:: My Interview with Chi - 05/14/01 ::
Done via E-mail
About half these qustions are mine - half submitted from other fans
Thanks to Justin Williams for setting this up!

plan on releasing any more poetry or literature?
1.yes-hopefully-if nothing else just to annoy people and the band with my shit.

whats the status of the home video & what can we expect to see on it?
2.its cryogenicaly frozen, so dont expect much.

does the around the fur video exist? when will the fans see it?

anything new being added to the setlit for this summer tour?
4.the air supply album "all out of love" in its entirerty.

do you play any instruments other than bass?
5.yes-but not very well.

are you guys working on any new covers?

are there any white pony b-sides ? will they ever see the light of day ?
7.no-we keep them in a dungeon for a reason.

what ideas have been talked about for the next album? what ideas do you have?
8.loose wieght-turn into boy or girl band.

how do you pass the time on the tourbus?
9.we all knit and play bingo naked.

how do you feel about this upcoming tour with godsmack? do you think deftones and godsmack appeal to the same crowd?
10.if people have an open mind they will probably enjoy the diversity.

do you think the tour with godsmack will hurt the deftones attempt to not be part of this "nu-metal" genre?

whats the status of Tone Def records? are you eyeing any bands?
12.ive been eyeing bands sexually for awhile now. namely incubus who look so good after the post show shower.

what does that calligraphic symbol mean on the bamboo cd? i think i've seen you use it elsewhere

what music/art/literature has been interesting you lately?
14.anything of quality.

will you have a part in Team Sleep? how is Team Sleep coming?

how was the music in high places experience?
16.no-i wasnt stoned man.i dont remember.

how much did you study in college? was it a good experience?
17.not very much and it was great.

do you think the music you listen to influence the sound of the Deftones?
18.i doubt it.

what do you like to do when you're home, off the road?

a lot of bands move out of their hometown when they get bigger - what has kept you in saramento? what do you like about it?
20.constant supeona's and court dates.

what are your favorite movies?
21.anything by yahoo serious.

now that you cut your dreads, who has taken the title for stinkiest Deftone?

what does the future hold for the Deftones?
23.it doesn't look good

any opinions expressed here may not represent my opinions when im drunk-chi

thanks to Chi for taking the time and effort to do this =]