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Name: Oke
Reviewing:concert and after show
i was just privilaged enough to see the deftones twice last year. at Summersault in vancouver i was able to video tape the whole show. even when Maynard came out and did passenger. (if anyones checked napster the live version in vancouver is the only live passenger that exsists, thanks to me). the sound isn't that good but the show is great. The next time i saw them was at the PNE Forum in vancouver. what an absolutely awsome show that was (although my video camera was taken from me at the door). The best thing was when i saw a rodie come from backstage to watch the show. i walked up to him and asked him if he knew the band and bla bla bla... i showed him this big fat joint i had rolled for the ocassion. he told me to save it, then slipped an aftershow pass into my hand. after the show i got 8 of my friends backstage with one pass, we got Steph, Frank and Chino baked out of their minds, well Steph looked particularly messed up. i got all this shit autographed. it was so cool. really nice guys and fun to party with.
Name: Renee
Reviewing:July 31 show at UNO Lakefrotn Arena in New Orleans
well my second deftones show was nothing less than fuking stellar to say the least. dam what a performance. i was confused on a few things before deftones finally took the stage, like puddle of mudd, i thought they were the opening band? but really, who gives a crap, i heard some of their music and its pretty wack. then from zero played instead and was playing a second show later that nite at the house of blues....troopers. cky was nowhere to be found so im guessing they arent on the tour anymore. the show was originally taking place at the new orleans arena but had to be moved to the lakefront arena due to ticket sale issues. but aside from all of that other drama...once deftones hit the stage none of that other shit really mattered. celine dion could have opened up and it woulda made no fukin difference. chino came out like a dam pogo stick all over the fukin stage opening up with Root. holy shit i almost did a face plant in my seat. he came out in like black chucks ( i think they were chucks) some gray pants and a maroon shirt with some kind of phone number on it. he screamed like only he could like 3 or 4 times before the song actually even started which just got everyone hyped up. they went into to nosebleed next which took me a while to realize cause i didnt expect it but they ripped ass on it and everyother song they played as well. chino did like 3 stage dives as usual which was sweet & at one point he ran across the stage saying some thing about his boys or something like that and giving "fives" to steph, frank, abe, and chi....which was real cool. chino also at one point in all of his jumping around & going crazy, somehow landed upside down on the little box-stand that was in the front of the stage, one of those thing he stands on ya know. it looked like it would hurt but i doubt it hurt that veteran. anyways...they winded up singing the chorus from that Gorillaz song in between Bored which was pretty cool and they broke out Say it aint so by Weezer in the midde of 7 Words. nicee! all i can say is that chino's stage presence is on higher level than anyone else is. any other band can have lights or pyro, or huge screens and props, and it cant hold a candle to what the deftones can do on a live stage. its live at its best and whoever hast seen them yet, go wash your moms car, cut a few lawns and save $30 to get a ticket. you will be hooked i promise. it was a great performance to say the least and after they were done, so was i. im not gonna knock godsmack at all, but they way i see it deftones were the fucking headliners that night and i wasnt about to ruin a good thing. so i rather have "headup" etched in my dome as a last song rather than "whatever". now the only bummer is waiting till the next time they come around. fuk! hope this review gets some fans out. peace! -abe
Name: Renee
Reviewing:July 29, 2001 deftones/godsmack Houston, TX
The show's set list included the following (not in order): Root, change, around the fur, feiticiera, digital bath, korea, mascara, nosebleed, my own shummer, be quiet and drive, sever words(with weezer cover)., lifter.
Deftones were very energetic through out the set, which consisted of chino running all over the place, but never once really jumping in to the crowd. He did however give the audience some attention by talking to them alot. However, due to his recent vocal chord problems, he had a rought time it seemed staying in tune to the song. You could tell his throat was sore, but he still tried to sing as best to his ability. I think he should have or rather, should continuing resting up. His health is of the utomost importance. They went into digital bath with numerous problems. First, dissapointingly, they did not do the intro, next his guitar keeped (!@#$)ing up, then after changing guitars, and proceding with the song, he stopped, looked at abe and then the rest of the guys, and said, "we already played that part," the proceded with the rest of the song. Chino commented at the end of that song, something to the likes of "digital trash," or "we trashed it." Some of the songs were changed up a bit, with different words, or done at different paces which was dissapointing. I don't know if it was because they weren't headlineing the show or what. But it seems that the last 2 times they came to houston, (touring on white pony), the shows were amazing in both sound, and stage presence. Plus, due to godsmack elaborate stage set up at these shows, deftones had limited space to preform. However, they did make the most of what they had. I hope next show they do it a bit more along the lines of the first shows they did with white pony, and that they headline, like they always should.
Name: kris
Reviewing:7.13.01 deftones show at the gorge in george, washington
this show was fucking amazing! deftones played a good size setlist considering the fact that godsmack was headlining. they played part of a steve miller band song and a gorillaz cover of clint eastwood. chino looked pretty skinny so it reminded me of old times. he also got real pissed off at this security guard cuz this girl passed out so chino yelled at him and told him to do his fucking job. that's basically it, it was probably my fav deftones show that i've been too (even tho i've only been to 3 shows). oh yeah, i got 2 of stef's picks so it was pretty fuckin cool. thats it.
Name: Rob
Reviewing:Asbury Park,NJ(4/23/98)
I know this is a little old but I tell everyone about the best concert I've ever seen. It was at the Stone Pony. I knew we were in for some shit when Chino & Steph came out(wasted) to pump us up. They were signing ticket stubs and telling us we be tter be ready. inside and we're just killing time listening to the opening act. Then Chino came out to sing w/ that band and the place started jumping. 20 min. between sets. Then the lights go out and all you hear is that distictive scream into the mic. My Own Summer was a devastating opener. You had no choice but to pit. I mean, people were hanging off pipes that dangle from the ceiling at the Stone Pony. At the end of My Own Summer, Chino just somersaults off one of the speakers. He was in the crowd all nite. I must have held him up 3 or 4 times. They literally play every song w/o a pause. They played Minus Blindfold, which is my favorite song and the only time I heard them play it since.At one point the show stops 'cause some girl's getting fondled hardcore. Chino goes off on the guys but 5 mins later she's back surfing and she tries to grab Chino where the sun don't shine. He stop the show again, kicks her out and finishes w/ 7 words. They broke curfew to play Headup and Engine no. 9, saying they'll play all nite if they have to. They get bigger every year I see them, but they are still true to the fans. That why their shows are even that much better.
Name: Debi
Reviewing:Jingle Balls in St. Louis, MO
At the concert I managed to get RIGHT in front of Chi. It was so amazing. I will never forget singing every song at the top of my lungs. And 2 top the amazing night off, Chi tossed me is waterbottle. It was so great. I have seen the Deftones like 4 times before that but to get right in front of Chi and for him to throw me is bottle it was just so amazing. im suppose to go to Rolling Rock (staind,live,incubus,stp,deftones) and I hope to smoke a bowl with anyone from Deftones. Wish me luck.share the love and smoke a bowl---debi
Name: Peter Sellen
Reviewing:Back to School concert@London, England  24th March 2001
looks like noones submitted a review from a Europe concert, so here's mine. turned up at like 5 but waited about an hour and a half to get in. then we had to wait till 7.30 for Taproot to start. by this time the crowd (which was huge, standing on a mates shoulders it really hit me how many people were there) was really teething! the acoustics in the arena were pretty poor being huge but even Taproot who seemed a bit quiet gave an awesome performance. the crowd was totally up for it. they played a good set and i think theyre a really promising band.then Linkin Park took the stage and, although for me their appearance on the tour is outrageous and i really dont like the band, they were pretty good live and certainly good for a mosh! when deftones got on the stage it went off! i was right at the front and it was fucking heavy with thousands of people all piling forward. they opened with BQAD which was odd but  well received. after about 5 songs i found i was being crushed! and spending more time trying to breathe than savouring chinos on-form voice. so i edged back but soon got bored so i crowd surfed to the front (during Bored as it happened, at the moment when all the lights went up on the crowd-an amazing moment). re-entering the pit i enjoyed the rest of the magnificant set which england had been waiting for for a while it seemed! Digital Bath and Bored were definite highlights although Chino had to halt My Own Summer a few times cos people were getting crushed (it was one heavy mosh!) Probably the greatest nite of my life so far and credit to the guys for an amazing performance.
Name: badger
Reviewing:concert in Glasgow (22 March 2001)
Stunning after already seeing Taproot and the under par linkin park deftones took the stage behind a huge red curtain and the the beginning of my own summer the crowd went berserk (even more so then the time i had seen them before Played for over 1 and a half and evcen included the 'classics' 7 words and engine no 9 and when chino stopped halfway through 7 words bacause people were on th efloor just as well bacause it was one of my friends The best concert ever (beats Korn , Limp Bizkit them all) And to top it all off one of my friends a=had a backstage pass so i got to speak to sterph on my mobile phone after the concert
Name: Brian Williams
Reviewing: Back to School tour w/ Incubus & Taproot El Paso, Tx 10-28-00
My first time seeing the deftones, luckily disturbed canceled, does anyone know why Disturbed was playing before the Deftones? Anyway AFI,Papa Roach and Green Day all were pretty good, my friend doesn't even like Papa Roach but he agreed they were awesome. I think Chino was pissed of the whole show, he was saying something about a "fuckin hippy hacky-sack" when a big ballon was hit onstage, Chi kicked it hard and it almost hit Stephan in the head, Chino's mike was cutting out and he tried to swing it over his head and slam it on the ground but there was too much slack and it just dropped, it was pretty funny. Deftones were alright but I imagine they've put on better shows.
Name: Sara Rodriguez
Reviewing: Back to School tour w/ Incubus & Taproot El Paso, Tx 10-28-00
OH MY GOD, I LOVE THE DEFTONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok anyway it was my first Deftones concert and I loved it. They do such a great show. First it was Taproot, they were amazing, then Incubus which also kicked major ass. But then this huge red white pony flag fell and I knew that I would remeber this for a long time.  I think the first song they played was 7 Words, and they delivered like no one else. Chino's vocals were amazing, and totally blew me away. Their show was so full of energy. Then when they played Shove it everyone went wild. I think the Deftones are gonna be legends someday, they make really good music and their shows are the best! I had been to other concerts before, but I'll tell you this. You don't know what the hell a concert is until you see the Deftones live.
Name: Chris
Reviewing: B2S Tour in NYC
I was at the B2S show on Nov.20,2000 thattook place in NYC at the Roseland Ballroom, and that was one of the best Deftone shows I have ever seen.  I was also at the Nov.18, 2000 show in New Jersey, but that wasn't as good as the one in NYC only because they didn't play a few songs and the place in NJ doesn't have the same vibe as Roseland.  The songs they played that they did'nt play in NJ were Teething(now that was some crazy sh*t) and Engine #9/Wicked. Funny story, for me, at the show was I went with a shirt and tie(ya know that look Chino has been sporting) only becuase alot of people say I look like Chino, and all through the show so many people would just come up to me and be like "HEY CHINO". I'd just start laughing. LIke I said before, the NYC show was some good sh*t, and if anyone has that show on video tape or audio please contact me.
Name: Mikey B
Reviewing: Deftones/Taproot KUFO Rock-A-Thon Charity Show December 14, 2000
Before this concert, I had seen the Deftones three time, twice at KNRK's summer show Big Stink and at the Salem Armory for the Back to School Tour. All three of those shows kicked extreme amounts of ass, but none of them could quite live up to this experience. The Deftones were performing at the Roseland, which is one of my favorite venues locally. I went with my best friend and concert buddy who a few weeks before had broken his ankle being an idiot (Soap shoes and railings don't mix, eh?) After parking the car and partaking of a lot of the herbal medication my friend had recieved for his ankle ("I need it to make the pain go away!" my friend often said) we got to the Roseland and one of the best shows I have ever been to was about to unfold. I had seen taproot in Salem with the Deftones and I thought they were pretty good. They got the crowd going and played some good tunes. Another repeat performance was expected but this time they were much better. The crowd was re! ally into them and they put on a good show. For their last song, the lead singer climbed up the speaker system and dove off of the balcony into the crowd which was pretty cool. After catching up with my friend Mary, the Deftones finally came on. Chi was kicking back on some brew, Chino seemed a little plastered and the rest of the crew were all ready to rock. They put on quite a show. I have never seen the Deftones in an intimate show before, and boy was I missing out. They were so good in fact that my friend, who was suppossed to be on crutches, even joined the crowd (let's just say he is not the brightest crayon in the box). For My own Summer, Chino of course got in to the crowd to sing with all of the kids (I was right there for all the festivities). Some chick through a rose up to Chino and he put it in his back pocket and began to trhow some brews into the crowd but was soon stopped by a stagehand cause they were in bottles and people might throw them. Chino also pulled s! ome fat chick up from the crowd and was telling her to stage dive. The stupid bitch just stood there like a moron and took pictures of Chino and the crowd. He didn't seem pleased at all and was shaking his head in shame towards Chi and the people who were standing off stage because this girl just stood the like an idiot. It was really funny, actually. For the last song, Chino promised a little surprise and then brought out the dude from Taproot to sing Headup with them. The whole Taoroot gang came out and were paertying on stage and it was great. The stage emptied and they came back out for an encore. The last song they played was terriffic. It started out with Undone the Swaeter Song by Weezer and then went into 7 Words and when it got to the "squeal like a pig" part they busted into Say It Ain't So by Weezer and then Subliminal by Suicidal Tendencies and then finished off 7 Words. I was stoked for this cause I had never seen them perform Say It Ain't So before and was really! loomking forward to seeing them do it. A good end to a good night! The Deftones don't really have a lot of the extra stuff that makes other shows great, i.e. Slipknot's masks, Mudvayne's paint, and pyrotechnics and stuff like that. But without all of those things, the Deftones are still able to put on the best show in the entire world of live music. I guess talent does count for something, eh?
Name: paula
Reviewing: Back to School Tour concert 11/24 &11/25 at the Tower Theater
These concerts were off the hook. One couldnt outweight the other. They were both just tight as could be. I'll just give u some highlights. 11/24 was real cool. the set was airtight with everything from Bored (the opener) to Teenager (which let the crowd just chill out and sway for a bit) to 7 Words/Say it aint So which was a pleasant surprise for the last song. Then meeting the band afterwards was some REAL shit. but i wont get into that cuz no one cares. so then i had a whole nother nite to go. 11/25 was just as sweet. Dai the flu was not expected. very soothing. Then, before they started the encore, Chino started to freestyle, which was cool to hear for a change. THEN! (this is something that really reminded me of how cute Chino is) Chino starts singing this old jingle from Sesame Street where they count to 12. but the only difference was for 7 8 9 10 11 12, he said 7 WORDS nine ten eleven twelve then they go into 7 words. yeah so i was just totally reminded that Ch ino is such a doll. After the show, it was raining. It was pretty shitty, but nothing could ruin that beautiful nite.
Name: Walter I Goncalves Jr
Reviewing: Deftones concert in Tucson, AZ, Jan. 18th, 2001
Only recently have I become a fan of the Deftones, thanks to my little brother, and I I thought their live show was incredible. They played here in Tucson on Thursday, the 18th of Jan. the week before they headed off to Brazil for Rock in Rio and shows in Chile and Mexico. They played at the Rialto theater, which holds about 2,000, maybe more. The show was completely sold out. Most of the songs were from Around the Fur and Adrenaline, and was remarkably aggressive and tight. Chino kept approaching the crowd throughout the set and feeding of our energy. We had to hold him up so he could balance himself on the rail in front of the stage, next to bouncers and crowd-surfing fans. I'm sure that everyone really enjoyed the shoe, but for the ones outside without tickets. The opener was Engine #9, followed by Shove It. The high point of the show was probably Change, though all songs were awesome. Several fans had to be escorted off the front of the stage due to dehydration or just too much pressure from the roaring crowd. I can't believe I made it alive! All band memebrs seemed to be really into the gig, given that it was their first show in a month, since Dec. 12th, I think. I hope they come back to the area really soon, though I certainly would not mind travelling to SO CAL to see them live again. I met someone that flew from LA to see the show that night. He said that he's seen the Deftones 6 time already! Hopefully this band will stand the test of time and still have a loyal following in 5 or 10 years. I give the show a 10 out of 10.
Name: Luís Fernando X
Reviewing:Rock In Rio show (01.12.01)
Dude, I'm from the middle west of the country but never thought twice about travelling to Rio to see the Deftones. It was very worth everything. The money I spent, the shitty bus and the 18 hours that it took to get there. Sepultura was the other interest of mine and by friday I can say that I was very satisfied. Was afraid a bit of the Rio de Janeiro crowd that had reacted very bad to other newcomers just like Queens Of The Stone Age and Papa Roach. Red Hot Chili Peppers and Silverchair are kind of huge here and the Deftones were to open for them. And well, never thought that they could pull it off the way that they just did. The first song was Engine No.9 and the crowd neve stopped a minuted. I was kind in front of the stage with my friends but a bit far. I tried to get closer to the stage and this one friend of mine reminded me that Chino often steps down the stage to greet the audience and there was this row separating the public. In the middle of the show Chino went to where just i was and tried to crowdsurf but the secutities didn't allowed him to do it. Man, getting so near him was the best part of the show to me. And this was the moment of when the Deftones just conquered the crowd. There where i was, there were many that were jumping without knowing. the rest of the people, either knew the songs and the band or hadn't never heard of them but were respecting. I heard of some dudes wanting them to go away but I didn't catch any bad crowd moment. They played Weezer's Say it Ain't So, Feiticeira, Change, Korea, My Own Summer, among others. the last one was HeadUp and Chino asked who in the crowd was a Soulfly fan but got no answer since the sound was horrible and few could understand english. A friend of mine, here in my hometown taped the show and it ran 50 or 55 minutes. To me, there,it felt faster. Left me wanting much more. After their show I went to buy a Deftones t-shirt there were any available. Only, Silverchair's and Chili P eppers'. Falou, Luís Fernando X
Name: Federico Samaniego
Reviewing:Jan 29 Deftones Concert Hard Rock Live!, Mexico City
First I will like to say that it was my first Deftones concert...and it was the first time they have played in México. It was a VERY small room...and I mean..SMALL...there was only 800 people and the place was overcrowded...but it was the bust fucking night of my life!!! They started with pink maggit/back to school and chino was GREAT...he was stage diving and singing with the audience...chi looks funny without his dreads...but he was like fucking crazy on stage!!..he fell several times and he cutted his hand...and spilled some blood on his shirt.. Chino climbed some speakers and he fell on chi...it was funny to see..there was like..a little "Pit"...in the center of the place..and it was so fucking hot!!!..it was insane... They played all mi favs..(except street carp and nosebleed)...lotion...dai the flu..headup..7 words..One weak..Fireal...Arount The fur..BQAD..Digital Bath..damn they were so awesome.. Chino said hell be back with a sponsored tour...hell I hope so it was INCREDIBLE...It would be cool to see more concerts of great bands down here...
Name: Matias
Reviewing:Deftones concert in Santiago, Chile 01/26/01
Man!! This has been my best concert ever! They played for almost 2 hours. All the songs where great, and Chino was really histerical. He even destroyed a mic hiting it against the floor. I was in first row, and in "Lotion" Chino put the mic in front of my mouth and I sang the chorus. It just doesn´t get better than that. Hope they`ll come back here some other time.
Name: W D
Reviewing:Deftones at the Two Days A Week Festival in Wiesen, Austria 08-31-00
For me it was the second time to hear the Deftones. I became Deftones fan at the Rock im Park Festival 2k in June when I heard them for the first time live playing in the Alternatent right before Slipknot.
Deftones were the big Headliners for the first day at Wiesen (Blink182 performed afterwards, but they sucked) and started their performance at about quater past 10 pm after nearly 40 minutes of soundcheck (but good things come to those who wait!)
They kicked off with Damone, followed by one of the most powerful Deftones songs Feiticeira. The crowd went nuts. Deftones played a powerful, impressive set and I guess Wiesen was stucked with all the Deftones fans who had to wait a long time to hear them here in Austria.
Setlist: 1.Damone 2.Feiticeira 3.Change 4.Bored 5.Root 6.Mascara 7.Around the fur 8.To have and hold on (Depeche Mode) 9.Digital Bath 10.Korea 11.7 Words part1 12.Eel Scorcho (Weezer) 13.7 Words part2 14.My own summer 15.Head up
Looking forward to see deftones in Vienna in March, i´ll be posting my review then as well: Toners forever: W.D.
Name: Rebecca
Reviewing:Deftones Concert 12-14-00
OH MY GOD!!!! This show was beyond amazing!!! I got to the theatre really early and the drummer from Taproot let my friend and I up and we got to hear "Change" with like 10 other people in the room. It was great and Chino waved when I yelled "Chino-I love you!!" Ok, so after waiting around forever, I got a front and center spot. This was the most painful show I have ever been to and that is saying a lot! So, when Taproot were on, I could see Deftones backstage and I waved and Abe and Chino waved back. Then, Deftones finally came on. Chino looked really great, Chi was drunk, etc. During "Shove It" Chino came in the crowd and I had my hand firmly on his ass. I also got to hold his hand twice!! So, I sometimes bring signs to shows and this time my sign said "CHINO-LET ME STAGE DIVE!" and Chino saw it half way through the show and let me up!!!!! so, I got to be on stage for all of "Be Quiet and Drive" but I didn't stage dive b/c it was kind of impossible to with all the stuff on the stage. I got to hug Chino and sing in Chi's mic. It was great, and I got a great picture of the crowd w/ Chino singing in the corner. That show was amazing. My shirt is in a plastic bag now. There are so many more things that happened, so I could go on forever, but I won't. DEFTONES RULE!!!! It was my 6th Deftones show!!!!
Name: Wells Beacham
Reviewing: nov. 6th deftones concert@international ballroom
Let me start off by saying this was the greatest night of my life. The show started off with Taproot playing mirror's reflection. Taproot but on a great fuckin show. When they ended with emotional times they told us what lucky motherfuckers we were cuz we got to see incubus and deftones(i agree). When incubus came out i really didnt care but after the show i was fucking in love with incubus. After the first song the crowd knocked over the barrier so the show had to be delayed. The band didnt care Brandon sat up there playing his bongos and telling us to take 2 steps back. When they ended some guitar tech guys and some other technicians came out to set up for the tones during the setup the big red banner with the white pony on it came down. After waiting for what felt like an hour the tones took the stage. They started with korea and ended with a mix of say it aint so and 7words.All in all it was the greatest concert and night of my life. You have not truly lived til you have seen the deftones live.
Name: katie razmo
Reviewing: 12/14/00 concert in portland oregon
first off, this was my third time to see the deftones and i was privelaged to see them in such a small club (2 thou max) at the roseland in portland. the show was a charity show and all proceeds went to the perry center. ANYWAYZ- the show was amazing!!!!! i have never seen an artist put that much energy into a show! chino was looking sexy as hell, nicely shaven and drunk as a "p-i-g." i braved out front center for the entire show, and have the bruises to prove it (this was by far the most abusive show ive seen.) i brought a red rose to the concert, and like three songs into the set gave it to chino(being so close) and he put it in his back pocket (sexy as hell!) he later put it between his teeth as he threw beers into the underage crowd (one of which i caught, but got knocked away by security). the deftones played covers of weezer "say it aint so" and "sweater song" and suicidal tendencies. the show went for almost two hours, which stands for EXSTACY ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!!
Name: marissa
I just saw deftones at Chicago's Q101 Twisted Christmas concert....and they were great.... I personally think they were the best ...... and there were some great bands..... Disturbed, Incubus, Orgy, Everlast, Live, Offspring, Cypress Hill....... oh and the best was when Cypress hill was on- and Chino came out to sing rock super star with them- it kicked! During the deftone's actual performance they were only allowed about a half hour of time- so that was sad- but during it they played such songs as.. my own summer, change, and seven words- and during which- they broke into say it ain't so by weezer- it was great....... they rocked and gave a great performance
Name: Jason Roberts
Reviewing: the 93x nutcracker ball concert on december the 8th 2000 featuring Taproot, Incubus, Papa Roach, and the Deftones
After getting heavily sedated at home i grab my ticket and prepare to leave for the show, upon entering roy wilkens your first thoughts of the auditorium are "damn this reminds me of my old high school gym" not just from appearance (wooden walls and lockers), but also the small size of the place. i luckily had a friend purchase me a floor ticket becuase i was working the day they went on sale so i quickly got into the concert area. the normal group of maniac's were at the show, and most were inebriated like myself.
first up on stage was taproot who i had the pleasure of hearing only 3 songs from prior to coming to the concert, which as i soon found out was good because they sound like they still have alot of growing up to do to hang with the bands they were billed with that night, but none-the-less i enjoyed moshing into green haired people while the lead singer roamed all over the stadium during their set (lead singer left the stage and climbed all over the upper level) in total they sang about 4 or 5 songs and not one of the songs i heard and actually liked (emotional times)
After 15 or 20 minutes of smoking and staring at all the pretty people in the house incubus gets on stage, now the crowd seemed to really have came out of the woodwork and we finally have a rock show on our hands!!! they sang also around 5-6 songs (including drive, pardon me, stellar) and the crowd and myself loved the performance and it got us really psyched to see our beloved deftones!
another 15-20 minutes of pondering the existance of micro-organism's in beer, and smoking ciggarettes to help the pondering out, papa roach geared up to rock the house. they really got everyone foaming at the mouth with a 6 or 7 song set (including dead cell, last resort, broken home, between angels & insects, and blood brothers) they really tore the place up, i was never a truely big fan of the band but they rocked out and i just might start paying them more attention, at this point i was very anxious to see deftones come and utterly destroy this allready exhausted and crazy audience!
after a 20 or so minute wait staring at the red, white pony flag it finally drops and all hell breaks loose!, they come out of the box with korea which created a huge mosh pit which i took a healthy part in, their set included my own summer, feiticeira, bored, bqad, around the fur, change, digital bath, root, and headup then incubus climbed up onto the stage while the deftones sang engine no.9, then the finale was 7 words which was interrupted at the "squeel like a pig" part so chino and brandon from incubus could sing the song "say it aint so" by weezer, then the band finished 7 words and thus ends one of the most kickass concerts ive been too in a while!
Name: dropkick jill murphy
Reviewing:deftones at after-parties
well,after a long night of getting thrown around and doin roundhouses,i was quite a mess after the show. i quickly changed in the back of my friends car and we headed downtown to the after party. there ya will see girls and guys of glam. everyone looked so superficial. an hour or so later,the band arrived and headed towards the bar. who could blame them though,they played a great show. and these guys are so fuckin nice. theyll talk to ya like theres no tomorrow. i do believe that they sincerely appreciate their fans. i had numerous conversations with them and it fuckin rocked. deftones are definetely one of the last good things around.

Name: 7WoRdS
Reviewing:Concert Deftones/Incubus/Taproot Nov. 22nd 00
Well it started off fucked up. This dude locked his keys in his car and I called AAA for him. In return he gave me 16 cans of food and a spot in line for a radio promotion (dont ask) Anyways, because of helping that guy out (thank you very much if you read this) I got backstage after the show. Taproot was ok, the singer left midsong to go into the girls bathroom, Incubus was great too but they didnt play A Certain Shade Of Green, which is one of my favorite songs. When Deftones came out the place was moving. I had to get out of the pit cuz 3 fat bitches fell on my leg and fucked it up, but they played all the old favorites, including Say It So, right in the middle of 7 Words. Anyways, backstage after the show, it was me and about 50 other people. I bought myself a limited edition lithograph and I brought it back there. Anyways Chi came down first smoking a cigar, I chatted with him about Rivers Cuomo from Weezer and how he autographed my show, Chi was just saying how shy he is. Next was Stef making the rounds with his video camera. I missed Abe so I went over to him and had him sign my shit. He looked alittle pissed but mabye thats cuz he accidentally poked some guy in the eye with my poster =] Lastly Chino came down, and I just extended my hand and told him how much of an inspiration he is to me as a musician. He asked me if I was in a band and I told him yeah and he wanted a demo. Stupid ass me didnt bring one cuz I didnt think I'd be there. But anyways, despite waiting 3 hours in 30 degree weather, having some fucking kid not shut the fuck up about strap ons and cheezewhiz, and getting hurt in the pit, i had a great time and metting the guys was like a dream come true. i still cant believe it happened.

Name: Becca
Reviewing:deftones/incubus show on Nov 20
The ballroom is so small u could be in the back and not be too far from the stage but i was lucky i was like right up there by the stage which kix ass. The concert was even amazing b4 the deftones took the stage, but when they did it was amazinger i can't really remeber much but i know they played root, my own summer, around the fur, back to school, part of wicked, 7 words, lotion, say it aint so, head up, MX, be quiet and drive, and thats all i can remeber they played for almost 2 hours. someone stole chinos shoelace, my friend who was right on the fence was like steped on when chino stood on the fence she held his and and his belt. At the end i had a pic land on me so i got a pic and so did everyone else i was with weather from catching them or crawling on the floor but its all good. the worst part was the fact that i was soaked by the end of the show from water, sweat, and other ppl's sweat. but all and all it was an all around fun time. i think i might have a broken rib but its all good...

Name: mike
Reviewing:deftones/incubus show on Nov 18
This was my 2nd time seeing Deftones and it was unbelievable. I've been a huge fan since "adrenaline" came out and unlike many bands that only play there new shit at concerts, deftones mixed up and played like 5 songs off "adrenaline" and about 5 or 6 songs off "around the fur". The show was incredible and the crowd was cool as hell also. Deftoens are the greatest band in the world...heres the setlist for thsoe who want it: (this isnt the actual order they played it in)
korea fieterecia digital bath teenager knife prty change (of course) back to school my own summer be quiet and drive around the fur lotion head up mx bored lifter root 7 words say it ain't so (weezer cover)
any questions E-mail me at newfoundtx@aol.com

Name: Joel Boucher
Reviewing:Montreal Verdun Auditorium. (11/14/00)
This was my first time seeing any of these bands live. Taproot exploded on stage with songs from there album the gift. Every song was perfect down to the last detail. Being a drummer the only prob. i noticed was some of the drum mics were very low in volume. Using the entire venue hte vocalist jumped off stage and walked around durring his performance and shook hands with everyone he could. Incubus blew me away, playng songs like "Drive" that makes them stand out from the rest. They put on the best "sounding" performance i have ever seen. man can he sing. Then there was deftones. I was very un happy with Chino's mic set up. Far to loud, at most times you couldnt understand a word he was saying. But his amazing lyrical skills and attitude proved a great show. And the rest of the band put on an incedible show, and for Abe keep on drummin. It was and incredible night with few complaints.

Name: Courtney
Reviewing:Nov. 24th Show
hey...alright..this is my review for the deftones/incubus/taproot show at the tower theatre last night. well, taproot opened up and i thought they were pretty good considering i had only heard one of their songs before. they started to get the crowd going, even though there wasn't a lot of people there yet. so when they were done, we waited like 15 mins. and then incubus came on..i thought this was gay cuz just when everyone was gettin pumped up, incubus kinda mellowed us out again. but, they were good anyway even though they only did 2 of their old songs. finally, the white pony flag was lowered and we waited for deftones to come out. all of a sudden, we heard the guitar gettin tuned and watched chino and the rest of the band file onto the stage. so, the flag was lifted and chino, w/ his hood up, walked up onto this platform thing and raised his arms up. the crowd was goin crazy. they opened w/ bored and continued as follows: root, around the fur, my own summer, change, feiticera, BQAD, Mx, Korea, Digital bath, teenager, knfe party, lotion, head up, engine #9, 7 words, and say it ain't so. chino's vocal chords sounded great to me, he sang w/ no problem. his screams were awesome and he got the whole place fuckin flippin out. during my own summer, he let some guy in the pit sing "shove it shove it" and he wore some girls bra that got thrown onstage. and chino stopped singing during lotion i think becuz some guy had lost his glasses..he let him sit onstage for the rest of the show. (isn't he a great guy?) and the best was at the end when he was singing 7 words. he was at the part that goes "squeal like a pig..." he whispered those words and all of a sudden broke out into say it ain't so. he finished by screaming "BIG FUCKIN BIG FUCKIN AHHHHHHHH!!" it was the greatest fuckin show ever and if you like deftones, you have to go! it was incredible.

Name: Andy Wirtanen
Reviewing:Back To School Tour (11/21/00)
A sold-out crowd of Deftones, Incubus, and Taproot fans stared at the White Pony curtain covering the stage of the Tsongas Arena in Lowell, MA. In a seemingly short set change of about 30 minutes, the Deftones ran from the backstage area to the stage and went right into "Korea" from the White Pony. Other songs from the White Pony that they played include: "Feiticeira", "Digital Bath", "Teenager", "Knife Prty", "Change (In The House Of Flies", and "Back To School". They also played "My Own Summer (Shove It)", "Around The Fur", "Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)", "Lotion", "Headup", and "Mx" from 1997's Around The Fur. They also took a few from 1995's Adrenaline which appeased the mosh pits. They played "Bored" and "Root". But, the highlights off Adrenaline were definitely "Engine No. 9" and "7 Words". During "Engine No. 9", Chino sang a few verses from "Wicked" (Ice Cube song that KoRn and Chino covered on Life Is Peachy). The Deftones' last song was "7 Words". Durin g the part of the song where Chino whispers "squeal like a pig", they broke into Weezer's "Say It Ain't So" and played the whole song. Then, they went right back into "7 Words" for a perfect end to an amazing set filled with at least 16 songs. Despite Chino's pondering vocal troubles, the band was full of energy. Unlike rumors, I found that Chino is just as lively as he was a few years ago. He jumped off large speaker cabinents at least twice during their set and was often found singing in the crowd. Even though a guitar is holding him back on some of the newer songs, it only livens their performance. The Deftones keep progressing forward and nothing can hold them back.

Name: Stephen Colegrove
Reviewing:November 6 2000 International Ballroom Atlanta GA
This so called "Ballroom" they played at was just an empty white warehouse, but was pretty cool. Taproot opened. Most of the people liked them, but I did not really get into them. Incubus came next, and there was a dely. Some light broke or something, and the leadsinger kept telling everyone to take two steps back. Incubus was delayed for about 20 minutes. Me and buddy Jason took full advantage of this 20 minutes and smoked all of my weed. Incubus came back on and rocked. They ended it with "Pardon Me" which was cool. I was pretty tired after Incubus, because I had to walk 2 miles to get to the venue, so I sat against the wall. Finally...Deftones came on and opened with Bored. The concert was amazing. Half of the time I was staring at Chi's dreads flying through the air. It was almost hypnotic. It was extremely HOT! It seemed hotter than any other concert i've been to. Between songs Chino was talking about how hot it was too. He called it Hotlanta. The n said we need something to cool us down...Lotion. Then played it. My favorite part was at the end of Digital Bath it was only Chino playing, and he was playing really slow, and sang soft and slow. There was this purple spot light on him, and the croud was dead silent. It was incredible. Their second to last song was Say it Aint So. Then they closed it with 7 Words. I'm actually sad that I won't see them again live for a while. Stephen Colegrove, Marietta Ga, Steve1981@aol.com
Set List (what I can remember and not in order)
Bored Digital Bath Far Away Shove it Around the Fur Lotion Feiticira Digital Bath Teenager Knife Prty Back to School Korea (but not sure) Change Say it aint so 7 words

Name: Whitepony75
Reviewing:Nov 19th show

Well, this is how it all started, it was pretty cold out and the line was fucking long as hell but lets get past that and get into the music. Taproot came out and started to play strong but after again and again it went strait downhill .....it was pretty sad but it was a cool set anyways. incubus came out like 15 mins later and played a great set but the only thing I didn't like about it was that they didn't play a certain shade of green. After that everything stopped and then they dropped the red white pony tarp in front of the stage. We were waiting for about 25 min but that was ok. The tarp fell down and chino was right there looking into the crowd....then they hit it right into Korea .....after that they played around the fur and after around the fur I kinda lost track of all time and songs because I was moshing most of the time but what I will say is that the light show was out of this world, best ive ever seen. Chinos voice sounded great I mean the man just had a troat infection and he fucking rock!!!

Name: Slavik Anishchenko
Reviewing:back to school tour 11/18/00

Seeing deftones for the first time, that was a letdown , because Chino did not go that crazy , his mike was way too loud.I couldnt tell which songs they were playing , untill the 2nd hald of the song.In my opinion Taproot put on a way killer show than deftones.But ill be honest , the whole fucking show was killed by those retarded crowd surfers.I really couldnt see that much of Taproot , becuase so many asholes wanted to surf. Bitches.Overall nothing worth standing 6 hours in line for.
Name: Munky Slave
Reviewing: Deftones Concert (11/06/00)

Well, I checked out of school early to get to the International Ballroom (or International House of Lumber as we called it) for the Back to School tour! I met a shitload of people, Stef, Chi, everyone in Taproot....a bunch more. They all signed my check out slip! It was awesome! So anyway, we wait out side for about 6 hours before we can go in. Taproot's show fucking rocked! Then they went off and Incubus came out, they started off with "Make Yourself" and the damn barricade broke. So Incubus had to go offstage and they had to put a new barricade in. That's what they get for using a fucking wooden barricade. I couldn't even take it up front anymore, I couldn't breathe. So my friend and I got pulled and we bought a shirt. This is a moreorless incomplete set of Incubus:
Make Yourself (they didn't do the whole song)
Barricade Jam (they started this after it broke)
The Warmth
New Skin
Pardon Me
Nowhere Fast
When It Comes
And they played a couple more...I don't remember evetything, it was a long set. Then the Deftones came out! They played everything and fucking rocked! I don't recall Chino jumping out in the crowd though, which he did do at The Tabernacle show...Out of order, no so complete set list
Be Quiet And Drive
7 Words
Say It Ain't So (Weezer cover)
Knife Prty
Back to School (Mini-Maggit)
Feticiera (that's probably not spelled right)
Engine No. 9
My Own Summer
Around the Fur
One Weak
Digital Bath
umm...and a bunch others...I don't quite remember it all cause I went to the Marilyn Manson show the very next night!

Name: Monique
Reviewing: live show

the deftones live performances are the best I really wish that chino would jump in the crowd more often like the old days but they are the best I love when chino looks in your eyes and sings with you it's the best feeling ever.But I have a complant at the last deftones show I went  to chino was wearing brand new shows so he didnt jump in the crowd once and he was wearing a rolex that was very surprising to see.But they sang teenager and it was beautiful and dai of the flu it was great  because i havent heard those songs live summer of 98 it was cool

Name: Jonathan
Reviewing: Deftones at the 2000 HFStival.

I go to the HFStival every year and I would have to say this years was the best due to the Deftones being there. Let me first start off by letting you know that the HFStival is a huge show that the radio station "99.1 WHFS" throws here in the Maryland area. It sells out in les than an hour and more the 85,000 fans come. I was sitting around in my room listening to the radio when they annoinced the line up... It sounded awesome and when I heard the Deftones i went crazy. Now about the show.... I was pretty close to the stage when they came out. I remember the second song was "Shove it" Somebody got hurt so Chino stoped and made sure this girl got up and was alright. Then they finsished of the song. They were so awesome! The crowd was crazy, I could barley stand up. They did about 12 songs including "Root" "Nosebleed" and "Head Up" Head up was the last song they played. Chino said he wanted to get the crowd going and he did just that... I walked away bleeing. They are th e best band I have ever seen and I have seen over 40 bands.

Name: John Bradshaw
Reviewing:Aug. 11 2000 Phoenix, AZ

This was the first time for me to ever to see the deftones and not my last for sure. Before I tell about the show, I used to work at Safeway(a grocery store)and about a few months of working there, I found out that Chino's cousin works there, I had knew her for a while but never new she was related to chino. I freaked out because I love the deftones, well when Aug 11th Rolled around she was able to take me to deftones with a backstage pass and a free ticket. I was psyched, the deftones where awesome live. Digital Bath, was great live. They put on a great show. They played a lot of stuff off "Around the Fur" that I wasn't expecting but very cool. And towards the end an awesome version of "7 words" After the show, I got to meet all the deftones and get pictures with them and have them sign white pony for me. They were all cool and took time to talk to everyone. It is something I definatley won't forget. I'm going to see them again on the "Back to School" Tour and can't wait. Deftones are one of the greatest live bands and great to their fans.

Name: Jill
Reviewing:10-17 san jose show

deftones need to go back to the smaller venues. sure, they make more money and whatnot, but a lot more trendy poser queers end up coming out. the line up was suck, taproot, incubus and deftones. the crowd was feeling all of them...but...i dont know. a lot of those fools never experiencd the true essence of halls or clubs to see dope bands like them. but, deftones were still dopest of all...the set felt short...and i had heard they started doing damone, cant even breathe, and chaffuer now. but, they didnt do any of those. they didnt do knife prty either....they sell a shirt that says knife prty with a chalk outline...but ive only seen them do it at petaluma. so, the show was cool...smaller venues has more of the real fans...there were people there who didnt even know the bands music, "i just go to this school...so i came, dude." and this chick all into atf and wp, an adrenaline song starts, she looks at her friend "i dont knnow this song!!!!" naw, naw....but alot of other people thought the show was dope...so maybe its just me...?
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