Q - Do you still want to be an English teacher ? If yes then can you teach us, two French speaking deftones' fans, if we got problem during this interview ?
Chi- oh ya sure one of these days, you cant rock forever

Q - Is White Pony the album you wanted to release straight away when you started the band ?
Stef - Non, we were different people then, it would never have crossed our minds

Q - We feel that the new album has been written differently from the other two and that anyone of you in the group can develop his own style. Is that true ?
Stef - we already all developed our own styles long ago. the new albums just another reaction to the situation we've already all created, just living through the time thats passed since the last record. We're not the same people anymore, well we are but musically we've heard so much other stuff in that time, where its affected us in different ways

Q - Why don't we find reggae which appeared on the first demos ? (Answers & Hogburg Hop)
Chi - I think the more older and mature you get, you dont wear your influences on your sleeve anymore, your influences become more suttle, i think the bassline for Change is definitely more like based around a reggae bassline than it is a heavy bassline, at least in the verses, and so it's like become much suttler, so, rather than just go out and, you can hear the influences now, it's just real suttle, i think it's good

Q - Why don't you (Chi) sing anymore as a backing vocal on the last two albums ?
Chi - I dont know, I always end up doing it live, so.
Yeah i did backing vocals for the first two (albums) but not the third one

Q - We've read that everyone in Deftones must love each song for it to be played on stage and on the album. Does this apply to White Pony ?
Stef - It applies for all of our songs. theres songs we got now that some of us wont play, cause some of us dont want to. until they feel like playing it, its not gonna be played.

Q - Obviously, Kush, Team Sleep and Bamboo Parachute show that you can't express everything in the Deftones ...
Chi - In the deftones, everyone loves what we do, but everybody has other aspects that are interesting to them, and other aspects, and now we have the means , to actually go out and do it. like, i know stefen wanted to go really heavy on the white pony, and, we didn't really wanna not go heavy, but we didnt want to commit ourselves to one style of music. and now he has kush, and ive heard it, its really heavy, and you know with chino doing team sleep, he wanted to do songs like "teenager" on the whole album, but deftones, that would never work for us, so hes got team sleep. and ive got like 6 books of poetry at home that im not doing anything with so i decided to do an album myself, and its cool.
Stef - it will be indeniably heavy, because i will refuse to play anything else. we will break up or i will get my way (laughing)
Chi - the next albums gonna be heavy
Stef - were not gonna break up, but im not gonna play mellow stuff all the time, its just boring to play for me, i dont wanna go onstage and play mellow stuff all night long, its not exciting to me.

Q - Have you thought of releasing a bonus CD gathering songs of your side-projects ?
Chi - We never thought about it...

Q - May be for the 4th CD ?
St*ef - the 4th albums gonna be crazy, i can already tell you now, cuz what we put in this one, going into the next one is gonna be something else. hopefully everybodys minds are gonna be of all the things that held them up right now, you know cuz a lot of things hold us back, as wide open as we are something always holds us back. somebody always doesnt like the other persons idea, like we could come up with a 100 ideas, we might only use 2. and i hate that, i just wanna a person, im like, man! just make a 100 ideas, let someoone else decide whether it sucks or not

Q- Will we wait 3 more years before the next deftones album ?
Stef - maybe longer. we gotta tour, theres lotsa fans that still havent seen us, cuz the other fans couldnt wait for another record, so we had to go back and make more music for them
Chi - i think people have a misconception that we put an album , and we take a vacation. its not like that, we make an album, then we tour for two and a half years, then we spend another year writing and recording an album, and thats why it seems to take a long time. for us it doesnt seem like a long time cuz we're always working Stef - the new album will come out in 5 years (laughing)
Chi - i dont know about 5
Stef - in 5 years when it comes out we can all sit back and laugh (laughs)

Q- We've read on the Internet that you wanted to have Dave Gahan, Charlie Clouser or Maynard James Keenan to produce your album. What would they have brought to the album ?
Chi - maynard was never intended to produce the album at all, he just wanted to come in and listen to the songs, and put in his input, he just liked the band, he wanted see what makes us tick, you know ? just work with us, it was cool
Stef - just see what the vibe was like, he would let us know what he thought, like a big jam session, just different techniques, stuff that we're doing he never heard, how we put songs together, and vice versa, he would come to us and be like, well have you ever tried doing it like this, and we'd try it, and be like hey that was pretty cool, and vice versa.
like passenger, we already had the music was done, and he just started singing along to it, and we were like, right on!

Q - And about Dave Gahan and Charlie Clouser ?
Chi - Dave Gahan woulda been cool i guess i dont know if hes a good producer
Stef - those are all chinos ideas. not that i dont like him, but i would choose to do it ourselves, without anyone involved

Q - Did you expect the album to be like it is when you got into studio ?
Chi - I had no expectations of the album at all, i just wanted to get there it done. we were fighting so much i was like god damn lets just get this album finished. there was a lot of tension, i just wanted to have a good time and get the album done, and i was happy when it was done, i dont think i even had an idea of what it was gonna be like till it was finished, but that was me, i kinda keep in the dark about it.
Stef - well that was all of us cuz chino doesnt do his vocals till the all the musics done, cuz as exciting as it is for chino to feel it all out when the musics done, its equally annoying to the rest of us , cuz as we're writing the music, he's contributing, but we're only hearing little bursts of what he might do, we dont even know what he's gonna do till he does it and i know thats the way he does it but i hate it.

Q- In spite of the diversity, the album is coherent. What links (according to you) ELITE and TEENAGER ?
Chi - thats good though, cuz theyre eat opposite ends of the spectrum, getting back at eachother.
everything in the middle is the band Stef - yeah, but its not like he made teeenager to get back at me and i made elite to get back at him, thats our extremes.

Q - We've read on the Internet (once more), that a guitarist would be added to the band for touring... Have you thought about it ?
Stef - never thought about it, chino plays guitar
Chi - we definitely dont need another band member, ever