Chi's Poetry Reading 01/04/01 at Cafe Paris in Sacto
"A night of Poetry, Belly Dancing, Music, Insults, Alchohol and other forms of flattery"

1. Chi announces Jonah's act 2. Chi and Jonah 3-9. Chi reading from his notebook and program amidst swigs of Coors 10. The evening's program of poems

The night started off with a surprise act, Jonah's onelinedrawing. Chi introduced him, thanked everyone for coming out and Jonah belted out several great songs, bringing the room to a standstill. Up next was a woman who read some poetry of her own, and after that we were entertained by a talented bellydancer. All this time Chi is being friendly to everyone walking around saying hello, also Frank and Chino show up and head towards the taco stand. Finally Chi takes the stage, and sits down at a table decorated with candles, notebooks, and beer. He read some stuff from Bamboo Parachute, but mostly new writings, he noted that he quickly gets bored with old material. He joked around with the audience a lot =), said hi to his mom, and when he wasn't paying attention one of his poems caught on fire! Afterwards Jonah played again, making the super evening even better! He invited Chino to sing Be Quiet and Drive, but I guess he had already left!

Here's some pics of Jonah from this night

All Photos by defjeffrey - Please do not use these pictures without consent

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