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Back To School Info and Thoughts
A new article on the Deftones gives us some information on the Back to School single and it's addition to the re-released White Pony.

It was Maverick Records (owned by Warner Music and run by Madonna) that pressured the group to re-release the current album, White Pony, complete with a new track. Considering the album had already sold nearly half a million in the U.S. since hitting stores in June, a re-release risked alienating a lot of fans.
Furthermore, Deftones lead singer and main songwriter Chino Moreno has said he never even intended the new song, Back to School (Mini-Maggit), to be included on White Pony. The tune had been submitted to the soundtrack for Adam Sandler's new movie, Little Nicky. However, Maverick heard the song's broader potential as a second hit single.

Here's what Chino had to say about it in another article:

Honestly, I didn't want Back To School on the record. It was unfinished at the time, and I didn't want anything too hip-hop-oriented on the album. I didn't want it to be a big deal re-release - just stick it on, kind of on the hush. I'm glad it has an extra song for anyone who comes into the game now.
At first some fans were offended. Why were we ruining a record that they already considered classic? But it's just another song for people to enjoy or not. Anyone who wants this song can download it for free, so they don't feel ripped off.
It is something different for the times. On the radio right now, it all seems to be about senseless aggression. This song is just a roundabout way of saying to kids: You are the shit. Tell yourself that. Enjoy it.
I hate using Jonathan (Davis) as an example, because he's a friend of mine and I don't want him to think I'm bashing him. But I don't think it's a positive thing to constantly talk about how you were picked on and stuff. I know it sounds a little preachy, but I just want people to stop feeling sorry for themselves and dwelling on shit. Just put your arms and head up and move forward.
I was really good at math. I always did my work, but used to take off all the time. I had a great time. Until I got kicked out. Maybe I'm still bitter about that.

Chi gets Reckless / MPEGS
Want to see Chi rage on Donk? It's nasty but if your'e brave check out this post for the movie's link and to read Donk's horrifying revival of the experience.

And on a positive note, has posted high quality mpegs of the Deftones performace on MTV's Sports and Music Festival 2000.

Nicky Video / Team Sleep / Radio Hosts
Chi and Frank hosted a radio show at Q101FM you can check out audio of it and see pictures from it at Songs they picked to play were:
At the Drive In - One Armed Scissor (Said they loved their afros and always listen to them before shows)
Quicksand - Phaser
Faith No More - Naked In Front of the Computer
Tool - Aenima
Hall & Oates - ???
The Cardigans - Favorite Game
They also discuss the "FUCT" issue, check it out. has a high quality mpg download of Deftones/Adam Sandler/Incubus. Also, has Real Video of that and their The Joker performance on the Litle Nicky Special.

Check out a new site dedicated to Chino's side project, Team Sleep. Speaking of that, latest word is that Chino invited Mary Timony, founder of the band Helium to guest on Team Sleep. Also on the album will be Abe and Frank, and Mellisa Auf Der Maur of Hole/Smashing Pumpkins.

Alternative Press Magazine has reported that Abe will be recording wih Phallucy soon, strangely this is the first Phallucy hsa heard of this.

Rumors are circulating that Deftones will be playing a very special show at Arco Arena in Sacramento on New Year's Eve.

Deftones Pay Editor
Here's recent update article on the FUCT scandal"
The Deftones and clothing line Fuct are donating $5,000 to the Texas newspaper editor who was fired last week for running a photo featuring singer Chino Moreno in a sweatshirt with the Fuct logo.
The money is intended to help Nora Garza, former features editor at the Monitor, a daily in McAllen, Texas, pay her bills until she finds new employment, according to a press release issued by the Deftones' publicist. Garza has two children and a husband who is unemployed.
Garza said her supervisors told her she'd embarrassed the newspaper by running a photo featuring "obscene" language. The photo, a standard publicity shot that is distributed by the band's label, Maverick Records, ran on the cover of the October 27 edition of the paper's entertainment section as a preview to the band's Halloween night concert in McAllen.
Garza, who worked at the Monitor for more than two years, said she didn't interpret the wording on Moreno's sweatshirt as obscene, and assumed it was initials "like on a college sweatshirt."
"It's just sad that you can open up the front page of the paper and see slain bodies and people being shot, and somebody has a word that resembles a bad word on a sweatshirt, and they've gotta make a big deal," Moreno said last week. "I don't understand what people are thinking. ... If they went to grammar school, they know the word's spelled wrong."
Texas is an "at will" state, meaning that employers can fire anyone at any time for any reason.

Here's what happened on MTV's Little Nicky Special:
First, Deftones, Adam Sandler, and Mike and Brandon from Incubus, played Be Quiet and Drive Acoustic.
Then there was a huge jam session coevering Steve Miller's "The Joker" including Deftones, Sandler, Incubus, and P.O.D. Abe was playing on this little keyboard, and Frank was on his turntables, couldn't tell which one of them was laying down the beat. Oh yeah Chino was wearing this fresh Mickey Mouse shirt.

Kush in 2001 / More TV Times
Cypress Hill's B-Real said that Kush's album will be out in 2001 and they will keep working on tracks until Cypress hits the road with Offspring in a couple weeks. More details to coming soon.
For those who don't know, Kush is a side-project of Stephen's featuring B-Real on vocals, and Christian Olde Wolbers and Raymond Herrera from Fear Factory on bass and drums.

Editor Fired over Deftones Photo
A Texas newspaper editor was fired for running a photo of the Deftones featuring singer Chino Moreno in a sweatshirt with the letters "fuct."
Nora Garza said her supervisors at The Monitor, a daily in McAllen, cited the photo's "obscene" language when they dismissed her on Monday. The photo ran Friday on the cover of the paper's entertainment section, which previewed the Deftones' Halloween night show in the South Texas town.
"My first thought was, 'Damn, that's f---ed,' " Moreno said Tuesday afternoon. "For one, it's not obscene language. Two, it's just silly. If they went to grammar school, they know the word's spelled wrong."
Moreno's sweatshirt was made by the Los Angeles clothing company Fuct, whose clothes he said he's been wearing for years. Former Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha wore a T-shirt reading "fuct" in that band's "Bullet in the Head" video.
Garza, who was the paper's features editor, said she chose the photo of the Sacramento, California, rap-rock band standing before a sunset for its artistic quality, and because she needed a vertical image for the section cover. The photo is a Maverick Records publicity shot. She said she never took a second look at the lettering on Moreno's sweatshirt, assuming it was a brand name or initials "like on a college sweater."
"I don't use that language, and that's why I never interpreted it as an obscene word," she said.
She said she would not have run the photo if she had pronounced the word out loud.
Garza said she received one call from a reader who was offended by the photo, and another editor at The Monitor told her he'd also received a call from an upset reader.
The Monitor's top editors did not return calls Tuesday.
"It's pretty hilarious other than a lady losing her job," Moreno said. "It's just sad that you can open up the front page of the paper and see slain bodies and people being shot, and somebody has a word that resembles a bad word on a sweatshirt, and they've gotta make a big deal. I don't understand what people are thinking."
Moreno, who dressed up like Prince for the band's show Tuesday night, said he did not plan to mention the incident from the stage. The Deftones are touring in support of their album White Pony, released in June.

MTV Times / BTS Info
MTV's Little Nicky special featuring Adam Sandler, Deftones and P.O.D. will air on the following dates:
Mon. Nov. 6th 5 PM
Wed. Nov. 8th 1:30 PM, 7:30 PM & 12:30 AM
Thurs. Nov. 9th 11:00 AM
Fri. Nov. 10th 6:30 PM
Make sure you check it out Deftones will be playing Be Quiet and Drive Acoustic with Adam Sandler and Incubus.

Today I saw the Back to School video on MTV, but the Deftones and Maverick Records want it to get on TRL. To help out click on the banner below:

And if you want to see the Back to School video, download this 32meg high quality video >

Speaking of MTV, they've been playing commercials for the Return of the Rock Vol.2 album which shows the Deftones and plays a bit of Change (In the House of Flies) Acoustic. The album is due out Nov. 7th, you can pre-order it here

Green Card / Interview
I found out another band that Stef was in before Deftones called Green Card. This comes from a very reliable source, the brother of Green Card's guitarist. Also interesting is that I believe Deftones have played at least one secret show under the name "Green Card". The brother was confirmed that Steph's cousin was in Testament.
Thanks to Joe Robb for that info =)

Also about Chino's injury at the Reno show, apparently it wasn't as bad as reported. Chino did get his arm cut and it was badly bleeding, but all that happened was that he stumbled while thrashing around on stage, accidentally ran into Abe's drums, and came away with blood gushing out of his arm, but he was cool, and he didnt miss a beat, so the show went on, they actually bandaged him while the rest of the band was playing the intro to Mascara!
And thanks to Mark P for that info!

Loran from did a rad interview with Stephen and Chi a few months ago, covering some real interesting topics. Please check it out cause it took me an hour to type it up for him! =)

BQAD Guests
The Deftones recently taped a performance of their track Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) with Adam Sandler along with Brandon Boyd and Mike Einziger of Incubus for a special on MTV for the upcoming "Little Nicky" movie. The special, which will also feature P.O.D. is expected to air on November 7th. The groups track, "Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) (Acoustic)" will be included on the Soundtrack to the film which will hit stores through Maverick/Warner on Halloween, October 31st.
Here's what Chi had to say about the performance:
just thought i would tell you about doing this mtv special yesterday for little nikki.we got to play be quite and drive with us adam sandler and mike and brandon from was fun as hell.adam can play quite well and it was cracking me up. - chi
At the recent Reno show a fan cut Chino's arm with a broken bottle during the performance of Shove It, requiring 8 stiches (or was it 15? =] ). The show continued after Chino was attended to.

You can check out a transcript of the Deftones recent Yahoo audio chat here or hear it. Thanks to Abe and Frank for mentioning this site as one of their favorites! (Heard in the audio transcript)

By the way, I have decided not to merge with, the mp3 space would've been nice, but I like the site how it is, and apparently so do you guys (though I might re-design). Thanks to everyone who gave their opinion.

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In Deftones news, check out a stream of the Back to School video at
And is giving away some more Deftones tickets in a contest, click the link below to check it out Ticket Giveaway

Conan / No More Faith / Senseless
The Deftones are tentatively set to play Late Night With Conan O'Brien sometime in Late November. The band also recently shot an episode of MTV's Cribs which will air sometime in the coming weeks. The episode was filmed while the band barbequed at Chino's house.

A Faith No More tribute album is in the works and will feature tracks from today's heavier acts, so far Papa Roach have been confirmed for the album and will be recording their version of the song "The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies" in the near future for the disc which will hit stores sometime next year. Other bands rumored to be included on the album include the Deftones, Korn and Slaves On Dope.

Chino will guest on the new Elementree/Flawless signee No More. The track titled Teenage Hate will be the first single. Other guests include Coby Dick, Jonathan Davis, Fred Durst, Sully Erna, David Drainman, Aaron lewis, and Corey Taylor.

I found out some more info on Drop Acid - apparently Stef played guitar in the band at some point, I don't think at the same time as Abe was in the band though.

Last week on MTV's Senseless Acts of Video, the "My Own Summer" video was featured. The show idea is that these guys try to act out stunts that appear in different music videos. For Shove It they swam with shark and had them bite their arms and stuff, MTV has some real video of it here

PS - I should be getting back to my regular updating pace soon, I have my internet connection back now =)

Rare Songs Live / BTS Clip
Recently the Deftones have been playing some less common live songs lately - Damone, Lhabia, and Can't Even Breathe. And there have also been rumors that they've been practicing The Chauffuer. has a short article on the Back To School video, with a Real Video clip of it. Remember, the video premieres this Sunday night on MTV's WWF Sunday Night Heat.
To request the video on TRL, jam the phone lines at 1-800-DIAL-MTV (1-800-342-5688)
CALL from 2:30 - 3:00P (Eastern Time)
CALL from 1:30 - 2:00P (Central Time)
CALL from 12:30 - 1:00P (Mountain Time)
CALL from 11:30 - 12:00P (Pacific Time)
Apparently the band really wants us to vote, because a video of Chino was on TRL today, with him in a hotel room saying to vote for Back To School on TRL, or he'd jump out the hotel window! Check out the video at

Abe Drops Acid
It has come to my attention that Abe played with another band before Deftones other than Phallucy - Drop Acid - or at least, he recorded an album with them. They released an album in 1992 called 46th and Teeth, and the band was a side project of Kevin Seconds of 7 Seconds. Here's the lineup:
Doug Calvert : Ambience, Bass
Abe Cunningham : Drums, Percussion
Kevin M. : Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals
Sonny Mayugba : Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm)
Sonny Mayugba, also the guitarist from Phallucy, is my cousin, and I talked to him and he comfirmed this, here's what he had to say:
Oh yeah, we did an album for Cargo Records with Kevin Seconds. Drop Acid was one of his side projects. It's pretty good, not that rad, but cool.
Here's the tracklisting for 46th and Teeth:
01. Hide
02. Hardaway
03. Tiny Paws
04. Revolver
05. Balls and Wheels
I think I remember hearing that members of Far and Willhaven were also in Drop Acid, but I'm not sure, I'll try to find out some more information and maybe even get some songs samples.

Thanks to Teamsleep and Sonny for the info

School Premiere
Deftones brand-new video, Back To School, will premiere this Sunday, October 15 on MTVās WWF Sunday Night Heat, which airs at7:00PM ET/PT, and is part of MTVās Jackass Sunday.
The Back To School video was shot last month at Grant High School in L.A.ās San Fernando Valley, and was directed by Paul Hunter (Eminem, Will Smith). While not giving anything away, the Back To School video, set in a typical American school, will score one for the freaks and geeks returning to classrooms this fall.

Back To School, Deftonesā second radio track from its now-Gold Maverick release, White Pony, has already been added to the playlists of more than 70% of both the alternative and rock radio stations in the country. Since last weekās re-release of White Pony - with Back To School stripped onto it-the album jumps from #117 to #88 - bullet on next weekās Billboard Top 200 Albums chart.
Deftones kick off their Back To School U.S. tour in Seattle, WA tomorrow (Friday, 13 October) with Incubus and Taproot sharing the bill

Also, Chino was in attendance at Limp Bizkit's MTV Playboy Mansion bash, so look out for him when that airs on MTV on October 13th.

MTV Sports Filming
The MTV Sports and Music Festival took place yesterday at the Lake Elsinore Motorcross Park in San Diego. The only songs MTV recorded were Back to School and Change, which they did multiple takes of. Also, Orgy was there watching the Deftones set. The episode will air 11/11/00. Here's the setlist:
Back To School
Digital Bath
Back To School
Back To School
(Which was dedicated to the fans for showing up)
Thanks to Nancy for the review

Lotsa News
Once again sorry for the slow updates, I won't have a consistent internet connection until late this month, but I'll try to update as often as I can - Anyway, on with the news:

Word is the Deftones have been praciticing their cover of Duran Duran's "The Chauffuer" and may be adding it to their setlist.
For a review of the Back to School tour and a little interview check out the new Rolling Stone.
Frank was on the Deftones bulletin board the other day and said that MTV Cribs was filming at Chino's house while the band barbequed, so look out for that episode in the future. Frank also said they will be doing a special Sacramento date with the Back to School tour.

The Deftones will be premiering the video for their new single "Back To School (Mini-Maggit)" on MTV on October 15th. The video was recently shot in Van Nuys, CA with director Paul Hunter.

Check out for the latest Back To School tour dates through December, including an date in San Diego for an MTV Performance and Deftones first ever show in South America, Brazil.

On the new pressing of White Pony, Chino added his thanks : "Chino thanks: Steven Kidd, my right lung, Juan Gonzales."
Word is that Deftones may contribute to the upcoming Quicksand tribute album.

RoadRunner Records official webpage, posted some interesting videos of Soulfly's new album "Primitive". On one of these videos, Max talks about Chino and the Deftones, and there's some pictures from the recording session with Chino, Max and Grady jammin with Pain.

The tracklisting for the upcoming MTV Return Of The Rock Vol. 2 CD has now been officially finalized, it is as follows:
01 - Limp Bizkit - "Show Me What You Got" (Live)
02 - Papa Roach - "Legacy"
03 - Spineshank - "Synthetic"
04 - Disturbed - "God Of The Mind"
05 - Cold - "Just Got Wicked"
06 - Deftones - "Change (In The House Of Flies)" (Acoustic)
07 - Nickelback - "Leader Of Men"
08 - Linkin Park - "One Step Closer"
09 - (hed)p.e. - "Waiting To Die"
10 - P.O.D. - "Freestyle" (Knock 'Em Out The Box Mix)
11 - Fuel - "Down"
12 - Godsmack - "Goin' Down"
13 - Soulfly - "Back To The Primitive"
14 - Marilyn Manson - "Mechanical Animals" (Live)
15 - U.P.O. - "Godless"
16 - Orgy - "The Spectrum"
The disc will hit stores on November 7th through Roadrunner Records.

Also it's been confirmed that BOTH Change and Be Quiet and Drive (Acoustic) will be on the Little Nicky soundtrack.

Check out Past News