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Name: andrew
well, where do i begin? I found Adrenaline on the floor at school in seventh grade. i brought it home and loved it. my friend wanted to hear it so i let him borrow it. he never returned it. so i bought a new one. i tend to listen to cd's for a month or two then get tired of them. but i'm almost graduated highschool, and not one week goes by that i dont listen to deftones. all i have left to say is adrenaline is the best album ever written, and will always be. deftones are changing, and their sound is evolving, but they can never surpass adrenaline
Name: Kimberly
All three deftones albums are brilliant. Around the fur is my favorite only because it was my coat of armor at a precarious time in my life. To be fair, each album has its own feel, but the same core, like different scars on the same body. Highlights: Adrenaline threatens you in its first few seconds, dropping sound like a push in the chest, making you feel powerful or scared, depending on which side you're on. In 7 words, the band confronts you with your guilt and jumps you for it while chino, the judge, accuses and sentences you (not you, of course, but those who, on account of their stupidity, have fucked the innocent). Around the Fur...coming back...oh (pulls away), puts you on a leash. leash in hand, the deftones drive your heart far away, but leave you there, rejected, wanting more, which lotion delivers. White pony: I still haven't heard the new version, forgive me. Knife party is the most representative, make me feel, it says, and it does, passion-- the simultaneous longing for love and hating of its threats to leave. Elite is my favorite song. When you're ripe, you'll bleed out of control. I'd capitalize the whole line, but that'd be too obnoxious. While I've focused on the lyrics, I can't underscore how moving and brilliant and particular and differential (emotional responses built in the music creep up on you and drown you) and satisfyingly thick and heavy the drums, bass and guitar are. Though I'm not into depression, I know what it's like to be ripe, and that's why the deftones are my favorite band.
Name: Sick Boy
I'm a great fan of music. I'm a great fan of rock. I've seen and heard things that most of you probably never heard of. Yeah, I had some musical background when I started hearing the deftones with the attencion they deserved. And truth is they almost erased everything I had heard. The music they created was so intense, so sensitive, that I almost punished myself for not hearing them with attencion three years later, when I first heard them and compared them to acts like korn or Limp Byskit. Truth is they have nothing to do with the so called nu-metal-mania. They have theyre own scene. They're own frame of mind.
This review is being written to warn the readers about the best debut album ever. Yes, I say debut, cause the evolution of Around the fur and White pony was far better. But that does not take credit of Adrenaline, a so intense album (and the most agressive of the three) that can make the listener experience a different range of emotions. Let's start from the beginning.
"Bored"- The beginning, like if your muscles where atrofiated, sees singer Chino start singing like a voice from the outerworld while the bass and guitar play creates an obscure atmosfere. As the song shouts, the melodie is so melancholic and agressive that makes you wanna jump of pain. The singing of Chino in this tune is so melodic, and the chorus is so intense, derivating form the first one, more down to earth, to the second, where Chinos voice travels to an higher range, sounding like the music of god.
"Minus Blindfold"- The weakest song of the album. makes me not wanna talk about it.
"One Weak"- Another intense game, starting with the leading bass and the chilling voice of Chino, that turn on the engine that explodes in the chorus, another journey through the distorted mind and thoughts of Chino. Simply great.
"Nosebleed"- Starts too easily and it seems like a just good track. Until the end of the second cohrus. A strange journey begins, quiet, mind blowing, and continues till the screams of "I will come". Then, suddendly, it stops, and almost unearing, Chino whispers "dissapear", but so quiet, and then when you think the track is over, the chorus is repeated instantly, and it stops right then. One of the best journeys of the record.
"Lifter"- Melodically excellent, at the beginning obscure, tense, to liberating itself in the chorus. Mentally excellent, this one.
"Root"- With a tipycal 80s heavy metal riff as base, Deftones join the groove and the emotion to that, culminating on one of the best finales of rock history.
"7 Words"- One of the best songs in the record. From the tense beginning to the groovy and furious chorus, with the repeting of the word "suck", Deftones created their instant hymn.
"Birthmark"- Probably the track of the album that most shows the dimension of Chinos voice, capable of the most tuned and atonal vocals and the most angry screams. Another journey you have to experience.
"Engine9"- Probably the track that everybody associates to nu-metal. A groove monster, with hip-hop vocals alliated to heavy metal guitars and heavy beating drums, culminating in a tremendous chorus, inviting the sing along of a possible crowd. This track should have been the 3rd single.
"Fireal"- The grand finale. The best track of the album. exploring diferrent sounds and textures, Deftones created an epic of 2 distinct parts, but an epic in the Deftones way (dont expect the 23rd simphony). The psychedelic track that antecipated their future.
"Fist"- An instrumental track ( i say instrumental cause Chinos voice is used more as an instrument in this track than the driving force of the songs that frequently is) based on a simply beautiful guitar riff and opposed dinamics.
And so I finish my review. I hope that I've been useful in your quest for great music.
Name: Oscar Esquivel
Of course my all time favorite album is adrenaline, I got it 2 days after I saw deftones on the crow city of angels (when it came out!) I love the way adrenaline is half beast and half beauty especially on Fireal which is my favorite song. Its cool how the whole album has those rough sick yelling parts and all of a sudden gets low and Chino sings with a whisper, I love that. And fist, oh damn that song made me cry the first few times I listened to it, how its all soft...then hard...then silent...then depressing...then soft and the end, thats so cool. And root that song is just so unique to the whole album, the way the music and the lyrics are. I love the whole album i like all the songs I could listen to them all and I do, many times - OSCAR
Name: fuddd
Reviewing:All 3
well adreniline kicks ass, simply because the guitar tones are so strange sounding and sweet, it sounds like a lo-fi punk record, which is the way albums should sound. Fuck the nu metal this album is strait hardcore. much in the vein of bad brains if you ask me. best song is one weak and nosebleed. The speed of this record is up to that of the punk bands of yore. uncompromising and angry ,this is good shit. 9.9 out of 10. Around the fur, i wish i could say more good things about it. but i can't. The songs are too much trying to be a badass metal band, and the tempo drags and doesn't have the energy of adreniline. the best song is damone, the hidden track. 7 out of 10. white pony kicks major ass (im talking about the original version.) the album moves ahead and forgets about all those other copycat nu metal shitsuckers, and makes songs that are great departures (digital bath, teenager, pink maggit) and makes songs to rival the intesity of that on adreniline (street carp, feiticiera) good good album. their best yet. the best songs are street carp and teenager. what a contrast. 11 out of 10
Name: Kattch
Reviewing:All Three
First off, the Deftones are NOT sellouts. They are from Sacramento (where I am from) and unlike most bands, when they got famous, instead of moving to Hollywood, and saying, "fuck our home town" they still live here and spend their free time here. (In Sacramento that is) If they see fans in coffee shops, stores, or wherever they may be, they'll stop and answer any questions you may have or sign an autograph. They have FAR from sold out. Everything those guys do is for the fans, dammit!!! Now, onto my review, LoL:
Adrenaline is really good. Chino screams a lot and with the mix of those hypnotic guitars, it sounds GREAT. My favorite songs are Bored, 7 Words, Root, and Engine #9. I give the CD an 8 of 10.
Around The Fur is also great. But while there is some screaming, there is more singing this time than yelling. (Not that screaming & yelling isn't cool though) With songs like My Own Summer (Shove It), Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away), and Lotion; the band makes an even bet! ter CD than Adrenaline. A 9 out of 10.
Now, White Pony is the album where they "mature" a bit. Chino takes the best of his screaming and the best of his great singing voice and mixes it together. Some songs are plain singing, some are plain screaming, and some are mixed together. But the fact is, all the songs ROCK. Especially a duet with Maynard James Keenan from Tool on the song ďPassengerĒ. The Deftones didn't sell out with this record, they sat down, took their best stuff the past two albums and used that basic stuff to make an even BETTER CD than the other two. A definite 10 out of 10.
Thatís all there is to it in my opinion. People say donít like it when bands mature. Well what can you do??? When a kid is born they canít even talk. When he/she is an adult they have a job and make money. Itís called GROWING. Well, the Deftones have learned things since making records and touring, as do all bands. What else can you say, they music styles are gonna change. It just so happen! s that in the Deftones case, itís a GOOD change all the way.
Name: Nathan
Reviewing:the 3 albums
Adrenaline is a rally good record . My favourite tracks on this album are Bored , Lifter , 7 Words , Engine no9 , and the amazing Fireal .I do like the sound of this album . I must listen to this again and again to know it better. 8.5 out of 10
Around the fur is my fave Deftones record and even, record of all time .The sound is perfect and every song is a masterpiece ( BQAD and Mx are the best song I've heard in years ; these two songs are classics , brillantly performed by the coolest band on earth ! ). This is the first Deftones record I bought and to me , is the reference in modern alternative music. 10 out of 10
White Pony is the second band's masterpiece . My fave tracks are Back To School , Digital Bath , Knife Party , Passenger , Change (ITHOF) and the very emotional , powerful , tears-and-joy friendly Pink Maggit . I'm glad White Pony has been released with Back To School taking the lead, 'cause this song is great and it's excellent starting and ending this fabulous record with the same tune , fast at the beginning and slow in the end. According to me , Back To School HAS NOTHING to do with the rap/metal shit you hear every day .To me , the accomplished version of White Pony is the version including Back To School(formerly recorded with the other tracks on the record) .This album is also unforgettable. 9.5 out of 10
Name: dusty yellow thunder
I think that the deftones first CD that they did Adreniline is the best cd that they have ever made It is the one CD that is truely them they weren't trying to be like everybody else they were keeping it real they weren't as pressured as they are now to make the so called perfect CD, Around The Fur is †another good CD they are still about being hardcore. Some poeple said that when White Pony came out that they sold out by going softer. IT is softer but at least they didn't come out with a rap/metal CD like everyone else I don't think they sold out cause Chino has got the sexiest voice in the entire world I love all of the CD's just keep it real. DEFTONES ARE THE BEST FUCKING BAND!!!!
Name: albert largoza
most of the time, bands tend to sell out on their sophomore effort but the deftones proved this wrong with the release of around the fur. adrenaline was the shit but around the fur was even better. white pony: i just wish they didn't make songs like teenager and the other songs could need a little more raw power although i consider them an emo-core band.
Name: Jake
Reviewing:Adrenaline, Around The Fur, White Pony
ADRENALINE - This is my leat favorite Deftones album, not to say that I don't like it I just like the other two more. "7 Words" is such a powerful track, not only does it kick ass but it tackles a serious issue (Cops commiting crimes against blacks). A lot of the songs on the album are very rough around the edges and yet still just what your looking for sometimes. I love this album and anyone who doesn't own it needs to go buy it.
AROUND THE FUR - This album shares the "favorite" spot with White Pony, Everything depends on my mood. "Mx" is my favorite Deftones song and probably always will be, it's so different from the rest of the tracks on the album. I only wish they could have released more singles from this CD.
WHITE PONY - First off I must say "Digital Bath" is the best song on this album. It has been my favorite since I won a promo copy of the album from my local station. This album is proably the most amazing Deftones CD, so much thought went into it. "Passanger" is also pretty deep, Maynard has an amazing voice and it goes together well with Chino's. This is probably my favorite the bulk of the time, it isn't that great for bad moods though.

Name: doug
hopefully by the time youre done reading this review you will begin to see and hopefully agree with the fact that adrenaline is definitly the best deftones cd ever made. when i first heard this album it automatically became on of my favorites and i can honestly say that for the past 5 years its never been out of my cd changer for more than a day or two. the quality of this album is emense and to still have the songs that came from this album be such a large part of the bands live show and such a fan favorite helps prove its power. when i first heard songs like nosebleed, birthmark, and root they blew me away and they showed that the deftones were doing everything that bands like korn and limp bizkit werent and couldnt. even today they still are distinct in their style and sound and this is something other bands could only wish they had the ability to do. the raw sound of this band is fueled by abe's innovative and relentless percussion, chi and stephs intricite yet po werful riffs and chinos voice which has the ability to create so many different emotions which help give even more depth and uniqueness to the overall sound. almost ever song on the album is as perfect as it can be and they compliment each other perfectly. its hard to find songs with the power and originality that you find not only in birthmark, nosebleed, seven words, and minus blindfold, but also every other song on the album. while their other two albums are far better than anything ive heard come from any other heavy band since 96, they mainly helped to expand the deftones sound prove that they are evolving which is something all bands that last must do. if the deftones had changed their sound all together over the past 5 years it would be a different story but instead adrenaline remains to be the foundation of their sound and structure and it is what established them as one of the best bands we've got today that keeps getting better.

Name: andrew
Reviewing:adrenaline/around the fur/white pony
ADRENALINE:even though the whole album is an A+ i wanted to narrow my favorite songs down to 3. first off "bored" this song really shows chinos amazing vocal skill, iv never herd anyone hit such high notes and pull em off perfectly. "7 words" is the most unique song on the album has chino delivering flowing vocals, wispers, and screams all in one song, not to mention the heavy ass guitar and bass."birthmark" is both soft and heavy as hell, and once again shows chinos amazing vocal talent.this is my favorite song on the album.
AROUND THE FUR: this album is argueably heavier than adrenaline and has much more screaming. my favorite tracks on this album are "around the fur", "be quiet and drive", "dai the flu" and "headup" featuring max of soulfly. the whole album is really really good, i give around the fur an A+.
WHITE PONY: deftones totally reinvent themselves on this album, its way softer than adrenaline and around the fur but songs like "elite" and "korea" show they still have the heavy shit in em. my favorite song on the album is "passenger" it has the two best singers in the world in my opinion maynard james keenan of tool/ a perfect cicle and chino doing a duet. i give this album an A+, well what do you expect from the deftones.

Name: Oscar Esquivel
Reviewing:BEST ALBUM
Adrenaline of course! I aint no poser whos gonna be like oh yeah whitepony the new one(eventhough its cool) but adrenaline has to be #1 album. My all time favorite song is Fireal, Its so cool how Chino goes all soft "we are beggers" then rips out with these kick ass screams "no fist to fucking save you from" thats so cool, and what makes the song half intense and half beautiful is the solo at the end "everything felt good and everything is right at first when I was cursed, you know mad dog....." Thats the best fucking song to me, also FIST, ROOT, LIFTER, BORED, BIRTHMARK, BORED...hell! the whole album is fucking cool, the truth is I like every single song on Adrenaline. DEFTONES #1
Name: Travis
Reviewing:the white pony album
i believe the new album though tricky to predict and say what would happen next hooks you so quick. whether its the rumble of "elite", or the simple mellow presence of "Change(in the house...)" you simply cant walk away from the cd. This is not a cd it's an Album in wich a beautiful story of compassionate feelings are carried out. The question is have they done it again? Have they matched the strengths and hardcore sound they've always carried, or is this a laim attempt at mixing weird sounds into music? Definatley, in my opinion this could stand as a high point in there career. Chino's voice and lyrics are at an all time high, and the music pushing this message would give you chills. If you dont have it, GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Goofnut 420
Reviewing: all albums
Adrenilne-this cd kicks ass. personally, i've always seen the deftones as more of a punk band, and this pretty much shows that the best. top tracks are lifter, root, and fireal.
Around the Fur-this is my least favorite deftones disc cuz it's too fuckin' heavy for me. It's got a lot more melody on it though, which is cool.top tracks are bqad, Lhabia, Damone
White Pony-This is my fav deftones cd. I love the mellower sound, it suits chino's voice much better cuz he has a beautiful but whiny voice. top tracks are digital bath,teenager,pink maggit, change, and knife party, passenger.
That's all folks. My fave defsong ever is pink maggit and for the record, i think back to school sux.even though this is my fave band. fuck nu-metal. long live deftones!!!
Name: Mike Callahan
Reviewing: White Pony
i think the deftones are the baddest band out there so of course i liked white pony. even when they came out with a more laid back album it was solid. i wished they would of had some more heavy songs on it though. they are talented musically no doubt but i feel their strengths are the energy they bring. i felt that korea was the heaviest song other than elite, but it was a better song because it wasn't just screaming. will the deftones go back to being hard core or can we look for them to continue making laid back tunes.
Name: John Kneip e-mail me with your response/opinion
Reviewing: 4 Deftones Cd's
Adrenaline- The Major Label Debut! The Deftones came into the rock scene with a name. "Bored" has to be one of the best rock songs ever recorded. Chino really shows his vocal skills on this song--from the screams to the high pitched notes...He hits 'em all...perfectly!...My fav. song on the CD has to be either "Root" or "7 Words" just because I have never heard anything like it...The pounding drums and fast guitars...Damn! It's just a kick ass CD
Around The Fur- I know people will agree, and I know people will disagree with me, but I feel that ATF is their best CD. Every song on the album is done perfectly! Terry Date really brings it out in the band. My favorite song has to be "Headup" (Featuring Max Calvalera from Sepultura and Soulfly) or the secret track "Damone"...I know it takes forever to fast-forward to it, but do it...You won't be disappointed.
Deftones Live (Import)-For only being 7 tracks (6 live tracks), you can tell what's it's like to be at one of their shows. It was recorded from 1997, so it contains 5 songs from "Adrenaline" and 1 song from "ATF". If you see it, pick it up. They care about their fans a lot. They stop a song because a kid lost his shoe...Then they let him do a stage dive in front of the whole crowd. It really shows the live talent as well.
White Pony- Once again, they brought aboard on of the best producers out there, Terry Date. He brings it out again. I just can't find anything really wrong with the CD! The only downside was the 3 version of it. I downloaded the CD before it came out to see what it was like but then I bought a Red-Limited-Edition version with the song "The Boy's Republic". I haven't heard of any other person who has this copy other than one of my friends. I put together the newest "White Pony" with my red version and the CD just kicks your ass!. Even though I think "ATF" is better, "White Pony" can argumentally be the best. I think it shows a different side of the Deftones, but it still has that original piece to it.
General Review- Deftones need more attention than they have right now. F**k MTV! Even though they play their videos, it's not enough. We need people spreadin' DEFTONES! You all know they are one of the greatest rock bands ever! So why not let everyone else know?
Name: Epyon
Reviewing:White Pony
I just don't understand why so many people gripe about White Pony being "mellow" and the Detones selling out...what's wrong with you guys??? Have you actually heard the CD...agreed its not Around the Fur or Adrenaline, but listen to Street Carp and the AWESOME Korea. I used to hate the idea of bands maturing 'cause it means the suck, but the Deftones are an exception (along with Tool), Chino has one of the most beautiful voices in music so why should he scream all the time... the music is original (not detuned growling) and they're one of the few bands that make music that I can always listen to anytime of day any mood...
Bottom line is that they make some of the most innovative kick ass music & don't fall into the cliches that other Nu-metal bands do...
So cheers you guys...you made my own summer...Shove it!
Name: Brett Talley
Reviewing:White Pony
This album stands out as the best one yet from these guys. This album