Official Tracklist and Notes
Here are the confirmed song titles for White Pony, plus Chino's thoughts on each song :

1. Feiticeira (mp3 listed as 'New murderer')
2. Digital Bath (mp3 listed as'Nightrider')
3. Elite
4. RX Queen (mp3 listed as 'Iceskates')
5. Street Carp (mp3 listed as 'Fieticeira')
6. Teenager (mp3 listed as 'Digital Bath')
7. Knife Party (mp3 listed as Kfe Party At The Niko')
8. Korea (mp3 listed as 'White Pony')
9. Passenger
10.Change (in The House Of Flies)
11.Pink Maggot

Chino's thoughts on each track:

"An old type of deftones song, with realy cool rhythms and heavy soft dynamics. Its named after a brazillian female, but its lyrically about a kidnapping scenario. it details a few hours of being held captive. there's a lot of dialogue in there that was fun to write"

Digital Bath
"Abe and I wrote this one, and I play guitar on it. Its real celestial sounding with intimate singing. There's a big story behind it. most of the songs on this album are about different situations"

"Probably the hardest song we have ever written. its really straight forward and dosen't have typical deftones dynamics. Its just heavy. I use a vocoder which gave my voice a demonic robot effect"

RX Queen
"The most futureistic sounding song. Abe and I created the drum loop - its a crazy, bionic rhythm. I wrote a seedy guitar line over it, and worked with Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots) on the vocals for the bridge. he came up with a really cool harmony for me to sing"

Street Carp
"A classic deftones song, with a rolling riff and some really interesting chords in the chorus. the vocals are kinda crazy - I'm singing out loud over the top of the music, like (the Smiths front man) Morrissey or somthing, a cool contrast"

"This was originally a Team Sleep song. Its acoustic and electric, with Pink Floydy keyboards. kinda trancey. Lyrically, its a teenage love story, which sounds pretty goofy, but its actually alright"

Knife Party
The record company wanted this to be the first single, but i battled them because it was a little to weird. Its a seductive song with a lot of violent imagery. People don't tend to like sex mixed with violence. the mid section has amazing vocals from a girl called Rodleen who worked next door to our studio"

"The first song we wrote for the record. we played it live on the us ozzfest. Real heavy and bouncy"

This is the one with maynard. its about being a passenger on a cr journey - we have alot of car songs! maynard and i trade off in the verses. its alot like a tool song, where it goes through differenta Change (In the House of Flies)
"That's the first single we are putting out in America. Its not mellow but very washy. Its a bit like be quiet and drive. I play guitar on that one too. Its a beautiful metamorphis"

Pink Maggot
"It starts off really spacey and freaky with just guitars, vocals and turntables. Then it turns into just me, and ends up a triumphant anthem about being on top of the world and feeling like the coolest kid in school"

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Puzzle Picture had a puzzle for webmasters, I solved it just now, it turned out to be a bunch of little pieces that fit to form the new Deftones picture seen here:

Rolling Stone lists the Deftones for having a webcast on May 4th - Check it out here
White Pony Insight
Here's an interesting e-mail I got from, giving some info about the name "White Pony":
The Book of Songs, which dates back to the Chou dynasty(1112 B.C.E. to 249 B.C.E.) comes right after the long-winded and annoyingly necessary introduction. According to the anthology, Confucius himself compiled The Book of Songs, 311 or so song/poems. The first poem is called "The White Pony":

Pure is the white pony,
Feeding on the young shoots in my stackyard.
Keep him hobbled, keep him bridled,
Let him stay through all the mornings.
So may my lover
Here take his ease.

Pure is the white pony.
Feeding on the bean sprouts in my stackyard.
Keep him hobbled, keep him bridled,
Let him stay through all the evenings.
So may my lover
Here have his peace.

Pure is the white pony
Who comes to me swiftly,
Like a duke, like a marquis,
Let us enjoy ourselves completely,
Let us prolong our love-making,
Let us take our ease.

Pure is the white pony
Who lies in the empty valley
With a bundle of fresh hay.
He is like a piece of jade.
Oh, do not be like gold or jade.
Do not go far from my heart!

This echoes lots of what has been said about the whole white pony imagery as far as sexuality is concerned, and according to the book the white horse/pony was commonly depicted in ancient chinese paintings of landscapes and such (to symbolize life I think the book said). The only other thing to be noted is that while these translations of ancient Chinese poems are good and fine, there is never an exact word that corresponds to any Chinese symbol, so the translations can only be "inspired guesses"...
White Pony hits the web
White Pony has hit the web, if your'e gonna download it, you better buy the album. Here's the tentative tracklisting, notice without the B-Real track "Spiraling"
01 - "New Murderer"
02 - "Nightrider"
03 - "Elite"
04 - "Iceskates"
05 - "Feiticeira"
06 - "Digital Bath"
07 - "Knife Party At The Niko"
08 - "White Pony"
09 - "Passenger" (Feat. Maynard James Keenan of Tool/A Perfect Circle)
10 - "Change (In The House Of Flies)"
11 - "Pink Maggit"
12 - Untitled Acoustic Song

Also, The Deftones frontman Chino Moreno has spoken out on mp3's and companies such as Napster stating: "There's a lot of our bootleg stuff on the internet and I'm not completely upset by it. We should use it to our advantage. When I was growing up, I loved to find underground stuff. I still do. Some bands get bummed out because they don't make any money from it" he adds. "But the only people that buy that stuff are true fans of your music. Its not like Metallica need any more money. I don't know why this should make them angry. People want free songs, but they also want the full package."
Chino also recently commented on the whole Family Values situation saying that they are not confirmed and will be heading out on their own tour instead. Finally the band is rumored to make an appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman on June 20th.
Thanks Pimp Rock Palace
Sade Confirmation
Jonah Matranga (Far/Onelindrawing) has confirmed that he and Deftones frontman Chino Moreno have recorded a cover of a Sade song which will possibly end up as a b-side somewhere in the near future. Just exactly which song was recorded as of yet is unknown although rumors suggest its either "Smooth Operator" or "No Ordinary Love"
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Tones on Family Values?
In the Music News section at it says :
"Speaking of Family Values, tour organizers are currently filling up slots for the 2000 outing. So far, the Deftones are the only band that has inked a deal. Stay tuned."
God, I hope not.
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B-Real Interview
Theres an interview with B-Real at this Deftones site, they talk about the Rock Superstar song and Kush a bit.
Maynard on Passenger
The Deftones' third album, "White Pony," will arrive in record stores on June 20, containing a contribution from none other than Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan. Keenan, who has been busy with his new group A Perfect Circle, took some time out of his schedule to join his friend, Deftones frontman Chino Moreno on a track for the Deftones' new LP.
A song called "Passenger" was co-written by Moreno and Keenan, and the two also trade verses on the track. According to Moreno, the two were able to put the song together very easily.
"We laid down, like, some rough ideas," Moreno told the MTV Radio Network. "And then the next day, Maynard came back with all the lyrics just written out. And I told him about the concept of the song, what I wanted it to be, just like, being in this car.
"He really used a lot of cool imagery," Moreno continued, "and we traded off, line for line, as opposed to, 'This is my part, this is his part.' Our voices, for some reason, they just work together."
WP Scoop / Sade Info
This is an e-mail I got today from giving a great review of White Pony, and some info on the Sade thing...
Last night, Jonah (onelinedrawing) stayed at my house while on his tour of the south.
We listened to the entire new Deftones album... I can't give you a track by track type thing. But I can tell you that it is going to blow the roof off of heavy music as we know it.
Digital Bath is mostly incredible and will wow people. It is reallllly realllllly mellow and beautiful, and many people will have sex to it....because it is very groovy. Knife Fight is neat, with some female vocals at the end. Input, with Maynard....has a definite Tool feel. The heavy song, which I can't remember the name of....well...let's just say this.....if anyone calls them pussies because of the mellow feel...this song is the gigantic middle finger to all doesn't even sound like Chino screaming at's FUCKING HEAVY. Abe plays his fucking ass off on this album. He has gotten better and better, but this showcases it. As well as franks sound effects....which dominate every track
Also, the SADE cover, it is fucking amazing. Jonah actually played it last night, with an instrumental of the deftones in the background....he wow'ed us bigtime. This will be released sometime soon.
Big Release Plans
The Deftones will release their highly anticipated album, "White Pony," on June 20, and have some surprises for fans when the CD arrives.
  When the full-length "White Pony" LP hits stores, it will feature several CD-Rom enhancements that were put together by Mike Donk, a longtime follower of the band who runs a popular fan-based website. Donk was allowed to document the group through all stages of the recording of their new LP and has included some of that footage on the CD. Other extras include photos of the Deftones at their Sacramento rehearsal studio, the recording studio, and at home, along with handwritten notes from the band members, a multi-media game and more.
  On June 1, the Deftones will host what is being billed as an Internet "House Party" from the Arcadia club on Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles. Three hundred friends, fans, and other guests will be invited to attend the event at which band members will showcase their favorite selections from "White Pony." The event will be broadcast live over the Internet at
  "White Pony" will also be available in a limited quantity of special edition CDs, 50,000 in red jewel cases and 50,000 in black. Those discs will also feature a bonus track and the enclosed booklet and packaging will vary slightly depending on the color of the jewel case.
  The Deftones' Maverick Recordings label will also produce a six-minute electronic press kit film for "White Pony." The film shows a totalitarian, oppressive future where gas masks and oxygen tanks are required for survival. As the story develops, The Deftones and their music are revealed as a form of relief from the chaos. The EPK will be available to fans in "PG" and "R"-rated versions via Maverick's street team, and will be shipped to skateboard shops, skateboard parks, and numerous retail outlets, including the video for "White Pony's" first single, "Change." Maverick also has plans to screen the EPK as a short film at various "art house" theaters around the country.
  An early taste of the album hits stores on May 8 with "Change," the first single offering from "Pony."
Napster Rant
Deftones released an mp3 to Napster - it's Chino, Stef, Abe, and one of their kids saying not to steal the new album, go out and buy it, and f*ck Napster. Then Stef is like "Man, I be getting stuff off Napster myself hehe". Also, some songs from the album are played in the background, including Pink Maggot, and Flint. I think they pretty much released this to deter people from getting the album early, or at least encouraging them to buy it when it comes out.
Well anyway, you can get it here its about 5 and a half minutes long
fs Kush in Kerrang!
Here's the latest from the Deftones mailing list:
1. Media Watch
The Deftones will be featured in the June/July summer double issue of Rolling Stone!! This feature will be a minimum of one page, possibly two. The interview and photo shoot for this will take place in New York next week. Look out for it! Also comin' up... The Deftones will be featured in Request, Tower Pulse!, CMJ Music Monthly, Transworld Stance, Circus cover and don't miss Steph on the cover of Guitar One Magazine!!!
2. Deftones Short Movie
This past week end, The Deftones were in "Los Scandalous" shooting an indepedent short movie. Shot and directed by a company called Naked, what was originally supposed to be a video/documentary turned out to be a mini-movie. We will make sure that you get to check it out on-line! So stay tuned to
3. Official Deftones Survey
Last but not least, please take a moment to participate in the Official Deftones Survey. The Deftones want to know more about you, what you like, how you livin'... not being nosy, just interested in who you are. The first 50 people who submit this form completely filled out, will receive an ALL NEW Deftones poster and a sticker!!! Log on to
Chino and Jonah do Sade?
I was checking out the messageboard for Onelinedrawing (Jonah from Far's solo project) and Jonah said this in one of his posts:
Chino called and said he finished the Sade thing we did too. Making things is fun.
Sade is an 80's Pop/R&B singer from England, and I've heard that Jonah covers one of Sade's "No Ordinary Love", so maybe Jonah's post means that him and Chino have covered that song? Guess we'll have to wait and see.
Kush in Kerrang!
Here is an article from Kerrang! about Kush:
  Deftones Guitarist Stephen Carpenter, Fear Factory bassist Christian Olde Wolbers, and Cypress Hill rapper B-Real have joined forces to form a new band named Kush.
   Speaking Exclusively to Kerrang, Carpenter says, "If you like Deftones, chances are you'll probably like what I am doing in Kush. It's the same style of fun shit. We've been talking about it forever and now we're doing it."
  The catalyst for Kush came when Christian played on the forthcoming new Cypress Hill album, 'Skull and Bones' and helped them out live. "Christians a sick maniac onstage," laughs B-Real. "He ain't afraid to f*ck his upright bass right in front of you. I gotta give him props for that!" The trio plan to record their debut album with Helmet/(hed)pe producer T-Ray and release it later this year. They have yet to confirm a release date.
New Shove It Remix
A new remix of My Own Summer (Shove It) called "Mid Winter Mix" will be on the soundtrack to the Playstation game "Street Skater 2". You can check out an mp3 clip of it here. Other bands on the soundtrack are Citizen King, Ministry, Static X, Shootyz Groove, and more.
Thanks to LoTion
Deftones Play Germany?
Deftones may be playing the "Rock Im Park" Festival in Germany, they are listed on the Rock Im Park website for playing the second stage on June 9th, 2000. Some other bands to play this 3 day festival are Rage Against the Machine, Sting, Santana, Bush, Korn, and Pearl Jam.
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White Pony Review
I was E-Mailed a detailed review of White Pony, describing each song, check it out here. But remember to take it all at face value, because a lot of the content seems to come straight from various articles and interviews.
Confirmed Date / New Titles
The White Pony has a confirmed U.S. release date of June 20, according to band sources at Maverick Records. Co-produced by the band with producer Terry Date, White Pony contains eleven new tracks, including Digital Bath, Knife Party at Niko, Feiticeira, and Elite. Cypress Hill's B-Real and Maynard James Keenan from Tool contribute guest vocals on two different tracks that have yet to be titled
Thanks again to the awesome Pimp Rock Palace
Maynard's Input
In the Tool Discography it says that Maynard from Tool provided the track "Input" for the White Pony album. Whether "provided" means that he sang on it or he wrote it, I don't know.
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Deftones on Tattoo?
The Deftones are heavily rumored to be the latest additions to the "Tattoo The Earth" tour. So far only Slipknot and Sevendust have been officially confirmed for the tour which kicks off this August, but rumors suggest (hed)pe, Coal Chamber, Tool, Glassjaw and Fear Factory will be on the bill and even possibly Kittie.
Also the track "Pain" from the upcoming Soulfly album will feature both Chino Moreno and Will Haven singer Grady Avenell
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New Release Date
MTV has a little feature on Deftones giving a release date of June 20th, and has a couple quotes from Chino, in the headlines section of
No Song Titles / Kush Info
Stephen carpenter has revealed that the bands forthcoming third album 'the white pony' will feature no song titles. "we're not naming them" he says "the songs will have names - we're just not going to put them on the album. At least not right away"
Carpenter also hits out at rumors that the album will see the deftones adopting a far softer approach. "the only people who wont like this record are just haters" he says "they'll own the album, but they'll start talking shit"
Thanks to

Kush the new band which features the following lineup:
Vocals - B-Real (Cypress Hill)
Guitar - Stephen Carpenter (Deftones)
Bass - Christian Olde Wolbers (Fear Factory)
Drums - Raymond Herrera (Fear Factory)
are rumored to be hitting the studio in the very near future as the Deftones have now completed the mixing of their upcoming new album "The White Pony" and Stephen will have some downtime before the band starts to tour. The group has written an albums worth of material of this past winter and are expected to record their debut album with producer T-Ray ((hed)pe, Helmet), if all goes according to plan an album could be released as early as late summer/early fall.
Thanks to Pimp Rock Palace
Official Release Date??
My friend saw Chino at a Machine Head show last night in Sacramento, and Chino told him that White Pony was not going to be released until June 6th, so I guess this is as official a release date as we are gonna get.
Chino on Soulfly / Nick Cave Lyrics
Roadrunner has confirmed the guests on the upcoming Soulfly album which the band is currently recording in Mesa Arizona with producer Toby Wright, so far confirmed to appear on the album are Chino Moreno of the Deftones and Grady Avenell of Will Haven with potential guests being Sean Lennon and Snoop Dogg. The band hopes to have the album out in August through Roadrunner.
Thanks again to Pimp Rock Palace

Also in a couple interviews Chino mentioned that Nick Cave heavily influenced his way of writing lyrics on White Pony, here is a website full of Nick Cave's lyrics if you are interested.
White Pony Finished
The Deftones recently wrapped up mixing their brand new album "The White Pony" at Larabee Studios, Los Angeles. The album was produced by Terry Date and recorded at The Plant Studios in Sausalito, CA, it's tentatively expected out on May 23rd through Maverick/Warner. I have heard two different rumors of it coming out March 21st though, so who knows.
Thanks to Pimp Rock Palace
Also I found out that my interview with Chi has been put off until May or June, so you can still send in questions you want answered.
Chi's Poem
While Chi was at the last onelinedrawing (Jonah from Far's project) show at the Troubador in L.A. he wrote this poem and gave it to Jonah:

there's spiders in her footsteps
crawling all over her out
side of him
naked -- by the neck
strangles her -- what
a relief
only God says thanks

- Chi Cheng 1/26/00

This poem was featured on Jonah's "Of The Month" site which features exclusive pictures, notes, and music every month. It's only about $12 for access to the site and it will feature cool stuff like this every month - check that out at
02/22/00 More Cypress Hill Info
The song is called "Superstar" and is a cautionary tale aimed at starry-eyed youngsters getting into the music business. "(Rock) Superstar" contains excerpts from interviews with Everlast and Chino Moreno (Deftones) discussing the problems they've countered in the course of their respective careers and their advice to naive beginners just getting started.
At the begining of the song Chino says "We got a lot of uh, sharks out there trying to take a bite of something, whats hot. Lotta chamelons out there trying to change up anytime something new comes along. Everyone wants a bite - it dont happen overnight."
Also when talking about the sharks in the (Shove It) music video when he hosted 120 Min Chino said that there were a lot of sharks out there trying to take a bite.
The commercial 12" of "Superstar" will be released to rap radio Feb. 22 and will be in stores on Feb. 29. "Skull And Bones" is scheduled for a May 2 release on Ruffhouse/Columbia. Vinyl info: In Store Date: 2/29
Side One:
1. (Rap) Superstar (Clean Edit) (4:16)
2. (Rap) Superstar (LP Version) (4:16)
3. (Rap) Superstar (Instrumental) (4:37)
Side Two:
1. (Rock) Superstar (Clean Edit) (4:37)
2. (Rock) Superstar (LP Version) (4:37)
Stephen's "Trippy Trailer"
An exclusive five-minute video, shot and edited by Deftones' guitarist Stephen Carpenter, will give fans an unusual glimpse into the recording of the band's upcoming album, "The White Pony," expected out this June on the Maverick label. The "trailer" was shot in the recording studio where the band is putting the finishing touches on the album, and features never-before-heard music from the band that may or may not end up on the album. Some of the footage is "trippy," with drummer Abe Cunningham rocking out to music that no one else can hear, bassist Chi Cheng doing a handstand for the camera, and other pretty bizarre visuals from the novice filmmaker.
The Deftones' "trippy trailer" can be accessed beginning this Friday, February 18 at about 5PM PST at
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