Boy's Republic for all
The Deftones have recently decided that the track "Boy's Republic" will now be included on all future pressings of their latest Maverick release, the White Pony. This is not unheard of, as Nirvana did this 10 years ago, adding a hidden track “Endless Nameless” to Nevermind after the first 100,000 copies were pressed. The track “Boy’s Republic” first surfaced as a limited edition bonus track on early limited edition pressings of White Pony. It was not included on the regular edition, but the band has had a change of heart. They felt it fit the record well enough to turn up as a hidden track, what held them back originally was having the finality of a heartbeat close the album. While it is unsure whether the track will be on track #12 like the ltd. Edition copies or hidden a few minutes after the closing track “Pink Maggit”, a few things are for sure. With the multimedia portion on the White Pony, there isn’t too much space that the band can use for a gap on track 11 between the two songs, like the 30-minute gap found on their previous record Around the Fur, somewhere around 5 minutes seems to be the best possibility. The cover art will not be altered in any way, and the only modification in the liner notes in fine print will be the mention of “Boy’s Republic” in the production credits section. This is confirmed and straight from Abe and Chi themselves, after having spoken with them at 2 recent shows.
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Hometown Heroes
Just got back from the Sacto show, they didn't do anything too different, but before the encore, they were given a key to the city and recognized as a great Sacramento talent by a representative of the mayor. Here's what they played - BQAD, Shove It, Bored, Root, Feiticiera, Change, MX, Mascara, Around the Fur, Digital Bath, Korea, Lotion, 7 Words - Encore - Engine No. 9, Headup. Also Chino teased us by singing the first lines of Passenger. After the show they came out on the lawn and did some photo shoots. All in all it was a tight show with great energy and much respect from the hometown crowd.

Deftones Biography CD
I was checking out and saw this - Deftones: Audio Biography CD $10.99 - it says release date is October 3rd, 2000, but you can pre-order it now! Should be very intersting.

Check out some live pics and a review of Deftones Hollywood show over at in the review section. The review says that Chino sang a bit of Weezer's 'In the Garage' and the Smiths 'Ask Me'. Deftones have also played the full version of Weezer's "El Scorcho" recently.

San Fran Review
Here's my review of Deftones in San Francisco 8/08/00:
No sooner do we get in line do we see Chino walking across the other side of the street and people start yelling his name. I didn't think I could catch him but a few people darted through traffic and chased him around the corner. Stef was sitting outside around the corner, but he seemed pretty into his joint so I just said my greetings and got back in line. Inside, we had to sit in the balcony for Glassjaw, but my friend swindled some floor ticket stubs, so by the time Deftones went on we were right up front. Highlights from the setlist - the full Say It Ain't So cover in the middle of 7 Words, and this little heavy metal cover session they did, sounded like mostly Slayer stuff. I took some nice pictures, should have them up here soon. Heres the setlist, in almost the right order:
Shove It
Be Quiet and Drive
Digital Bath
7 Words
Say It Ain't So
Around the Fur
To Have and To Hold
Engine No.9

Black Stallion
Rumors are flying that deftones will bring about a remix album titled Black Stallion with plans to hire DJ Shadow (Josh Davis) and The Automator (Dan Nakamura) to remix White Pony in its entirely.
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Snapcase & Chino has some live video of Snapcase and Chino covering the Bad Brains song "I" live from the first leg of the House of Fur tour. It's a bit dark, but I'm pretty sure Chino is the one with the backwards cap on. Check it out here
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Deftones Launch has posted an exclusive live video of Deftones performing Change, check it out here. If you have a slow connection like me, then pick up next months's Launch CD-ROM which includes live video from the Deftones Cleveland show, including Change, and an interview with the band. Launch CD-ROMs can be found at most book stores and newsstands.
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Ozzy Collaboration / RX Queen
Deftones singer Chino Moreno is penning a devilish song - working title Back to School - for the soundtrack to Adam Sandler's next movie, Little Nicky.
"It's hopefully going to be the first single from the movie," says Moreno. "I'm trying to get somebody else to collaborate on it with me, but I can't say the name yet because I don't know if it's gonna happen."
A good bet would be Ozzy Osbourne, although Moreno's not saying. Osbourne reportedly stars as himself in the horror/comedy, which casts Sandler as the youngest son of Satan.
"I haven't seen the trailers or anything yet," says Moreno. "But I know Adam Sandler has all these things to do to prove that he's evil. I guess he's not someone the devil would be proud of having for a son, because he's goofy or whatever."
The movie is set for a Nov. 3 release by New Line. A spokesperson for Maverick Records declined to name the other musical contributors to the soundtrack, but they will probably include hardcore acts.
Meanwhile, Moreno is cooking up the video for the next Deftones single, RX Queen from White Pony. The song is about a former unrequited infatuation of Moreno's, whose own personal infatuation was with drugs. Shooting commences in September.
"It's a very visual song, and the video will explain a lot of it," he promises. "It'll be this big voyage into this other realm."

In other news, the video for Change was #7 on TRL today. Please continue to vote! The Deftones really want this so,
Jam the phone lines at 1-800-DIAL-MTV (1-800-342-5688)
CALL from 2:30 - 3:00P (Eastern Time)
CALL from 1:30 - 2:00P (Central Time)
CALL from 12:30 - 1:00P (Mountain Time)
CALL from 11:30 - 12:00P (Pacific Time)
Or vote on the internet here
Lets get them to #1

Even more news - word from Maverick is that we may have some cool new versions of some songs from White Pony - I assume this means remixes, and a while ago I heard DJ Shadow was gonna do some remixes of White Pony songs, but that was just a rumor, don't quote me on that one...

Next Single?
The rumors that RX Queen is going to become the next single may be true - I heard it on the radio today. The rumors originally started on the deftones bulletin board. Chino has also mentioned that he thought RX Queen had the catchiest chorus on the album, so we'll see.
Also check out for an article on Frank, and another article on the Deftones from LA Times which you can read here.
Also has some nice pics from a Deftones signing here.
For those of you in the Sacramento area, the Sacramento Bee will be having a cover story on the Deftones on August 13th, in the Encore section, be sure to pick up a copy!

Change makes TRL
Deftones finally made it on to TRL debuting at #8 on the countdown, thanks to all our voting! Tommorrow Donk ( webmaster) will reward us with some downloadable behind the scenes video, and if we keep "Change" on the countdown all week, we can expect even more goodies from Donk. Chi also left a message of thanks on the Deftones bulleting board.

A fan talked to Steph the other night, here's what he found out:
When asked about touring with Tool next year he said "Next year is next year, but it would be nice," and later someone else asked him and he said its a possibility. He also mentioned touring South/Central America next year. He stressed that record deals are no longer necessairy at all, and that the internet is the key tool to a band's success nowadays. Really i guess not much useful came out of the conversation, but that Stephen thinks Hanson is good background music.

Here are some new Deftones articles:
A good long one at Harmony Central
Another good one that talks about touring, the meaning of a Knife Prty, and insight into Digital Bath here
And a short concert review here
Also check out the new Hit Parader magazine for an interview with Deftones, and it also has about a paragraph about this website!

Close Call
Deftones video for "Change" was a "Close Call" on today's TRL meaning that they came close to getting in the Top 10. Donk says that if Deftones make it to the Top 10 tomorrow that he will digitize some of the new deftones video footage that was taken in high quality and make it downloadable to save on your computer.
You can request the video by calling 1-800-DIAL-MTV CALL from 2:30 - 3:00P (Eastern Time) 1:30 - 2:00P (Central Time) 12:30 - 1:00P (Mountain Time) 11:30 - 12:00P (Pacific Time). Or vote at

MTV Feature
MTV posted a short article/interview about Chi's poetry album, check it out here.
Just found this article on Bamboo Parachute, a bit longer than the previous one.

MTV Feature has a big feature/interview which includes live video of Deftones playing Change, Bored, 7 Words, and Be Quiet and Drive, plus video of them being interviewed. Check it out here.
Also, at at recent show Chino said something about doing a project with Jonah (Far), called "Visitor" or something. But Jonah's new CD is supposed to be called "Visitor" so maybe Chino will be guesting on that.

Weez Update
At the recent show in London, when asked if Weezer was touring with Deftones, Chino said "No, I wish."
Also, check out for some excellent live Deftones pictures.

Chino sings on Hesher
I just found out that Chino and members of Bad Brains contribute to the track "Things" on Hesher's debut album. I don't know much about the band, just that they're signed to Warner Bros. Records, and their website is but there's nothing really there, just an e-mail sign up. The album also features Everlast, check out to bid on a Hesher 2 song promo tape.
You can listen to the song "Things" and a couple others at

Iommi Release Date / Etc.
Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi will be releasing his debut solo album tentatively titled "Iommi" on October 10th through Divine/Priority. The album features Chino singing and playing guitar on one track.
Other guest appearances are : Phil Anselmo of Pantera, Serj Tankian of System Of A Down, Scooter of Cold, Skin of Skunk Anansie, Peter Steele of Type O Negative, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, Matt Cameron formerly of Soundgarden and Ozzy Osbourne himself among others.

Oh yeah, and Vanilla Ice said twice that he'll be touring with the Deftones in the future. Damn.
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Even more, check out this short but sweet interview with Abe, which discusses performing Passenger live with Maynard.
Also, I read in Guitar Magazine that Stef said he wants the next album to be in Drop - G tuning, and ESP is making him a special guitar that will allow him to tune this low, without affecting his tone.

Sick Interview / New Heckler
Deftones did a rad interview with Kerrang, talking about their personal lives, masterbation, peeing, spitting, well here just read it.
Also make sure to pick up the latest HECKLER magazine, the issue has my interview with Chino in it, and an exclusive picture of Chino and his son. You can find Heckler at any Tower Books, and various snowboard/skate shops.

Weezer Confirmed
At the recent Deftones show in Columbus, Ohio a fan heard from Chi that it's confirmed that Weezer is going to tour with Deftones. Another thing about that show, they covered Say It Ain't So, maybe in honor of Weezer being confirmed?
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Bamboo Scans
Here's the tracklisting and cover scans v1 - 2 - 3 to Chi's poetry album The Bamboo Parachute
1. The Man Who Made October
2. The Receiving Line
3. Goin' South
4. The Bitter Angels
5. Beautiful
6. Witness
7. Whiter Than God
8. It Would Be Good...
9. Don Pablos
10. What Kind Of Person Could Do That?
11. The Inside of my Pocket Knife
12. The Small Black Box
13. The Host Animal
14. My Life On A Swing
15. On Tour Car
16. Something's Better Left Unsaid
17. A Light Blue Afterthought
18. Blow The Whistle
19. You Make A Good Robot
20. Manzanita (for Gary Snider)
21. Do You Have Enough Stories
22. Sometimes Long Lines Work
23. The Halatosis Poets
24. Braces
25. The Protien Of An Ant

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Chino's Song Notes
Chino told AP Magazine his thoughts on each song on the album, these are new thougts, not the same ones released a few weeks ago. Check it out here.

Deftones are band of the week at UBL - you can enter a contest to win a Change single, keychain, ballons, and an EPK - you can also bid on a signed Deftones guitar
Some really great new pictures of Deftones live at DFP 4.0 are up at Shoutweb
Chino's excellent interview with Metal Hammer can be read here courtesy of Deftones - TBBITW

Deftones Pulse
Pulse! Magazine conducted a very interesting interview with the Deftones you can read it all here, along with a few cool new pictures. Also if you want to get one of 100 available posters of the Deftones on the cover of Pulse email or if you live near a Tower Store stop by and pick one up there - Posters at the stores are limited to supply on hand. See a picture of the cover here.
Thanks to Nick2k for the tip

Pranksters Publicity
The pranksters who faked the Deftones break-up at actually got some publicity today. There's a short write up on the incident in today's Sacramento Bee, and a bit on the fake Rolling Stone review that was floating around on the bulletin board earlier. I typed up the full article here.

Phallucy Resurrection?
There are some heavy rumors floating around Sacto that the Deftones want to re-release some of Phallucy's (Abe's old band) music on their new label, Tone Def Records. When I don't know but the I'm pretty sure this is true.

Deftones Gizmo
I was sent this thing called the Deftones Gizmo, it's a little thing you can check out to find out the latest tour dates, news, and White Pony info - check it out here
Also, in Australia, White Pony debuted at no. 2 on the Australian commercial charts and no.1 on the Australian alternative charts.
Here's a interview with Deftones and review of the Petaluma show from the San Francisco Datebook.

Sacto Bee Article Part 2
Part two of the Sacramento Bee's Deftones article was released today, including details on the Letterman show, the fan signings, and their first concert of this US tour. Check it out here. The Bee has also posted a photo gallery with pictures form the Philly show, the Letterman rehearsal, and more here.

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