deftones SACTO,CA Mariwanos / WWF / Abecare
Stephen Carpenter of the Deftones will be performing a one time only show with a band going by the name of Los Mariwanos at the Club Flavor in Hollywood, CA, this coming Tuesday, May 29th. The band consists of the following members:
B-Real & Bobo of Cypress Hill
Drummer Stephen Perkins of Jane's Addiction
Guitarist Stephen Carpenter of the Deftones
Guitarist Rogelio Lozano of Downset.
Bassist Marty O'Brien of Methods Of Mayhem
Plus Everlast and Mellowman Ace.
A flyer advertising the show is currently available on Marty O'Brien's official website, located here
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Speaking of Stef and B-Real, both of them were on WWF Raw last Thursday. They showed a close up of them hamming it up for the camera. They mentioned B-Real but nothing about Stef.
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On Friday night Abe played a full set with the band Daycare at the Capital Garage in Sacramento, cause their drummer couldn't make it. Abe just improvised and it still sounded rad.

Watch Liks Video
You can watch The Liks video for Best U Can featuring Chino and Abe HERE. The Liks are performing at a house party and in some shots, Chino and Abe are in the background playing guitar and drums, even though there's no real distinct guitar sounds in the song.
Thanks to SlipKorn for the link

Team Sleep in RS
There's a blurb on Chino's Team Sleep side project in the new issue of Rolling Stone. I was broke so couldn't buy it but here's the jist of it : Chino is putting the finishing touches on the Team Sleep album, and it's expected to be released this fall on Maverick Records. Chino says the album has electronic elements, comparing it to Radiohead's Kid A, kind of ambient, with lots of textures, and soothing vocals. He also says, Maverick was pushing them to make another Deftones record fast but they said hell no, because it's their first time at home in a while. Chino says even though he is relaxing at home he is always working recording music at his house.

On MTV's show "So 5 Minutes Ago" Frank was shown talking about Napster and the music industry. Look out for a r epeat of it, cause MTV repeats a lot. Where I am, it's on Tuesday at 9pm, check your local listings.
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More Tour Dates
Here's an updated list of tour dates, taken from the Godsmack site:
07.12.01 Spokane, WA - Spokane Arena
07.13.01 George, WA - The Gorge Amphitheater
07.14.01 Portland, OR - Portland Meadows
07.15.01 Sacramento, CA - Sacramento Valley Amphitheater
07.17.01 Mountain View, - CA Shoreline Amphitheater
07.18.01 Irvine, CA - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
07.20.01 San Diego, CA - San Diego Sports Arena
07.21.01 Phoenix, AR - Desert Sky Pavilion
07.24.01 Salt Lake - City, UT E Center
07.25.01 Denver, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheater
07.27.01 Dallas, TX - Smirnoff Center
07.28.01 San Antonio, TX - South Texas Amphitheatre
07.29.01 Houston, TX - Compaq Center
07.31.01 New Orleans, LA - New Orleans Arena
08.01.01 Birmingham, AL - Oak Mountain
08.03.01 West Palm Beach, FL - Mars Music Amphitheater
08.07.01 Atlanta, GA - Phillips Arena
08.09.01 Nashville, TN - AM-South Amphitheater
08.11.01 Bonner Springs, KS - Sandstone Amphitheater
08.13.01 Minneapolis, MN - Target Center
08.15.01 Indianapolis, IN - Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre
08.17.01 Cincinnati, OH - Riverbend Amphitheatre
08.18.01 East Troy, WI - Alpine Valley Music Theatre
08.20.01 St. Louis, MO - Riverport Amphitheater
08.23.01 Hartford, CT - The Meadows
08.24.01 Boston, MA - Tweeter Center
08.29.01 Holmdel, NJ - PNC Garden State
05.31.01 Saratoga Springs, NY - Saratoga Performing Arts Center
09.01.01 Wantaugh, NY - Jones Beach Ampitheater
09.02.01 Washington, DC - Nissan Pavilion
09.03.01 Curyahoga Falls, OH - Blossom Music Center
09.06.01 Charlotte, NC - Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre
09.07.01 Raleigh, NC - Alltel Pavillion
09.08.01 Irvine, CA - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater


Mogwai Info / Liks
I found an Mogwai interview article from last March, telling a little more about Chino's collaboration with the band:
Mogwai Talks Deftones Collaboration As reported recently, Scottish mostly-instrumental outfit Mogwai has teamed up with Chino Moreno of the hard-rocking band, Deftones for an in-progress Mogwai track titled "Cortez." Sound strange? Well, I've seen stranger-like Creed. At any rate, Mogwai were in the fine city of New York Thursday after playing a shockingly loud Wednesday night gig at Irving Plaza, and guitarist/frontman Stuart Braithwaite was kind enough to chat with us a bit about this nifty collaborative effort. Mogwai and Deftones have actually met before, a few years ago at the Reading festival in England, which is where the mutual admiration reportedly began. Braithwaite told us that Cortez - on which Chino will provide vocals and which does not appear Mogwai's forthcoming album, Rock Action, due out April 24 on Matador-was initially intended for someone else's sultry voice. "Chan Marshall [aka Cat Power] was meant to sing on that song," Braithwaite said of the song, which was written last year and was recorded during the sessions for Rock Action. "But she's useless and never showed." Braithwaite said the idea to ask Moreno came when he and the band were watching the television one day. "We were just watching MTV and Deftones came on. Guitarist John Cummings was like, 'He's a really good singer,' and I said, 'I know him.' So I just asked him. He really likes us. We've sent him the song. I know he's definitely into it, because we weren't going tell anyone - obviously if you tell people these things and then it doesn't happen, you look as if you're talking shit. But he went out and told all these magazines and stuff so he must be really into doing it. So hopefully it'll turn out well."
And here's another Mogwai quote on the Deftones I found, the words of the singer:
"I think the track will turn out really well," he states. "Deftones are definitely the best out of all those American metal bands. They're nothing like the more 'Beavis & Butthead'-style bands, anyway [laughs]. We've met Chino a couple of times and he's a cool guy. We're not sure what we're going to do with the track yet. We've got a lot of stuff left over from the album, so we might release an EP."
Thanks to Daniel for the point in that direction

The Liks (maybe better known as Alkoholiks) new video "Best You Can" features Chino and Abe in the background. The video takes place in a house party and towards the end they show a band playing and the band consists of the guitarists from Linkin Park, Abe playing the drums and Chino playing the guitar. Look out for it on the BET channel.
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Check out an interview I did with Chi recently HERE

The tourdates below have been updated with a Colorado and Los Angeles date, scroll down if interested...

CKY Opening? / New Shirts
Looks like CKY may be touring with Deftones, Godsmack, and Puddle of Mud this summer. They have been confirmed as openers for the Detroit show, so I assume they'll be along for the whole tour.
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Here's some cool new Deftones shirts on ebay that I've never seen before, have you? Check them out here - here - here - here and here

New Dates / Malkmus Praise
Some more dates for the Deftones / Godsmack / Puddle of Mud tour have been announced:

13 - George, WA - The Gorge Amphitheater
18 - Los Angeles, CA - Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre (On Sale 5/19)
25 - Morison, Colorado - Red Rocks Amptheatre (On Sale 5/19)
31 - New Orleans, LA - New Orleans Arena (on sale 5/12)

13 - Minneapolis, MN - Target Center (on sale 5/11)
15 - Indianapolis, IN - Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre (on sale now)
17 - Cincinnati, OH - Riverbend Music (on sale now)
18 - East Troy, WI - Alpine Valley Music Theater (on sale now)
20 - Clarkston, MI - DTE Energy Music Theater
23 - Hartford, CT - Meadows Music Centre (on sale now)
24 - Boston, MA - Tweeter Center (on sale now)
29 - Holmdel, NY - PNC Bank Arts Center (on sale now)
31 - Saratoga Springs, NY - Saratoga Performing Arts Center (on sale 5/12)

1 - Wantagh, NY - Jones Beach Ampitheatre (on sale 5/11)
2 - Washington, DC - Nissan Pavilion
3 - Cuyahoga Falls, OH - Blossom Music Center
6 - Charlotte, NC - Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre
7 - Raleigh, NC - Alltel Pavillion
8 - Irvine, CA - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

It is heavily rumored that Chimaira will join this tour too. Stephen is featured on their upcoming album "Pass out of Existence" on the track "Rizzo" - See pics of Stef in the studio with Chimaira here and here - Thanks to Michael

Stephen Malkmus, ex-singer of Pavement had some good words about the Deftones in a recent interview:
What are you listening to these days?
A lot of classic rock. It's always still hard to fault that kind of music. It's still better. I like some of the new metal. In some ways, I'm looking for reasons to like it - like the Deftones, I kind of like them. I like Korn better than Limp Bizkit--I want to try to like them but it doesn't do it for me. I like Radiohead a lot. "OK Computer"--I actually like to listen to that. I tend to go back to that older stuff. It blows me away more.
His full interview can be read here.

CKY Tour / Music in High Places Info
The band CKY (Camp Kill Yourself) may be touring with the Deftones this year. You may have heard CKY playing on MTV's Jackass they're played on there a lot, because Bam Margera from Jackass's brother Jess is in the band. Here's what their dad, Phil Margera had to say about the possible Deftones tour in a recent interview at
Question : So what is CKY and the other guys doing at this point?
Phil : They signed with Island Def Jam and they payed their way to Hawaii to record their new album they will be there until about the middle of May, they've been there for about 2 weeks now already.

Question : Well, I live in Seattle. Do you think they will ever tour here?
Phil :Well they are supposed to be touring with the Deftones sometime this year, so if you ever see the Deftones come to town, Camp Kill Yourself should be touring with them. I'm not sure of Jess' schedule so, they have three tours planned for this year, so they probobly will be in that area. Bam is touring with skating so he might be there too.
Here's what songs Deftones play acoustically on their Music in High Places appearance:
Digital Bath, Knife Party, Change (In the House of Flies), Boy's Republic, Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away), Head Up, Around the Fur, Fieticiera, and One Weak.
They visit such locales as Kona Mountain, Volcano National Park, Pu'uhonuao Honaunau, and Waikoloa Village. Look for this episode now on Direct TV and sometime later this year on MTV.
Here's a new picture from that show.
Just found out you can watch the Music in High Places performance - HERE
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Rivers Raves / Sleep / Q&A / Tool
In the new issue of Spin (Tool is on the cover), Rivers Cuomo of Weezer is asked about the Deftones cover of Say it Ain't So. While I don't remember his entire quote, I do remember him saying "They rock it!" and talking about it in a positive manner. He also says "It's strage, A lot of these tough-guy bands really dig us, which always surprises me."
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Also in that issue of Spin, in the Tool article, there's a quote from Chino about Maynard:
"Maynard's approach to music is out in left field in comparison with other musicians. I'm pretty sure he knows all that, and it's probably why he's such a smartass little fucker."
Word has it that Chino is already up in Seattle working heavily on Team Sleep. He's trying to get it done before they go out on tour so it can come out at the end of summer/fall season.

There's rumors that Deftones will play Sacramento in July.

Me and my bud Justin might be doing an online interview with Chi next week, if you have any rad questions you've been wanting to ask, E-Mail them to me.

Team Sleep Info / Award / More
Team Sleep, a side project featuring Deftones frontman Chino Moreno, DJ Crook and Todd Wilkinson, are slated to head to Seattle, WA to begin work on their forthcoming debut on May 07th. Currently the group have the rough versions of around ten songs written, though vocals for the bulk of them are still currently being penned. A guest appearance from former Hole/Smashing Pumpkins bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur is expected to show up on the album and a tentative October release is being eyed.
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Deftones appearance on Music In High Places is going to air on Direct TV on May 4th and all during May on the weekends. it features the band playing in the exotic location of Hawaii. The episode will be aired on MTV later this year.
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Deftones were mentioned in a recent interview with Linkin Park in Kerrang! magazine:
Q: What's it like touring with the Deftones?
Joseph: "We haven't actually met them yet, but there's three more shows, so we're hoping that maybe by the London show, which will be the last night of the tour, that they'll actually let us look at them."
Chester: "They actually have this rule that you're not allowed to make eye contact with them, or talk to them or touch them in any way."
Q: What are your views on being labelled nu-metal?
Chester: "Also, the Deftones ahve been lumped in with nu-metal, and they've been around since the late '80s. So they're not very new."
And here's the full text from the previosly mentioned Deftones paragraph Rolling Stone about their Music in High Places episode:
Music in High Places, the travelogue that places musicians among metaphysical surroundings, is moving to MTV. For an upcoming episode, producers sent Deftones to Hawaii. "I hope we don't turn out cheesy," says 'Tones frontman CHINO MORENO. "But we just went to have fun and play some music. They tried to get us to do some spiritual shit, but we weren't gonna be acting like fools on TV. The minute it got weird, we told 'em, and they were cool." Performing songs like "Knife Party" and "Digital Bath" acoustically, the boys also got to explore the Big Island's lava fields. Were they inspired? "Our inspiration comes from everyday kinda shit," says MOreno. "It wasn't like we were enlightened."
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In the May issue of Modern Drummer mag there is an interview with the Fear Factory drummer and he talks about Kush a little. He says they have 10 songs down and want to write 7 or 8 more. He also said, "Its gonna be a full fledged band, not a little side project. But everybodys still got their own thing going. Well just have to find a happy medium somewhere."
thanks to arejayx

Daycare's debut album is now out, with the opening track Crankslut featuring Abe on drums. The story is Abe was just hanging out late one night while they were finishing up the album, and Daycare's drummer wasn't there, so they just wrote the song on the spot. For now the album is only available at Daycare shows and a few Sacramento area music stores. Dayacre features Sonny and Dave from Phallucy, Abe's old band.

The winners for the California Music Awards were announced last Saturday - Deftones' White Pony won for Outstanding hard rock/heavy metal album.

Here's a couple of nice sounding Deftones covers by Corey Stern - Digital Bath Acoustic and Knife Prty Acoustic.

RS Pic / Cover / Tour
In the latest issue of Rolling Stone (With Pam&Tommy on the cover) there's a picture of Deftones from their upcoming "MTV Music In High Places" appearance. It shows them playing acoustic and barefoot in some sand under a tree in Hawaii. Abe's got some bongos and Frank has what looks like a litle hand shaker. There's also a paragraph about them on the show, Chino talks about how they tried to make the band get all spritual and inspired but they weren't really into it.
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Check out a rad cover of Change at this site. It's played by the band Hallo Venray and it's the most different sounding Deftones cover I've ever heard. has posted several dates for Deftones summer tour shedule.

Pain Live / Stef & Chimaria / Chino & Tinfed
Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter spent some time in the studio with Chimaira, Tuesday April 17th, and collaborated on a new track together with the band. It is tentatively titled Rizzo and will most likely show up on Chimaira's forthcoming Roadrunner debut "Pass Out Of Existence", due out this August. The band are currently close to wrapping up the tracking of the effort and are slated to begin mixing it on May 1st at NRG Studios.
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Last night at the Soulfly show at Maritime hall in San Francisco, Chino and Grady from Willhaven joined the band onstage to perform their song Pain. This was the first time all three were able to perform it live. Here is a picture of the performance.
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Deftones frontman Chino Moreno joined his old friends in Tinfed onstage at the Fillmore in San Francisco Thursday, April 12, for a rendition of Tinfed's Dangergirl from the band's album Tried + True. Moreno grew up with the boys in the band, and they have been friends ever since.

Abe on Radio
Tonight at 11:00pm Pacific Time, Abe Cunningham is supposed to be sitting in with the band Daycare for a radio interview on KWOD 106.5 for the Sounds of Sacramento Show. For those who don't live in the Sacrameno area you can listen live to the station at

Chi said that he has recorded another poetry album, but doesnt know what he's gonna do with it yet.

ESPN / Tourin' / Quotes / More
Team Sleep, Chino's side project, and Phallucy, Abe's old band, have both been practicing jamming their songs recently in Sacramento. More info to come...

Deftones, Eminem and Metallica were among the winners when the cream of the extreme sports crop honored their favorite musicians at the first ESPN Action Sports & Music Awards on Saturday, April 7 at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.
The event - which climaxed with a performance by heavy metal gods Black Sabbath - saw the best athletes in snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding and other sports salute the musical artists who inspire them and award their daredevil peers.
"I grew up skateboarding since I was 10 years old, and I would always do it with music on - it just gives you motivation - so it's cool to be recognized," said Deftones frontman Chino Moreno, whose band was voted Artist of the Year by BMX riders.

Boston bad boys Godsmack and Sacramento scr-emo quartet Deftones are combining their bi-coastal brawn for a summer tour scheduled to kick off July 13 in Seattle, according to Godsmack's publicist.
Though details of the hard-rock outing are sketchy, the amphitheater trek is expected to run through the beginning of September, the spokesperson said. A complete itinerary is expected soon. Also, the band Puddle Of Mudd is rumored as being a possible opener for the bill. And there's some cool pics of Deftones in Vienna at

There's a cool interview with Stef over at where he talks about his rig and bands that he likes, check it out here.

Here's the highlights of some recent conversations the Deftones have been having on the official bulletin boards:
When asked about his religion Chi said:
"well,good question.yes im a buddhist,but a zen lunatic is more like it.i see where yer comin from and can agree on alot of it and i suppose thats why im buddhist.its because you put no faith or relience on anything but yer own divinity as a human being.through meditation you learn about the godlyness of yourself and all others.and you can drink alot and not feel bad. i dunno-its complicated in its simplicity.i hope that helps-thanx-chi"

And Chino posted this:
"i thought i could die.i spit at youre vibrader.i wish we had some crayon?gimme amber. ill wait here.chino*"
"sometime around 11:15 cheng rang my doorbell.i really wanted to see him.i like cheng.i love sleep.try again monday.-chino*"

When frank was asked "was that just a rumor about a double-album?" he said, "it could happen."

And when Chi was asked why he cut his dreads he said: "glad you enjoyed thought id would make my penis look bigger but its still tiny so..oh well-thanx-chi"
For more neat stuff like this visit the and bulletin boards

Abe and I make a Cameo
Yesterday, Daycare, a band featuring Dave and my cousin Sonny from Phallucy (Abe's old band) shot a music video at Sonny's house. I got called up to go over there to help out and be in the video. Pretty soon after Abe himself showed up with his son! - and was invited to be in the video. We all hung out and sort of made up the video as we went along, but me and Abe share a scene which turned out pretty rad.
Well anyway the concept of the vid is that the singer, Dave, is sorta stalking this girl he likes who he thinks is perfect but in reality she is a wild crazy girl. So the scenes we shot were with the band playing and the girl next to them in bed doin wild stuff like rollin' in the sheets with two guys, getting drunk etc. Well in my scene I'm like this geeky dude tryin to serenade the girl with my guitar, and she's ignoring me. Then Abe walks in with a bong, points me to the door, pushes me out, then hops in bed and starts smokin' with the girl, and the scene. Also, I chatted with Abe about was the idea of a Phallucy/Deftones tour, he said he was down to do it but there's a lotta stuff to work out. And if a full tour doesn't work out then probably at least a few shows will be set up. Abe even brought his cleaver with him! The same one seen in the Digital Bath video. I told him it got blurred out in the video and he was sorta bummed on that, it was funny.
Well it was a rad day, I'll try to get some pics from the video or information on how to get a hold of it once it's finished. I'm forgetting a lot too so e-mail me if ya have questions. And nope this isn't an April Fools prank =]

Deftones' 'Music in High Places' appearance will air on MTV the week of April 23rd with live footage and interviews with the band. More info can be read in this article.

UK Radio One did a recent interview with Chino.
In it they address why they are supporting Limp Bizkit in the U.K. Chino says:
"I look at it like we are playing a show. People don't admit they like Limp Bizkit, I said something to the crowd last night (in Manchester) about Limp Bizkit and everyone stated booing. But I know for a fact that all those kids would go to see Limp Bizkit play, and they probably own a Limp Bizkit album, they have to - why do they sell so many records....I don't dislike Limp Bizkit's music, the same way with Linkin Park, it's very formulated and predictable and I think it's good for what it is. It's like a party youthful record, and I look at it like that. I haven't actually heard their new album....If I had a choice I'd much rather play Milton Keynes with Tool, a band I do listen to, but I don't think it's a bad thing we are playing with Limp Bizkit, I think it will be fun."
On a new album, Chino says:
"So when we go home we are going to start writing as much stuff as we can before the summer. Then hopefully in the fall go in the studio and start recording"
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Muy News
There's a new interview with Abe over at here's some highlights:
On the upcoming Faith No More tribute album Abe said:
"I think their songs are too perfect to be touched, why fuck with it. We talked about doing some really early stuff off the very first record. "'RV" is what we came to and then we decided to fuck it, there's a lot of bands on the the album we aren't too keen on."

On Phallucy, his band prior to Deftones:
"We did a record almost eight years ago but it was never finished. We were home last month and I got together and we talked about it and we went and finished it, mixed it and it sounded really good. We are going to put it out just on the internet on a site we are going to make for it. It's just kind of cool and interesting. Even eight years later it's still sounding good."
Some more info on the Phallucy thing - the full length Phallucy album will be sold exclusively on this one site I made for Phallucy, hopefully by summertime. The site will also feature some other stuff on the band. Also, there are rumors circulting that Phallucy will tour with Deftones sometime this year!

And the upcoming tour with Godsmack
"Initially we were like fuck that and there will probably be a backlash from people but I couldn't give a fuck. Lets make it in to a positive thing, it doesn't need to be negative. Why not tour with Godsmack, it's one tour and I think it could be a good thing. I'm not a Godsmack fan but we can still have fun, its summertime."

Deftones have confirmed their plans to release a home video by the end of the year through Maverick/Warner.

Kush, a group which features members of the Deftones, Cypress Hill and Fear Factory, have finished recording 17 songs and are eyeing to release them through an as of yet undetermined label either late this year or early next year. The material has been described as being "driving Cypress Hill style hip-hop with heavy guitars and monstrous metal with rap rhymes", while tentative track titles include:
Poisonous Ritual
Punchdrunk + Dazed"
Light It Up
Middle Slideriff
Psycho Killer
U Canít Change Me
Some live shows may mark the release of the album as well, though there are no firm plans to tour in support of it.

Chino was at the SAMMIES (Sacramento Music Awards) last night at the Crest Theatre, I think he was supposed to present an award, but I had to leave early so I'm not sure.

This page has some pics of some fans kickin' it with Deftones, and the rarely seen Team Sleep member DJ Crook.

Deftones in High Places
Deftones recent set in Hawaii will be featured on the program Music in High Places, a show previously exclusive to DirectTV users, but will now also be aired on MTV. The episode Deftones are on will be aired later this year, and shows them playing near an active volcano in Hawaii. The show aims to build awareness of the need to preserve endangered sites around the world. Check out the article on it here.

Chino recently stated that the Kush album is coming along and the band are currently finalizing the album. Kush features Stef from Deftones, B Real from Cypress Hill, and the bassist and drummer from Fear Factory. The Fear Factory bassist also recently joined Deftones onstage and played the 7 Words bassline, and helped Chino intro to MX screaming "One Two Three Four!"
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Spin Pics / Durst Chat / Tour has a photo album of the shoot for their latest cover, which includes pictures of Chino chillin with Zack De La Rocha and Mos Def, you can check out the Chino ones below:
Pic 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Godsmack drummer Tommy Stewart said that they're planning a summer amphitheater tour with the Deftones, putting a little more truth to the rumors...

Fred Durst commented on the Deftones in a recent online chat:
Question: How has you relationship with Chino Moreno influenced your music?
fred_durst_chat: He's a huge inspiration to me.
fred_durst_chat: I love his energy
fred_durst_chat: and I love his music
fred_durst_chat: and I love the Deftones.
fred_durst_chat: They're a huge influence on me.

Chino and My Vitriol
A few days ago, Chino invited the lead singer of the band My Vitriol, Som Wardner, to collborate on Chino's Team Sleep project. Chino also said he liked the sound of My Vitriol's guitars and asked if they could teach him some tricks on how to get the guitars to sound that way. The full My Vitriol interview this info came from can be read here (in French). My Vitriol is a great band, check em out if you can.
Thanks to

More on Chino & Mogwai
Here's a recent article from MTV, with talking to Chino about his upcoming collaboration with Mogwai:

Move over, Eminem and Elton - the latest unlikely collaboration is between post-rockers Mogwai and Deftones frontman Chino Moreno.
The subtle Scottish quartet asked the burly aggro-rocker to contribute vocals to an unfinished track they recorded while working on their album Rock Action, scheduled for an April 24 release. Problem is, Moreno isn't sure what they're looking for.
"They sent me the track and I haven't yet finished it, because I'm waiting for them to give me a call and let me know exactly what they want" Moreno said on Friday.
"It's really slow, three-piece type of stuff," he said of the song. "It's really good."
Despite his rugged veneer, Moreno is a confessed softie who first expressed his fondness for the gentle Glaswegians when the two groups shared a stage in England a few years ago. Recently, Mogwai returned the compliment, resulting in the offer to collaborate.
"We were playing some show," Moreno began. "I think it was a festival or something, and one of the guys from the band came up to me [because] I had said something in a magazine [about how] I had liked the band."
"He just started talking to me about music, and then he sent me a track and asked me for the vocals on it," he continued. "To me, that's the best part about being in a band: when bands you admire actually [want] you to contribute [to] their work. I'm excited about that. Hopefully I get to actually do it. I hope I didn't miss the deadline."
Another obstacle is in Moreno's way: what to do with the tape itself.
"I don't know if they want me to send it to them or what," he said. "They only sent me a DAT of the music. I don't know if they want me to record over that." has a high quality mpg of the Digital Bath video up for download.

And this site has live mp3s of the Rock in Rio show up for download.

Chino and Mogwai
Chino Moreno is to submit a vocal contribution to the scottish band Mogwai for a previously unreleased song that currently has the working title of Cortez which was written last year and was recorded during the sessions for Mogwai's upcoming album Rock Action.
Mogwai were alerted to the fact that Chino is a fan when in a recent NME interview he declared his appreciation of the band and said that he had in fact written lyrics for a number of Mogwai songs. At present, Mogwai is unsure how and when they will release the song.
This is great news cause Mogwai is a very very good group, be sure to check them out. Their website is here.

Weezer Words / BtS Japan / FF / More
Here's a bit of a recent interview with Weezer's drummer Pat Wilson having to do with the Deftones:
C: The Deftones tour, last I heard, Weezer was rumored to be on that, is that true?
P: I don't understand where that comes from. Like I'll look at the newsgroup and be like "Everybody thinks we're playng with the Deftones." But as far as I know, there was no plans ever to play with the Deftones. Especially because they'd probably just insist on playing Say It Ain't So everynight and we'd be bummed about it because then we'd play it too.
C: Do you like the fact that they'd play it?
P: It's just wierd because we played a radio show in LA for KROQ and they played it right before we went on. It's like, "We're gonna play it, come on."
C: Did you play Say It Ain't So anyway?
P: Yeah it was wierd.
You can download a 10 meg file of the Digital Bath video over at

The Back to School EP on turns out to be a Japanese Import EP, with a slightly different track listing than the European Back to School EP, here it is:
1. Back to School (Mini Maggit) 3:57
2. Change (Acoustic) 4:59
3. I'll Throw Rocks at You 4:49
4. Be Quiet and Drive (Acoustic) 4:33
5. Pink Maggit 7:32
I'm not sure if track 3 is a new song or if it's Crenshaw, cause the original title of Crenshaw was 'Throwing Rocks at You.' Anyone know?

Rumor has it that Godsmack will embark on a summer tour with the Deftones. Yikes. Tool may also join in on the tour.

During their tour in Portugal, the Deftones were interviewed by some Portuguese mags, in one of these mags Chino is talking about the Deftones fourth record. He says that he's thinking a lot on their upcoming album and he states that he has already four or five complete songs and Stef also has compositions for these same songs. The most important thing that Chino says is his idea of releasing a double album for a different atmospheric combination.
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Christian Olde Wolbers, bassist of Fear Factory and also part of Kush, the side project which consists of Stephen Carpenter (deftones) on guitars, B-Real (Cypress Hill) on vocals, Raymond Hererra (Fear Factory) on drums recently commented on the status and development of the band in an interview with saying:
"Me and B-Real had been talking about a side project and me and Stef had been talking about it forever too, and within a couple of days we all put it together and a week after that we'd already written 9 songs and now we have 17 recorded and we hope to put it out next year sometime. Me and Stef met in Houston in 95 and we became very good friends and always talked of playing together. I overheard B-Real saying he's doing a solo thing and when I was wondering what he goes "Well I'm thinking about doing a solo thing" so I said what about being in a new band I'm working on? And he was like "Fuck yeah!" Raymond, that was just easy he was like "Let me know when and I'll be there". He's just easy to work with and that's why I got him in on the band. It's a mixture of all our bands in one which is pretty amazing."
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Deftones want you to send in your photograph to be used in an upcoming promotion. By sending in the photograph you give them the rights to use the photograph in anything Deftones related. They're looking for head shots only (pictures of just your head) and they want them to be a poloroid. Send the pictures to the following address:
Deftones Photos
5550 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 302
Los Angeles, CA 90036
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Digital Bath Video Online
The Digital Bath video is now online! Click HERE to watch it (Windows Media Player or Real Player needed). Like we thought, the video is mostly composed of live and backstage footage, plus some shots of traffic, Chino wearing goggles, and a girl by a bath.
Also on this site are all of Deftones music videos, and an exclusive video interview and a cool live performance of Change.
Much thanks the The Deftones Kid for the info

Spun Words / Misc
Here's some of what Chino said in the band's appearance in the latest issue of SPIN Magazine:
"I'm actually looking forward to making another record. With White Pony, we took our time, which was cool. But we sit around and overanalyze stuff, we go in circles forever. This year, I wanna be as productive as possible." Moreno's resolution includes a solo record, a project he calls Team Sleep. "Right now it's just me and a DJ. He's mostly making beats on an old SP 1200 drum machine." Fresh. Sounds like...? "It's kinda breakbeat-ish with a lot of ambient sounds around it. It's similiar to Portishead, but with my vocals."
When Nuno from met the band at a recent show he found out some interesting information...
  • Chino said that they will not cover Faith No More because Faith No More is unique
  • Chi's next album will a live recording of the poetry reading he did with Jonah's Onelinedrawing in Sacto last January.
  • Melissa Auf Der Maur will most likely not be part of Team Sleep. Confirmed Teamsleep members are: Chino Moreno, Frank Delgado, DJ Crook, Todd Wilkinson.
  • Chi buried his dreads

    I added scans of the Back to School EP to the Discography in the Import section, thanks to Sly (who just started a dyno-mite Deftones site here) . You can purchase the EP here from CDNOW. The info on CDNOW says its a 'Japanese exclusive EP' but it should have the same tracklisting as mentioned below.

    Dig Vid / SPIN / Hawaii
    It's been confirmed that the Digital Bath video will be partly if not entirely made up of live footage from recent shows. Here's what Frank had to say about it:
    actually , [the video is] just about finished...its actually done from the fotoage we took for the documentary
    The video should be out by mid-march, and the documentary home video should be out by summer/fall.

    Deftones are featured in the latest issue of SPIN magazine as #23 in a list of the top 40 of 2001. Also the fold-out cover has a picture of Chino hanging out with PJ Harvey and Moby.
    Thanks to Emily

    Deftones were recently in Hawaii for an upcoming MTV commercial shoot, here's some pictures:

    Thanks to Adam Scott Gitner

    BtS EP / Grammy Vid / Etc.
    Deftones will release a Back To School EP in France on March 6th. The tracklisting is as follows:
    1. Back To School
    2. Feiticeira live
    3. Back To School live
    4. Teething live
    5. Nosebleed live
    6. Change Acoustic
    7. Pink Maggit
    8. CDROM Track with the White Pony EPK
    thanks to Loran at

    At they have audio and video clips of the Deftones accepting their Grammy last night. I couldn't get it to work, if you can't either here's a description of the audio interview:
    It's pretty funny, the presenter, who obviously doesn't listen to much Deftones, says in his official voice "How do you guys get so much darkness in your music?" - and then Stef says "It's the tweeds man, the tweeds", then Chi says "It's our homosexuality" or something like that.
    And the video interview:
    The first thing she asks is who Abe has just tried to call on his cell phone, to which he responds, "Our singer!" then goes on to explain that Chino is sick with laryngitis and couldn't make the awards show. The interviewer asks what Chino had to say on the phone, Abe says "Nothing! I got the answering machine." And you can hear one of the other guys say in the background, "Bastard." Then she asks how it felt to win the grammy, Stef says "Pimp." And she wants to know what was going through their heads when they won. Abe says "I hope we don't win cuz we'd have to jump this railing," The interviewer asks for some clarification, and Abe explains they were seated so far back in the audience (perhaps in an elevated section, even) that there was no staircase nearby for them to descend when they won, so they had to jump the railing to get down to the stage. Abe said, "That's how we do it, we live ROUGH!" Then they talk about how they're going to party and be "Big pimpin" tonight. As for what's next for the band, Stef said "This is it" and Chi jumped in with "We've got the grammy, now it's time for some drug habits, we can afford big stashes now."
    Thanks to Brian and lucidanne

    High quality videos of the Deftones live at Rock in Rio are being rotated at

    Deftones recently played in Hawaii near some lava flows for an upcoming TV show. Not sure what show, maybe some of you Hawains can keep your eyes out and let us know.

    Check out this review of the Deftones recent show in Mexico
    they kame out with masks of mexican wrestlers, also staff and was very kool they play different instruments chino in the drums, abe in the bass, stef making skratches chi playing guitar was very kool - Raul
    pretty fresh eh?...

    Grammy Win & Pic
    Last night the Deftones won a Grammy! - Best Metal Performance for 'Elite'. They weren't shown on the CBS broadcast, but apparently they spoke for a bit on the VH1 Grammy pre-show show. Here's a pic of the band accepting the award:

    Guess Chino couldn't make it?

    Digital Bath Vid / Daycare
    This weekend Deftones were editing some 'documentary footage' to be used in the Digital Bath video, so this probably means that footage from some recent live shows will be used in the video.

    Abe has recently recorded drums for a song with the band Daycare. Daycare features Dave and Sonny from Phallucy, Abe's old band, so that's how he hooked up with them. Look out for Daycare's debut album, featuring the track with Abe, to be released soon.

    Deftones' White Pony has been nominated in two categories in the 24th Annual California Music Awards - 'Outstanding Album' and 'Outstanding Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album' to check out their competition and other nominees visit this page. Winners will be announced April 28th.

    Check out a fresh interview with Chi in the latest issue of Bass Player magazine, it also includes all the information on his bass guitar and rig.

    FNM / Grammy's / LP
    DJ Frank emailed Joe from with this to say about the Faith No More Tribute Album:
    "as far as the FNM tribute, we've been asked to do a song but have'nt picked a song nor found the time to do it . i really dont see us pulling it off before we go to europe. so maybe trying to record something on or after the european leg. depending on deadlines. we got Leno on the 9th. then head to europe towards the end of the month.which we are really excited about. hope that helps.... frank"
    Also, when Frank was on the board recently he said the band will most likely attend the Grammy's so look out for them in the audience.

    Finally Deftones have their own mini-BMX dirtbike! Check out a pic of it here, or pick one up at your local toy store or ebay, it's called a "Street Jammers" bike or something.

    Linkin Park were this Wednesday's band of Zwei Rock (a German show from VIVA ZWEI), during this show they mentioned the Deftones as their biggest influence. Here's Brad's own words:
    Brad: Our favorite band is the Deftones, and the fact they asked us to tour with them in March here in Europe, is like, I still don't believe it. Like I wont believe it until we play our first show. And other bands that we think are great are Incubus and Papa Roach.
    Linkin Park also chose some videos..."Be Quiet and Drive" from Deftones, also Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit, P.O.D., Incubus, hed (PE) and Prodigy videos.
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    If you missed the Deftones performance on Leno, you can download a high-quality video of it at

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