Deftones on "Free Air" / Chino on Cypress Hill
Deftones "MX" will appear on the compilation "Free Air - Vol. 2," a compilation dedicated to the sport of motorcycle supercross. Other artists on the comp are - Slipknot, Sevendust, Machine Head, PM5K, Amen, Reveille and more...
Here's the Full Article
Also Chino talks for about 20 sec before the Cypress Hill song (Rock) Superstar
White Pony Meaning?
Ryan sent me this e-mail about a possible meaning of the title "White Pony" :

Last semester my roomate took a Psycology class and was just flipping through his book and came across a page of dream interpretations. It said that if you have a dream about a white pony it symbolizes the drive for youthfulness and sex. That seems to me a lot like some of the stuff Chino puts into his music. Chino said in an interview that White Pony didn't really have a meaning and was originally going to be called another name with pony in it but was alread used by some other band so he changed it to "white" instead. Maybe he is just being sly though.

This makes sense since Chino has been describing this record as youth oriented, and "a record to f*ck to."
Stephen's Kush
It's been officially confirmed that the new supergroup that features Stephen Carpenter of the Deftones on guitar, Raymond Herrera of Fear Factory on drums, Christian Olde Wolbers of Fear Factory on bass and B-Real of Cypress Hill on vocals, will in fact be recording an album very soon if not already. The group apparently is still unnamed although Stephen has said it's called Kush. It was also mentioned that the group wrote the upcoming album throughout this Winter so expect to see it released late this Summer.
Thanks to Pimp Rock Palace
02/05/00 Deaftones Enquirerer
Check out the Deaftones Enquirer from It's a very funny article on what's new with the Deaftones by Jonah Matranga. But don't take it too seriously.
Thanks to CRE8
Deftones at O.L.D / Sevendust Video
Abe, Frank, and Chi were at Jonah's (ex-Far) Onelinedrawing show last night in LA at the Troubador. Jonah's second song was dedacated to the Deftones it was there song "Be Quiet and Drive" - the acoustic version. You can hear this acoustic version that he plays guitar on at - on Jonah's latest release, Sketchy EP #2, he does an acoustic version of "Savory" a song which Deftones and Far covered together, chack it out at

Also Sevendust is apperently going to make a video for the song "Bender" which Chino sings on. Considering that Chino does lead vocals, there is a chance he will appear in the video.
Chino and Cypress Hill
Cypress Hill will be releasing two singles simultaneously from their new album "Skull & Bones" which is expected to be a double CD and will be released May 2nd through Ruffhouse/Columbia Records. The first single will feature two different versions the first one being "(Rap) Superstar" which will feature guest performances from Noreaga and Eminem while the alternate version "(Rock) Superstar" will feature guest performances from Deftones Chino Moreno and Everlast. The single will be released to radio on February 22nd and be available in stores on February 29th.
Thanks to Pimp Rock Palace

Oh yeah, also my meeting with Chi has been postponed to next weekend because Deftones are still mixing the new album.

Big News! I got an email from this guy from Maverick and he said that CHI wants meet with me to thank me for my website and support! Also he said that I could do a brief interview with Chi! So if you want you can send in questions for me again! Also the webmaster from 15 Stitches is gonna be there. Check out his rad site, beacause I might combine websites with his, and I want your opinion if I should do it - It would mean that our site would have lots of mp3s and videos, plus TWO fans working on one site.
01/21/00 Great New Article
Chris Macias, a writer for the Sacramento Bee, did a great article/interview with Chino recently. It talks about the sound of White Pony, a possible Deftones record label, and states a release date of April 18th. Here's a bit of it:

An upcoming challenge for the band is presenting the new songs in concert. Moreno plays guitar and sings on "White Pony," but hasn't tested how well he can cover both those bases live. Moreno might add another guitarist when the group goes on tour later this year (former Far guitarist Shaun Lopez and Quicksand's Sergio Vega have been considered).

Check out the full article HERE
Deftones on Ozzfest 2000
A radio station in Minnesota has reported that Deftones have been confirmed for Ozzfest 2000. I doubt it though since they were just on Ozzfest 99.
Thanks to Munky910
My Interview with Chino
I interviewd Chino today! I called him up at the studio while he was working on the new album and interviewed him for about 20 min. It came out really good, very informative. We talked about the creation White Pony, the Tool connection, his recent music interests, the Deftones Home Video, why Sacto rules, his collaborations with Tony Iommi, Cypress Hill, and Snot, and much more.
Check it out HERE
Interview Postponed?

Well I called Chino today about the interview, he told me to call back in half an hour, so I did. I got an answering machine. I tried and tried all day but I never did get a hold of him, and he's going to the studio tommorrow. Sorry to get your hopes up, but I have saved all the questions sent in so once he gets back in Sacto I will try to get a hold of him again. Sorry guys. 01/01/00
Help me Interview Chino!
Today while I was walking around in Downtown Plaza I saw Chino with his family. I went up to him and talked to him for a bit, he said that on Monday he is going to record the vocals for White Pony, and that it should be released in April. He also said that he had written a song with Maynard but he wasn't sure how Maynard would be involved with the album. Then I and mentioned that I ran a Deftones website. Much to my surprise he asked me if I wanted to do an interview with him for this site! Well I have been thinking of what to ask him, and I thought it would be cool if you guys could send me some ideas of what to ask. So send the questions you want answered to me at I will pick some of the best ones to include in the interview. I will be looking for original, creative questions that will still be interesting to read like a year from now. I'm probably going to do the interview Saturday evening so send in your questions quick! 12/30/99
White Pony Article
Check out this awesome article from Sonicnet, giving some great insight into the new album, it's progress, and some of it's lyrics. 12/27/99
Chino's Deep Thoughts
Check out this little quote I found:
This is one of the most important things I'll do in my life. I haven't felt this much pressure ever, and I'm trying not to get bugged out. It's hard to sit around here and not smoke weed all day and stay cool and be focused. Music is very inspiring. It keeps you going." - Chino Moreno, Deftones leader, on the sessions for the group's third album, The White Pony
Charlie Clouser on White Pony
Word is that there is a good chance that Charlie Clouser (NIN) will have a hand in the production of White Pony. He has previously remixed My Own Summer.
White Pony Status Report
The Deftones are coming back to Sacramento on Sunday 12/19 to take a break from recording. They have laid down the guitars, drums, and bass. Chino is "trying" to record the vocals at the rate of one a day. It's slow going, but they are getting very close.
Thanks to John's Deftones Page
I know Abe has been in Sacramento, he was at a Daycare concert last night.
New Album Info
The Deftones are coming closer to finishing recording their new album "The White Pony". The band is currently at The Plant Studios in Sausalito, CA. with producer Terry Date (Limp Bizkit). They are expected to wrap recording soon, the band had apparently written more than 30 songs for possible inclusion on this album although not all will make it. The album will feature songs that mix melodic singing with violent imagery and situations, according to singer Chino Moreno. Tentative songtitles for the album include:
Pink Maggot
The White Pony
Flint Eastwood
New Murderer

The album is set to be released in March/April through Maverick/Warner.
Thoughts on White Pony
Chino was interviewed about the upcoming White Pony in the latest Alternative Press magazine. Here's some highlights:
A lot of the songs are more love-oriented, kind of young love-type stuff...which may sound cheesy, but backed by the music it gets this really weird feeling. It's definitely a really soothing record. There's a lot of stuff on there that kind of caves your chest in, but at the same time kind of strokes you, in a way. That's where the love thing comes in. Don't quote me as saying this, but the record's sort's more's kind of a f$%k record, music-wise. One of those real saucy records. You can quote me on that. Just not big quotations, you know what I mean?
Thanks to I Feel Sick
Phony 1
Pimp Rock Palace has reported that:

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno has issued an official statement addressing the now infamous name change stating that it isn't gonna happen. As well the news that the band has signed on Terry Date to produce their upcoming new album and that it will be titled "The White Pony" and is set to be released early spring on Maverick Records. The singer had this to say in speaking about being credited as it on Sevendust's album "Home" on the track "Bender" he stated "I thought it would be fun to throw fans of both our bands for a loop, by having them hear my voice but not be absolutely sure it was me, I told them to put "Pony Wong" since Wong is my real middle name. It was just a silly little misunderstanding that grew out of proportion and got us a lot of free publicity. My band got a great kick out of it. The whole rumor thing made the title The White Pony an obvious choice... We're still deep in the writing and pre-production phase, but we can say that it's going to be very moody. We've been watching a lot of youth oriented movies like The Outsiders lately, and that's having an influence on us".

It was initially thought the Deftones would be recording in Seattle as Chino said at an Ozzfest 99 gig it indeed turns out the band will be recording at The Plant Studio in Sausalito, CA. which has been used by Primus, Wu-Tang Clan and many others in the past. The band is officially set to head in the studio with Terry Date to record the album "The White Pony" on October 20th.

Thanks again to Pimp Rock Palace
Yet Another Deftones/Tool Rumor
There is a rumor that both Deftones and Tool will be releasing their new albums the first week of March 2000 and then tour together.
Deftones on Compilation
Deftones will be appearing on the upcoming "WCW Mayhem: The Music" which hits stores November 16th on Tommy Boy Records making the final line-up look like this:
Insane Clown Posse - "Take It"
Kid Rock - "Blast"
Limp Bizkit feat. Everlast - "Faith (Remix)"
Metallica - "Seek and Destroy (Live '99)"
Megadeth - "Crush 'Em"
Slayer - "Here Comes The Pain"
Deftones - "My Own Summer (Shove It) (Charlie Clouser Remix)"
Primer 55 - "Loose"
Ruff Ryders feat, Drag-On, Jadakiss, Eve and Styles - "Pay Per View"
Big Punisher & Fat Joe - "WCW Heavyweight Champs"
Cypress Hill feat. Defari - "Fist Full"
Lyrical Giants - "Bone Crusher"
Thanks to Pimp Rock Palace 9/21/99
Stef speaks about Pony 1
A friend of Stef's recently emailed him about the "Pony 1" thing, here's the transcript:
She Asked:
If Chino has decided that he now wants to go by the name Pony 1, doesnt it seem a bit arrogant on his half to then title the c.d. after himself? What is going through your head? Please enlighten me Mr. Carpenter.

Stef Replied:
chino is having fun with his name, he is arrogant, but that's besides the point, he's just having fun, k. as for titling the album after him, that's not the case. it's about something else, but he can relate, but that's a whole different tale of things. i'm still me, we're still we and we're going to make an album that will make you feel better than you have ever felt, it will make you cry, i promise you thisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss =) so remember this, chill out! take care and i'll talk to u l8r. stef™
Thanks to Luv Dumpling
Straight from Stef's Mouth
A friend of Stephen's talked to Stef recently, and he said that Deftones have not started recording yet, but they want to record in San Francisco. Apparently right now Stephen is getting ready to work on the Deftones home movie with Burton from Fear Factory.
Thanks to Shane McIntosh
More on "Pony 1"
Here is the whole article about Pony 1, the apparent new album title, and Chino's new name. In the Sevendust liner notes it says "Pony 1" is on Bender, so that could be true. It also says that Deftones have collaborated on a track with Maynard from Tool.
Thanks to Eric and WhitePonyX
Deftones on Ozzfest 2000
A radio station in Minnesota has reported that Deftones have been confirmed for Ozzfest 2000. I doubt it though since they were just on Ozzfest 99.
New Deftones Shirts
Here are some new deftones shirts being sold at Ozzfest. Click on them to see the full picture.
Deftones not on BB Tribute
The Deftones will not be featured on "Never Give In: A Tribute To Bad Brains" as was rumoured earlier. They were supposed to cover "Right Brigade" but a band called 16 covered it instead.
Thanks to Pimp Rock Palace
Deftones and Tool?
Here is an interview with Chi taken from He says that Deftones might tour with Tool!
More on Chino & Sevendust
Here is a good article with more information about Chino's collaboration with Sevendust.
More Chat Highlights
In the Chat a few weeks ago, Chino said that the Around the Fur video is too erotic for MTV, but it will be on the Deftones Home Video, which should be out at the end of the summer. Also, he would like Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction to guest on the next album.

This from Damone's Deftone's Page Here are some rumors going around:
The name of two new songs are "5 Times" and "Say the Word"
Stef has 5 side projects
Chi wants to leave to spend time with his family
Chino might be in a film
Remember these are all rumors 6/13/99
Deftones Live Cybercast
The first of three live Ozzfest cybercasts begins tommorrow at 10:15am PDT. Deftones go on at 3:45. Other bands scheduled are Slayer, System of a Down, Fear Factory, and Primus. Here is more info on how to watch the cybercast.
Deftones in Swimsuit Calendar
In the latest issue of Alive and Kicking there is an ad selling the once out of print "1994 Alive and Kicking Swimsuit Calendar." Deftones are in this, and the picture is hilarious. Chino and Stephen are wearing some skimpy trunks, and Abe is wearing a beanie and some long shorts. Some other bands featured are Far, Groovie Ghoulies, and Mark Curry. If you're interested send $10 check or monet order (payable to New View Music Productions) to:
PO Box 19820
Sacramento, CA
Chino and Stephen Interviewed
In the latest Guitar Magazine Stephen and Chino are interviewed. Stephen talks about how he had to replace his rig after some of it got stolen in Detroit. Now his rig consists of a TC 2290, a Behringer Telegate, a Behringer Parametric EQ, two Marshall JMP1s, a Rocktronm Intelliflex, a drum machine, and a sampler. Chino says that they have been real picky writing songs for the new album. If one of them even remotely dislikes something another wrote, it's shot down. Also Stephen has been listening to: Meshuggah, Fear Factory, Refused, Napalm Death, and Zao. Check it out, it's a good read.
Chino in AP
Chino is interviewed in the new issue of Alternative Press. He talks about the new album and Ozzfest. He says the new album will be really dynamic, and a lot of the dynamic is gonna be because of Frank, who will be a lot more noticable. He also says they have three new songs finished, but all the songs are still real young, lyrically. He also says the new songs sound like indie-rock, almost a Fugazi-ish type of thing.
Chino and Sevendust
This from MTV News:
    Even though he's busy writing material for his band's next album, Deftones frontman Chino Moreno will hook up with Sevendust next week to record a song for that band's upcoming release.
    On Monday, Chino will join Sevendust at Longview Studios in Boston, where the band is recording its still-untitled new album. There, he will help the band write a new track and record his vocals all by Wednesday.
    Chino won't be the only special guest turning up on Sevendust's latest when it arrives on August 24. Skunk Anansie singer Skin joined the guys in the studio recently and laid down vocals for a track that bears the working title "Licking Cream" (though the title is expected to change before the album's release). Also check Wicked Land News for more info.
Highlights of the Deftones Chat
This from The Defzone:
   The new, possibly heavier album is called "White Pony" and may be released by next February or before next year. An official video will also be released by the end of the summer. The Deftones will not be on the Family Values Tour and do not want to be musically associated with KoRn. However, they are friends with the band. Chino also said he will not be stage diving anymore.
   Also, they will only be playing one new song at Ozzfest, and the Around the Fur video will be on the Deftones home video.
DJ Frank Info
The Sacramento News & Review recently ran an article promoting the Socialistik's (DJ Frank's other group) newly released album Ghettoguerillatactics. Here is an excerpt concerning DJ Frank :
"Not only is Socialistik doing it for themselves, they're using their experience to help other like-minded artists. Their turntablist, Frank Nitti, has a project called the Co-Defendants with DJ Crook (who co-produced Socialistik's CD with Check Taylor), which he hopes to put out on FSKO in the near future."
Socialistik will be appearing at the Sacramento Heritage festival on June 6.
Chino to Guest
Wicked Land has reported that Chino will providing guest vocals on the upcoming Sevendust album. It is slated for an August release.
Deftones Work on New Album
This from MTV News:
    Somewhere between opening for Black Sabbath and preparing for this summer's Ozzfest, the Deftones have begun working on material for a new album.
    Spokespeople for the band's record label, Maverick Records, say the metal outfit has started writing songs for the follow-up to 1997's "Around The Fur." The group hopes to begin recording the as-yet-untitled album in August in Sausalito, California after its Ozzfest run wraps up.
    Addressing the two-year gap since the band's last record, Deftones frontman Chino Moreno said through a label spokesperson, "We're taking it slowly, because our main concern is to put out a good record."
    While the band begins its Ozzfest voyage on May 27 in West Palm Beach, Florida, the band may leave its new material at home. Maverick Records reports that concerns about bootlegging may keep the Deftones from debuting any new songs on the summer tour.

Stef's Thought's on New Album
Here is an email from Stef:
    We have lots of ideas for the new album, it's gonna be the shit, i tell you no lies my brotha. If you thought you heard it all from us before, let me just tell you, nope, you're gonna be stoked! l8r. stef
DJ Frank wins Award
Frank Nitti, Deftones' DJ has won a critic's choice award for DJ/Turntablist in the SAMMIES. Here are some exerpts from an article on Franks win:
  As DJ for the Socialistiks since 1993, DJ Frank Nitti performs that function as well as any other mixologist. Nitti's work for the Deftones differs from his role with Socialistik. On the hardcore metal band's albums Adrenaline and Around the Fur, Nitti provides what he calls 'soundscapes.'
  "I take a lot of jazz and fusion sounds and add them to the mix. I'm sort of like a live sampler, in a sense, where I'm not always cutting it up. To me, less is more. I like to set a mood. On the other hand, Socialistik is more of a straight ahead hip-hop thing. I get my hand into the production and the creative process, as far as writing the songs and the cuts...You've got to cut your ass off."