Daycare - s/t

David Garcia (of Phallucy) - vocals, guitars
Rick Click - drums
Sonny Mayubga (of Phallucy) - bass

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01. Crankslut (featuring Abe Cunningham on drums)
02. Violets
03. Happy
04. Top Notch
05. If You Go
06. Pitiful

  Hesher - Things! CD Single
1. Things! - Chino on backup vocals

  Hesher - Self Titled Debut
9. Things! - Chino on backup vocals

  Soulfly - Primitive
2. Pain - Chino and Grady (Willhaven) on vocals

  Cypress Hill - Skull & Bones
6. (Rock) Superstar

  Cypress Hill - (Rock) Superstar
1. (Rock) Superstar - Chino says a few words

  Cypress Hill - So You Wanna Be A Superstar??? 12" LP
Side 2:
1. (Rock) Superstar (Clean Edit)
2. (Rock) Superstar (LP Version)

  Sevendust - Home
13. Bender - Chino "Pony 1" on lead vocals

6. First Commandment - Chino on supporting vocals

  Strife - In This Defiance
6. Will to Die - Chino on supporting vocals

  Far - Soon EP
4. Savory (Jawbox Cover)
Performed by Far with Chino and Jonah on duel vocals, Stef on bass, Shaun (Far) on lead guitar, John (Far) on guitar, Abe and Chris (Far) on drums
Recorded at Enharmonik Studios. Produced by Eric Stenman of Tinfed

  Far - Soon European Edition
4. Savory (Jawbox Cover)

  Korn - Life is Peachy
10. Wicked (Ice Cube Cover) - Chino on lead vocals

  The Bands That Stole X-Mas
18. Do They Know Its Christmas?
This song was originally done in the eighties by a bunch of singers that were popular back then, calling themselves "Band-Aid", to raise money for charity. It is covered by Far, Chino and Grady (Willhaven), with Chino doing the voice of Simon Le Bon (of Duran Duran), Jonah doing the voices of Bono (of U2), Boy George, and maybe George Michael, and Grady multilating somebody.