Interview with Chino after Kerrang! Awards Show in London on August 29th, 2000
Transcribed by Nick2k ( for deftones SACTO, CA (

INTERVIEWER: Congratulations.

Chino: Thank you.

INT: How are you doing?

Chino: Great.

INT: How did it feel to win a Kerrang! award?

Chino: It was really cool. I didn't think I was gonna win. But I'm glad I won though.

INT: You weren't expecting it at all?

Chino: No, not at all. I knew we were gonna lose actually. But thats really cool. We won 'Best Album', that's good.

INT: And its quite an adventurous album. Do you feel vindicated now?

Chino: Uhh...I do. A little bit. But its cool. But now we're re-releasing the record, I don't know if you know this, but we're re-releasing the record September 26th. And its got a new first song. The first song is a song called 'Back to School'. And it was written when the record was being written. But we didn't put it on the record and now its coming back out with that song on it. And thats our next single. So... So now its like we kinda went backwards and we're putting out the one HEAVY song that people been wanting to hear. But you know we just wanted to make a little bit of that love...

INT: Did you know this was a special album?

Chino: Uh... I always knew it was special when we named it. You know? Before anything. You know, like I just love everyone in my band and I know exactly what they are they know what I'm doing when we make music. Fight or whatever...we know what we're making. So when it was done I was just like "I knew it. And I'm glad.".

INT: How are you planning to celebrate tonite?

Chino: I'm gonna have fun, man.

INT: Where are you going to go off to? Any plans?

Chino: Well...I don't know. Try and stay awake, that's all. Kinda tired already.

INT: Well, have a good nite and congratulations again.

Chino: Thanks.

<<<i think chino needs to stop drinking or repeating the same words.......>>>