Photos I took from Deftones Internet House Party 6/01/00 at the Arcadia on the Santa Monica Pier

Thanks to Jeremy Welt for hookin me up with a spot on the guestlist :)

Here's my review of the show:

Last night I was one of the lucky 250-300 fans in attendance at the Deftones Internet House Party. You were all probably watching online , so I don't have to tell you how awesome it was, but here's how it went from my view. I got there early so I had some time to walk around the club for a while, it was very small, small floor area, even smaller balcony, and a l ittle outside area. Inside there were two big screens, one playing the EPK video looped, and the other showing the enhanced computer part of White Pony. The enhanced thing looks rad. There's a section for each band member with lots of pictures and other stuff. I saw in Chi's section you could read his journal entries during the recording process, and some of his poetry. If you've seen teh first 2/3 of the EPK, the last part of it follows the same theme, they play Street Carp last. Inside the club was all of System of a Down except the guitarist, 2 guys from Static X, a guy from Orgy, and guitarist from Tinfed. I heard Max Cavalera was the but i didnt see him. Upstairs was the bar, outside there was free drinks, and burgers and doughnuts, and a few Playstation systems set up, with Street Skater playing, and "Street Carp" was playing during the video game. After a bit longer the Deftones finally came on. The biggest surprise for me was Chino's "new look." His hair was down in his face, and he was wearing this collared long sleeved shirt, and a loose necktie hehe. I expected them to play a lot more new songs but they only played 3, well here's the setlist:
Be Quiet and Drive
Shove It
To Have and To Hold
Digital Bath
Knife Party
Around the Fur
The new songs sounded great, the crowd was lovin it, and Chino hit that high note perfect on Digital Bath. Chino was flinging around everywhere, all over the stage, and the crowd. Chi, Stef and Abe were rockin out as usual. Abe had a nice new baby blue drumset, and Chi had a nice new fretless bass that he used on Knife Party. After that Chino said he wanted to go dance, but the band all went up in the VIP area, where on a few elite were allowed. When Chino came out to get a drink he was swarmed, took him like 15 minutes to walk 5 feet to the bar :) Some kids tried to sneak back there, but security nabbed them, to which drunken Chino sarcastically exclaimed, "Stay back, I'm famous!" After that security (who were jerks the whole time) started kickin people out. Overall it was an extraordinary show, and a rad party.