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Summer resolutions are coming along well, basketball, salad, paint, road trips...check check and check. Fishing trip tomorrow should be fun, I'm in charge of lunch & mischief. I think both will be very satisfying. Still workin at an orange freeze place in the ghetto, it's great...somehow reminds me of high school. And still takin a speech class, my next one will be on legos, or spiderman. Updates here and there...Likes...College Art...Pics


I updated Likes, College Pics & Art, High School Art...Looks like I'll be working in an orange box this got a bad haircut...looks like Johnny Knoxville...hehe...Im working on a site for that band Daycare, should be summer resolutions = midnight basketball, eat salad, paint, redesign, road trips under friendly roofs...thats the latest...late!


I haven't updated in a while cuz I've been working on this. It's a brochure I designed for the Zoo...and today I have to meet with the Zoo lady, then take the thing to a printing press...once schools out I'll update more off'n


Got my Radiohead tickets :) - Also, added some pics to College/Etc Art -Sacto Homies - College/Me/More - and updated the mp3 in the Likes page - by the way if you're readin this...sign the guestbook so I know I'm writin this for someone...cuz I'm not sure anyone comes here since most my friends don't have internet.


The Kings lost in the battle of Nor Cal vs. So Cal, dang. Well...luckily I occupy both regions. The latest with me umm...I'm working on an Adopt an Animal brochure for the Zoo, and I got a cool book called "Baby Animals" so I can look at something zoo animals to draw...oh ya & I added some pictures to the Sacto and College/Etc section, from pictures I took over spring break, and a drawing to College art...thanks for visiting, byebye


I had my first real business meeting ever this weekend it was weird, one guy even bought me lunch. I'm deciding which one to pick to design their brochureI think i'll pick the Zoo people, so I can draw some cool kangaroos or something - I updated the Likes page, added an mp3 to that page. I should have some new pics up soon too, sorry I haven't been updating much mainly it's cuz I don't think very many people come here...if you do, sign the guestbook and lemme know!


Added the Emo Parody Demo to the A Tricycle Built for J Page check it out! --- And added some art to "College Art" in Etch page


I've added lots : audio, more pictures, etches, and likes, please sign the guestbook, thanks =]


Got some pics up and some of my arty stuff and the likes section. This is where i say whats new with me, well the biggest news lately was getting to hang out with Abe from Deftones, that was fun.
Just started some new classes last week, I'm takin beginning graphic design, art theory and practice, computer imaging, modern art history, and philosophy. It's going pretty good so far but it may be to soon to judge....


Just put the stall up! And it's pretty bare eh? I need to mark it up a bit gimme some time and there will be pictures, drawings, music, and more! I made this site for family and friends to have another way to catch up with me, see what im doing so hope it works...check back soon dudes - jeff(rey)