Sacto Bee Article
The Sacramento Bee has part one of a two part acrticle in todays paper. One of the writers went along with Deftones to New York, and documents his journey - you can check it out here. Part two will be in Wednesdays paper.

In other news, the White Pony has debuted at #3 on the Billboard charts!

Behind the Scenes has a review of the Deftones Philly show, with realvideo of Chino being interviewed, and Be Quiet and Drive Live at the show. Check it out here
In other news, White Pony debuted at number 13 for sales in the UK.

Behind the Scenes has posted a couple videos, one behind the scenes at the making of the Change video, and another one of the band giving their thoughts on White Pony. Check it out in teh multimedia section.

Crenshaw B-Side
When a Deftones fan asked Chino about the song "Crenshaw" at a recent show, Chino said that the song is actually called "Throwing Rocks At You" and that it would be released as a B-Side to the Change (In the House of Flies) single in about a month. When he asked Chi and Abe about the song they said they didn't even think they could remember how to play it.
I also just found out that also included on the Change single will be the Deftones / Onelinedrawing cover of Sade's No Ordinary Love.

Check out a Sonicnet review of Deftones first show of their present tour here

In-Store Madness
Deftones frontman Chino described the Deftones recent pair of NYC-area in-store record signings as "euphoric." Well, euphoric they were. And not just for the band, but also for the gaggle of rabid tattooed youngsters that showed up, red-faced and wide-eyed to have the band sign their wares (not just CDs, mind you. T-shirts, skateboards, and high school art projects depicting a smiling Chino in oil paint, were among the many items the kiddies brought to be autographed). Tuesday night's appearance at the Times Square Virgin Megastore, and a midnight signing at CD World in Edison, NJ, the previous night, were of course part of a celebration to honor yesterday's release of the band's third album, White Pony.
Sipping Budweiser from cans and smoking like chimneys, the Deftones gave their hysterical fans a graciously warm reception. A young girl's hands trembled and tears ran down her face as she handed Chino a piece of homemade birthday cake, complete with candle. See, yesterday was his 27th birthday, not to mention his six-year wedding anniversary (cake was an appropriate gift, too, as Chino seems to have gained some, ahem, post-recording weight). Unfortunately, the mean men in suits and ties only allowed 500 kids in to meet the bearded boys, who were quite obviously exhausted from the previous night's signing (which kept them up til 4:40AM) and also a taping of Late Night With David Letterman just moments prior to the Virgin Records appearance. But the kids didn't seem to mind. Our favorite? Rich. A 19-year-old fan from the Bronx who had been waiting in line since 5:30AM to meet his idols. "I didn't even eat lunch," he remarked, sadly. Word up, Rich. That's devotion.

New Articles
Here are some of the recent reviews/articles on White Pony:
Sonicnet Article - Wall Of Sound Article - Rolling Stone Review - Launch Article - AP Article - K-Rock Photos

White Pony Released
It's finally 06.20.00 the day we've all been waiting for. Hopefully by now all of you have run down to your record store and bought one or more versions of White Pony. The album has fullfilled everything I expected and more, and the enhanced CD was the best I've seen. Now to see how the world reacts to the White Pony's ride...

Tone Def / Tapeworm
An article on the Deftones new record label "Tone Def" can be read here. Deftones now have their own label and already have one band in mind, check out the article fore more info.

Charlie Clouser (NIN) confirmed via email to " The Remix Files" that his new project with the Deftones should be finalized when he arrives back to New Orleans in August or September. "It is still undefined if it will be a remix, a new Tapeworm (NIN side-project) track or another side-project," explained TechnoPagan, the webmaster of the Remix Files. Clouser has worked with Deftones in the past doing his remix of "My Own Summer."

Oh yeah and don't forget to tape David Letterman tommorrow night, Deftones will be performing Change.

Change's Buzz
Today on MTV's HotZone, they buzzed "Change (In the House of Flys)". The video takes place at a party, in a big room and kitchen. The room was big enough to hold a bed and a couch with plenty of room still for the band to perform. The video started out with Chino setting on a counter in the kitchen. Then it went to the large room with people everywhere, no onea paying attention to the band.
You can check out a clip of the video here.

Thanks Cover
For those who can't take the anticipation, here's a scan of the thanks page of White Pony, to hold you over till Tuesday.
thanks to Andy at for the scan

Sam Goodies
Word is that if you pre-order White Pony at participating Sam Goody stores, you will get a free Deftones ID-ROM, which contains a video for Street Carp, and a Deftones screensaver. It's the same clip of Street Carp from the EPK, but the full version. If you do this I'd check and make sure with the Sam Goody first, because supplies are limited.
But, if you order from you can get White Pony, and the White Pony red T-Shirt for 24.99
Or, if you get White Pont at Best Buy, you get a free Deftones keychain.
Also, the Change video will debut soon, so keep your eyes out. Also on MTV there's a White Pony commercial so keep your eyes out for that too.

Official WP Lyrics got an advance copy of White Pony and has e-mailed me the official lyrics to White Pony, check them out in the Lyrics section. He also said that this is what you can find on the enhanced CD :
-Pictures of the band and individual band member sections that include poetry from Chi, a recording journal, and Abe and Franks stage setup for drum and turntables.
-A Pac-Man style game where you collect music notes and avoid the heads of Deftones members (maybe there's a prize at the end of the game?)
-A video of the Deftones live in the studio playing "Elite".
-Complete handwritten lyrics to the album
-A link to an exclusive "Extra" webpage at (the page is apparently not up yet though...not surprising since the album doesn't technically come out until June 20th).
And you will be amazed at how much better the real album sounds compared to the MP3 version that has been floating around the net. has Deftones as one of their featured artists and a contest where you can win a promo pack give-away containing a "Change" single CD, postcard, a poster, a sticker, a VHS, and a balloon. Courtesy of Maverick Records, five winners will be chosen.
06/15/00 Re-Design has been renovated, included is a contest to win a red-vinyl White Pony album, three tracks available for listen, house party pictures, and much more. A new deftones site has been created at which features a lot of the same content as presented in a different format, with an emphasis on White Pony I think. has posted Brain Webb's ( interview with Abe and Frank, check it out it's a good read.

Free Poster
According to an advertisement in Meanstreet magazine, a free Deftones poster will be given out when you buy White Pony, but the supply of posters is limited.
Thanks to Deftones Obsessed

Here is a new interview with Chino and Frank, including some real video of them talking
Here's Chino's thoughts on MP3's:
"When someone puts up the record in the wrong sequence with all the bonus tracks already out there of course it could affect us in sales. We looked to see how many downloads and it was somewhere over 200,000 downloads of the record. I'm sure they'll be a lot of people who'll buy the record of course. White Pony is out there and has been available. It's not because of Napster, it's because some kid put it on there. If it was used for the right reasons it would be a beautiful thing. As a fan of music myself I love to go online and find music, especially rare music - which is what the majority of the stuff people are downloading should be."
For everyone that downloaded the new album in advance, the Deftones have supposedly cut the short version if Pink Maggot from the album. The mp3 listed as the untitled track will take it's place and the unheard track "The Boy's Republic" will be the track after Pink Maggot. In a post by Maverick Records it was stated that the Deftones just didn't think the shorter Pink Maggot belonged on the album.
An inside source at Maverick said that the game on White Pony is not a shooting game and all the content is a secret and we'll have to wait until June 20th to see what is on the cd's. However, the enhanced content is on ALL 3 Versions of the CD
thanks to and House Uv Flies

Chi's Spoken Word Album
While the Deftones gear up for the release of their third album, White Pony, bassist Chi Cheng is also readying an album of his own called Bamboo Parachute. However, Cheng will be playing no bass on it, or any music at all. Bamboo Parachute is a spoken-word collection that captures the lone Deftone serving up 25 original poems. Cheng tells LAUNCH that it was time to do something with the volumes of material he had created over the years.
"I've got six books of poetry sitting on my shelves at home and I was thinking, you know, I don't have time to get it published, I don't have enough room in my file cabinets to collect all those rejection slips, so I'm just gonna cop out and do a spoken-word album, and that's what I did, " he says. "And I think that if people hear it, whether they like it or not, they'll see a certain quality in it that's kinda similar to the Deftones. It's a little left-field and it's very much fueled by, you know, something that I feel passionate about."
But Cheng warns, "It's really weird stuff, though, it's absolutely strange. It probably makes the Deftones look a little tame." He cites cult-hero writer Charles Bukowski as a major influence, adding, "There's a lot of beat poetry in it. It's very stream-of-consciousness." Bamboo Parachute is available on June 20 -- the same day as the release of White Pony --but only at and at the band's shows. The sticker price is $6, with half the proceeds going to charity.
Thanks Pimp Rock Palace

Win Tickets is having contest to win tickets to a Deftones show of your choice.

Deftones on Video Game
Here's some new info straight from Maverick:
With the track "Change (In The House of Flies)" Top 10 at Alternative Radio, and their new Maverick album "White Pony" slated for release June 20th, it has been announced that the band's new song "Street Carp," along with "White Pony" logo placement and extensive video images of the Deftones (culled from their just-released e.p.k), will all be prominently featured in THQ's new action/sports video game "MTV Sports: Skateboarding Featuring Andy MacDonald". Set for release this fall, the game is one of the most advanced skateboarding games ever, with Deftones -- confirmed video game fanatics and skateboarding enthusiasts themselves -- serving as its driving musical force.
In "MTV Sports: Skateboarding Featuring Andy MacDonald," players may choose to board as one of 30 professional and fantasy skaters, including vert phenomenon and 1999 X-Games Gold medal winner Andy MacDonald, Colin McKay, Danny Way, Rick Howard, Brian Howard, Josh Kalis, Rob Dyrdek, Stevie Williams, Alan Petersen, Keith Hufnagel, Jen O'Brien and more. Over the course of 40 levels, players then attempt to skate into the top rankings, mastering over 60 individual tricks combinable into thousands of combos. With more skaters and an unsurpassed soundtrack, "MTV Sports: Skateboarding" sets new standards for the genre. Other bands featured on the soundtrack are System of a Down, Cypress Hill, Pennywise, Snapcase, Goldfinger, No Use for a Name, OPM, Flashpoint, and the Pilfers.

On another note, has posted two live mp3s of Korea and Knife Party from the London June 6th date, with more mp3s to come, and an interview with Deftones

Change is Climbing..
Change is at number 12 on the Billbord Modern Rock Track charts. - see for your self Change at 12
Thanks to soulFLOW
Also, the latest tour dates have been posted at here

New Press
Deftones are featured in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, the one with Kid Rock on the cover, also has a picture of Chino and Chi from the Hfest here and here,and a little article on the house party here.
Also, the Guitar One mag with Stef on the cover is out now, you can check out some pics and part of that article at It's a good interview, with lots about Stef and Chino's battles over White Pony's sound.
They're also on the cover of CMJ New Music mag, which comes with a CD including "RX Queen."
And Deftones will be on David Letterman on June 20th, performing Change
Sonicnet has a review of the House Party here

My Deftones House Party Review
Last night I was one of the lucky 250-300 fans in attendance at the Deftones Internet House Party. You were all probably watching online , so I don't have to tell you how awesome it was, but here's how it went from my view.
I got there early so I had some time to walk around the club for a while, it was very small, small floor area, even smaller balcony, and a little outside area. Inside there were to big screens, one playing the EPK video looped, and the other showing the enhanced computer part of White Pony. The enhanced thing looks rad. There's a section for each band member with lots of pictures and other stuff. I saw in Chi's section you could read his journal entries during the recording process, and some of his poetry. If you've seen teh first 2/3 of the EPK, the last part of it follows the same theme, they play Street Carp last.
Inside the club was all of System of a Down except the guitarist, 2 guys from Static X, a guy from Orgy, and guitarist from Tinfed. I heard Max Cavalera was the but i didnt see him. Upstairs was the bar, outside there was free drinks, and burgers and doughnuts, and a few Playstation systems set up, with Street Skater playing, and "Street Carp" was playing during the video game.
After a bit longer the Deftones finally came on. The biggest surprise for me was Chino's "new look." His hair was down in his face, and he was wearing this collared long sleeved shirt, and a loose necktie hehe. I expected them to play a lot more new songs but they only played 3, well here's the setlist:
Be Quiet and Drive
Shove It
To Have and To Hold
Digital Bath
Knife Party
Around the Fur

The new songs sounded great, the crowd was lovin it, and Chino hit that high note perfect on Digital Bath. Chino was flinging around everywhere, all over the stage, and the crowd. Chi, Stef and Abe were rockin out as usual. Abe had a nice new baby blue drumset, and Chi had a nice new fretless bass that he used on Knife Party.
After that Chino said he wanted to go dance, but the band all went up in the VIP area, where on a few elite were allowed. When Chino came out to get a drink he was swarmed, took him like 15 minutes to walk 5 feet to the bar :) Some kids tried to sneak back there, but security nabbed them, to which drunken Chino sarcastically exclaimed, "Stay back, I'm famous!" After that security (who were jerks the whole time) started kickin people out. Overall it was an extraordinary show, and a rad party.
I took a bunch of pictures, so expect those to be up in a couple days, and also after watching Stef and Chino, I'll be correcting my White Pony tabs soon.
Much thanks to a special homie at Maverick for hooking me up with an invite :)

On a differnt topic, has posted some high quality mpeg videos of Deftones live on Recovery TV, and them playing Engine No.9 with Jon Davis.

Change Video Soon
According to Maverick Records representatives the Deftones will be shooting the video for their current single "Change (In The House Of Flies)" next weekend in Los Angeles, a director for the video is not yet known but you can expect it to hit video stations in late June.
Oh yeah, and Feiticiera will NOT be cut from White Pony
Thanks Pimp Rock Palace
Also - will be broadcasting the Deftones live on June 1st at 7pm PST, check out that site for more details
Also - check out for some cool new pictures of Deftones

Tracklisting Cuts ?
Here's an interesting E-Mail I got concerning the tracklisting of White Pony. Remember, none of this has been confirmed yet:

I'm not supposed to really tell anyone this but, it'll be out in a week or so anyway. There has been trouble brewing about a controversial song on White Pony in the Maverick Records camp:
There is a big possibility that the track "Feiticeira", the opening track on the Deftones forthcoming Maverick release "The White Pony" has been cut from the record at the last minute. In a move similar to Elektra Records last minute removal of the track "Slow Motion" from Third Eye Blind's latest release Blue, Maverick has buckled in to the pressure from the Feiticeira's lawyers and management in Brazil to remove the track. The legal red tape involved in even using the name "Feiticeira" in the title sparked controversy in Brazil among the show's producers about capitalizing on a song written about Feiticeira Joana Prado. In addition to using a trademarked title for a song, the song also glorifies kidnapping and violence to an extent which is uncharacteristic of the Deftones previous work. Maverick justifies the removal of "Feiticeira" due to the graphic nature of the lyrics which are in very bad taste for our label. Maverick faced hot water before with the controversy surrounding Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up". As far as Deftones "Feiticeira" they cross the line into tasteless territory, and go even further. In Third Eye Blind's case, the track was replaced by an instrumental version of "Slow Motion" minus the lyrical depictions of gratuitous violence. In Deftones' case, refusal to compromise is making it seem as if the track will not be replaced on the album at all. While reducing the song count to 9 or 10 depending on if both or either version of "Pink Maggit" makes the cut, this will most likely affect the order of the tracks, but most likely will be ready still for the June 20th release.
I hope the band and record company reconsider, because I will refuse to buy the album if they are seriously considering the removal of Feiticeira, possibly my favorite track at the moment. I work as part of the street teams here, deal with Maverick through their website and have contacts with the record label and knew about a lot of the White Pony info before it even hit the net or anything. Also with the uncertainty of which "Pink Maggit" will show up, they really shouldn't tamper with the record like this and cut up and dissect a soon to be classic album, I think this is horrible news what's happening...but thats my 2 cents.

WP Features Info
Here's some new info that was e-mailed to me from a reliable source :
The track featuring B. Real previously known as "Spiraling" is in fact called "Get Real" and will be an added on feature that is only available through a internet address on White Pony. Another thing is the interactive Deftones game on the White Pony will only be on the limited editions and is a first person shooter type game using characters from the band but only their name. The characters look nothing like the band members and are only named after them.
Thanks to Jeremy for that info

White Pony Cover Art has a picture of the cover art for White Pony - check it out HERE
Thanks to Bryce

Chino an NIN ?
Chino may be involved in two different projects with members of Nine Inch Nails First, he might be singing on a few remix versions for a Fragile-remix album, due in the fall. Apparently Charlie Clouser said somewhere that he might even be doing vocals for the 2 EP's that NIN will release in June, containing leftover tracks from the Fragile sessions.
Furthermore, Chino and Maynard might been doing some vocals for the Tapeworm project. It's a side project with Trent Reznor, the rest of the guys in NIN, Max Cavalera, Maynard, Chino, Keith Hillebrand of A Perfect Circle, and a few others.
For more info on this, go to:
Thanks to Ensimi

MTV Press released another Deftones article today, with several U.S. tour dates and also Chino's thoughts on releasing White Pony. Check it out

Also, at recent Onelinedrawing concerts, Jonah has been singing along to an DAT recording of the Deftones playing Sade's "No Ordinary Love." The song will appear on a future b-side.
Soulfly Info / Change Video
Chino Moreno will appear on the new Soulfly record entitled 'Primitive'. Speaking about the song 'Pain', in which Grady Avenell of Will Haven also appears, chino had this to say "its a pretty typical Soulfly song. Max comes up with the song title and subject matter, so I just go in and do my bit. He and Grady are good friends of mine, so it was a lot of fun to work with them. The only thing was, by the time I got round to doing it, I was so burnt out from four months of recording our album. I just heard it the other day and I dig it. Its straight-forward, heavy and tribal"

Also, The bonus track which will be on the special version of White Pony is named The Boy's Republic. In other news the Deftones are rumored to have shot a video for 'Change' on the 29 and 30 April. This video is expected to be ready for May 15th.

Thanks to and
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