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Name: Adam Parkey
Reviewing:Pinkpop festival in Germany, Bootleg, plus music videos, interviews, and bonus live tracks from poland, and new york

I think that this Video, was very good, for a good price for only 15 dollars it has a good vary of deftones things. it is an aweseom video. With thevideos for my own summer shove it, and 7 words, it makes this video very exciting. The live tracks from the pink pop festival were insane. Chino dives into a crowd of thousands and goes crowd surfing during headup. The video quality is really excellent.
Name: Brandon Allen
Reviewing:bootleg lost in lie

i have a wicked deftones boot.. it calle "lost in lie" its wicked it a 3 cd package and has a full cd of all the demo then abother cd with 21 covers and rare tracks by deftones, and then a 3rd cd of live tracks and some stuff they could not fit on the 2nd cd. Its wicked i got it long ago and i was great, but now that mp3 are everywhere you can find all the stuff on the net, but i still think its the best boot.. i have ever seen.
Name: Milo
Reviewing:Like Linus Bootleg

Damn what an awsome bootleg. It starts off with like linus (what an amazing track)in the third track they go into this crazy reggae vibe in the begining then it goes crazy. Gift and venison are two awsome tracks as well.   Another track that isnt on this one but is really awsome is Savory with the guys from far.
Name: martin
Reviewing:Respect Bootleg

This is the only bootleg I have but i think that is the best. It sounds like a record, a very good sound. It blew my fucking head away. The best songs are Shove It, root, lotion and head up. It costs me a fortune but itīs ok. I love d deftones. I suck u bitch!!!!!!!
Name: Kevin
Reviewing:Around The Max

My brother burned this c.d for me for christmas (along with 17 other c.ds) and well i loved every minute of it i have heard some bootlegs from some shows, but this blows them all away i listen to this c.d rather than the albums, chino seems like he is havein a fuckn grand time and every other live performance i heard it didnt seem like he had as much fun as that crazy night
Name: deftonesam
Reviewing:Dynamo 1998 CD

This is the best quality live bootleg I have out of my whole collection. This guy recorded it directly from the soundboard, so it rivals the official live CDs. Plus, ya got Max from Soulfly gettin in there and jammin with em, which is quite rare. But this is a pretty common bootleg. If you see it for cheap, get it.
Name: ashley
Reviewing:oddities-vol. 1 and 2

this bootleg is awesome!!! it has a bunch of cover, demos, and live tracks!! my personal favorites on vol 1 are bqad(acoustic), sweetest perfection, teething, to have and to hold, the chauffer, root (live) cuz you hear chinos great squeeling!! bored(live) cuz you hear chino stop a show just for some kid who lost his shoe!! (i laughed first time i heard it)  on vol. 2: Gift, hump, some people, play, nightboat, please please please let me get what i want, savory, can't even breathe, linus, nosebleed (demo).  all in all it's a great package i suggest buying it!!!
Name: Arthur
Reviewing: Anger

This bootleg is one of the best out there. It's got b-sides and other songs associated with deftones. Teething and Can't Even Breathe are 2 awesome song, I don't know why they aren't on any of the albums. Will To Die is a great hardcore song performed by Strife and Chino. The live tracks are great, good quality, lots of interesting things going on, such as Chino recieving a joint from a fan (well, I thought that part was pretty cool). Oh, and the remix to Wicked is the shit! I give this bootleg a 9, only 'cause it doesn't have Savory and the BQAD Remix.
Name: Clarissa
Reviewing: Freaks

Freaks is one bootleg that is right up there with anger. It is a double cd with rare tracks, all the covers that deftones ever did, phat live tracks,all of the hidden tracks, and previously unrelaesed tracks. It's hard to find, but if you find it, and you love the deftones as much as I do BUY IT!!!
Name: defjeffrey
Reviewing: Demos. Remixes, Covers, and Shit (2CD)

This is one of the first Deftones bootlegs ever made, and its probably still the best. The first version has all the demos, soundtrack songs, and cover songs. The new version has all that plus Crenshaw and Bumble D. live, Do They Know Its Christmas, Say It Aint So, and more. The sound quality is really good, even though some of the songs are taken straight from mp3's on the net. Basically it has all the rare Deftones that you could ask for fit on 2 CDs.