everything ourselves, whether it's the music or the artwork."
  "The group is recording in Sacramento-area studios on portable equipment, releasing an album in 2002, hoping to pressing up the results on vinyl and take the act on the road.


  For about a year in the Deftones early days, Abe left to be in a band that he was a fan of, Phallucy. The band consisted of Dave Garcia on vocals, Sonny Mayugba on guitar, Josh Coker on guitar/saxaphone, Dominic Garcia on bass, and Abe on drums. They were really popular in Sacramento in the early 90's, playing with bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Primus, and Tool, but broke up around 1993 and Abe went back to Deftones.
  The album they recorded while they were together, "Valium", was recently released this year, and the band also has reunited with Dave, Sonny, Abe, and new bassist Chris, and become a serious side-project for Abe, with touring planned.

Also, Chino has recently been playing guitar with Phallucy now and then.

Drop Acid

Was a side project Kevin Seconds' (7 Seconds) did in 1992. Abe plays drums on the album "46th and Teeth" along with Kevin on guitar and vocals, Sonny (Daycare, Phallucy) on guitar, and Doug Calvert on bass.

The album was called 46th and Teeth cause they always used to play basktball late at night at 46th and Tst. and one time there were some bloody teeth on the court.

Check out their album here.


  Are related to Deftones in several ways. They've been friends for a long time, and both bands being from Sacramento they've played shows together, and Chino has even played drums for them at a few shows.
Willhaven appears in Deftones "Bored" video, and Chino appears in Willhaven's "Carpe Diem" video.
  Grady, Willhaven's singer, sings on the Soulfly track "Pain" along with Chino, and the Far track "Do They Know it's Christmas?" also with Chino.

John Taylor

  When Abe left Deftones for Phallucy, John Taylor was his replacement on drums. John later played with the Sacramento band Prayer Wheel.

  John said in an interview: "My favorite songs are the songs you (Deftones) wrote before I got in the band," which may imply that he did some writing/recording with Deftones back then, not just playing live.

  Before Deftones, John was in the band "It's Not What You Think."

Dominic Garcia

  Dominic was Deftones' original bass player, but when Abe left for Phallucy, he became Deftones' drummer, and Chi became the bassist. Not long afterwards, Dominic left Deftones to play bass in Phallucy, up until they broke up.
  Dominic began his study of Latin percussion, (congas, timbales, and bongos) in 1995 and has just recently started studying Afro-Cuban rhythms, dance, and song with Harold and Beatriz Muniz.
He has since played with Les Moncada y su Orchestra, Salsa Monumental, Up from the Roots, Urban Fiya, and Rick Martin. And along with Ebo, he is currently performing with the West Coast Rhythm Section. In addition to performance, Dominic is studying musical theory, composition, and arrangement, and is in the process of forming a Sacto-based Charanga band.
Chino said about practicing a Dominic's house: 'Man, there'd be these chihuahuas runnin' around all ever the place, and we'd always have to give someone's car a jumpstart, or drive videos back to the store.'

Far / Jonah

  Far and Deftones are both from Sacramento, and played a lot of shows together, Far opened for Deftones on a European tour a few years ago. Chino at one point even lived with the guys in Far.
  Deftones and Far recorded a cover of Jawbox's "Savory" together, and Chino sang with them on "Do They Know It's Christmas."
  Jonah, Far's singer, sang with Chino on the acoustic version of Be Quiet and Drive, and sang with Deftones on their cover of Sade's "No Ordinary Love."


  Daycare is a band from Sacramento featuring Dave Garcia (Phallucy) on guitar/vocals, Sonny Mayugba (Phallucy, Drop Acid) on bass, and Rick Click on drums. Their relation to Deftones is that Sonny and Dave were in Phallucy with Abe. Abe also plays drums on their debut album on the track "Crankslut," which they actaully wrote and recorded while they were all together mixing the Phallucy album.
  Daycare also opened for Deftones at a secret show in Sacto last June, with Chino playing guest guitar for a cover of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean."


  DJ Frank's hip-hop group. He was with them for a few years and released 2 albums with them, B-Boyism, and Ghettoguerrilatacktiks, which was produced by DJ Crook of Team Sleep.
  They opened for Deftones at least a couple times.
Check out the discography for more album info.

Sergio Vega

  When Chi Cheng had to drop off tour for a bit in 1999 to have toe surgery, Sergio Vega replaced him, playing bass with Deftones for several shows. Also, Sergio, Chino, and Abe hosted MTV''s 120 Minutes together while he was filling in.
Sergio was the bass play from teh now-defunct Quicksand


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