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Name: Nika
Reviewing: The physical appearance of the band

When I tell people I think that Chino is a hot sexy bitch, they ask why, they say he's fat. Well excuse me, I like meat on a guy's bones, he's still very sexy plus now there's more to go around. And a friend of mine thinks that Chi looks stupid without dreads, he looks cool with or without them. People are so shallow, and alot of chicks don't even like Stephan cuz he's heavy, so, he still kicks monster ass and is still a great guitar player. Does weight really effect the way a person performs their job, NO! And I think that Abe looks hot with those long curls he has on the Digital Bath vid. Oh, and the friend who thinks that Chi looks stupid is BassPimp16@yahoo.com
Name: beyond
Reviewing: Representing Sacto?

I love the deftones to death. I first heard them from a rocker buddy and the sound of the Adrenaline CD caught my ears. After that day, everything I think about is deftones. I'm from Sacto and I think that deftones isn't really representing their hometown. Why? I hear rumors about them saying that they don't like the fans in Sacto. Kinda dissapoint me, but that's not gonna stop me from loving them to death. I met them at the after show concert at Memorial Auditorium on August 14, 2000 and they seem to be not liking their fans. Chi Cheng is my favorite but he left right after the show and didn't even let me take a picture of him! Chino kept hiding. The only one I think is koo is Abe. He's the only one there for all his fans (from my experience). The others seem to be hiding from us. But I really want to know more about deftones feelings about Sacto. But I am a deftones fan and will be forever. DEFTONES ROCKS
Name: Adam Hathorn
Reviewing: deftones sacto,ca.com

it is a good site very informitive and lots of cool info !!! needs to have tour dates added though!!! that is a big thing i came here looking for the deftones and godsmack tour dates and didn't find them how ever found many other cool things !! thanks to u all who support the deftones i love there music !!!!!!!
Name: Jeff
Reviewing: Chino's fatness

Hey everyone...okay, I know that this is a weird topic but I just had to get it out of me. Well I'm a little confused...When you see Chino in some of these recent videos such as Change, he looks, well...fat. I've heard other people say that it's just the way he looks with his clothes on n'stuff but I dunno. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that, is Chino really fat?
Name: Christina a k a TaZ
Reviewing: Knife Prty

Hello to all the DEFTONES fans out there. First of all, Im not quite sure, if this is a review, or just the meaning I have for the song. Either one, I'll share it with you. I'm refering to another oppinion and another great DEFTONES site www.deftonesworld.com. i suppose you should check it out, to kind of get an idea what I'm talking about. RX Queen i one of my favorite songs, chino wrote it for his wife Celeste, something highly personal and deep, she is the Queen, as you all know, RX stands for "prescription", so I'm assuming that she is doing drugs or something. In "Knofe party" he sings "I'm the new King, I taste the Queen...", so i think that this song is related to bhis wife as well. As far as i get it, the "Knife party" is a suicidal party "...We are all anemic", anemic in terms of drug use (Im not sure Im right, justa wild guess), so it has something to do with "RX Queen". "I wont stop following you" in RX Queen, shows that Chiono will be with his girl no ,matter what, and if my guess about the drugs in RX Queen, is right, I might have the chance to be right about "Knife party" too. I'm sorry if my littlke comment bored you to death, if you have any arguments, email me. - TaZ
Reviewing: The Best band that ever existed!!!

I will never be able to describe the feelings I have towards this remarkable band. I first listened to Deftones when I was eleven in my cousins garage. The city that I am from wasn't really exposed to the music of rock when I first heard Deftones. After I heard Deftones that first time I never stopped. I listen to Deftones everyday. If it wasn't for this band I wouldn't be aware of anything in this world. I had no idea that there where different types of music and Deftones has opened a whole new gate for me. I release my energy and frustration through their music. For some reason when I went through puberty I always got horny when I heard their songs. Maybe it was Chinos voice or something. That was always odd to me. I will always be a Deftones fan till the day I die. One sad gloomy day in my small town I was going to kill my self. That day I decided to read the lyrics to "head up." I noticed a lyric that said "WE could bounce back from this one with attitude will and some spirit with attitude will your spirit we'll shove it aside soulfly fly high so fly fly free when you walk into this world walk into this world with your head up high." After I read that simple little lyric I decided to not kill my self because then I would be a coward to the people in my life. I later got over the little dramas in my life and moved on in life with my head up high. I just want to thank the Deftones for letting me keep my head up high every day and second in my life. ike always DEFTONES RULES!!
Name: Dusty
Reviewing: DEFTONES

The DEftOnes are the best band in the 90's that I have ever Fucking heard. i could lose myself to the sound of Chinos voice. just kicking it in my room with a few of my homies. There sound is so unlike others that it could just soothe you at the same time that it would make you wanna get up and do something. I love it when i cruz in my homies car with his twenties in the back seat and the bass going it is just so unreal fucking good everything about the deftones are so fucking god i can't even put into words how the deftones make me feel all that i know is the deftones are the best fucking band that i have ever heard in my life i have been a long time fan of the deftones that i know every song word for word beat for beat like i said before the music is just so fucking some how that if you wanted to you could lose yourself in the loudness of it yet the softness of Chino's sexy ass voice. DEFTONES FUCKING RULE!!!!
Name: Jesse
Reviewing: !!!DEFTONES!!!!

I don't even fucking know how to describe how incredably intense and soulful this band is! They have been my favorite band since 96' when I saw them at some small shit shack in Chicago. Since then I have really gone into depth discovering who this band is. I have looked at and tried to decyfer all the words to every song and listened to them nearly every day since i've been doing this. Deftones is so great I can't believe it myself, their lyrics relate to us all in a way and tell it the way it is, they can give me a feeling in the pit of my stomach that just makes my want to cry, they have songs with suck intensity and genuine anger that I could lash out and BITE someone, and they make me envy them in every way! Being a guitar player like Steve C. I strive to be like him with origional thrashy beats in every way, Chino,.... I hardly know shit about the man except for that he can scream like a muskrat with a stick up his ass, but still sometimes I feel like i've known h im my whole life, Cunningham is one of my favorite drummers for his speed, agility, and most origionality, and Chi, what can I say, he's cool. But to sum it up, at least I think Deftones is the best band in the world and should be the Kings of Antarctica.
Name: Jason
Reviewing: Pink Floyd" Run Like Hell" and Chinos screaming

I bought my father the Pink Floyd album "The Wall Live" On the song "Run like hell", it sounds like Chino got his screeching cat screams from this song. Check it out.
Name: Defmasta
Reviewing: The BAND!!!!

The Deftones are the ultimate epitome of musical fever. Honestly, they are the only band who mixes melodic riffs and verses then dives right into heavy ass choruses that are so catchy and sophisticated that they seem unreal. What other band could have such a wide range of perfect music. The Deftones fluctuate from heavy adrenaline pumping sumps like Engine No. 9, to moody, deeply seductive and melodic tracks like Digital Bath, then come at you with hard-knocking, rap/metal tracks like Back to School (Mini-Maggit) that are unforgettable to any young high school beebopper who is a Deftones fan. Goddamn the Deftones appeal to many crowds in many ways, they are unreal, they are apex that merely stands alone among one sided metal bands (who still rock), that crappy pop shit that is the total opposite of music, and the hip-hoppin rap of today that seems so far-fetched in one single beat that repeats constantely. The Deftones stand alone, they are incomparable, and in my mind! , they are the biggest revolutionary band that rocked on through the millenium ... -Defmasta
Name: Brandon Allen
Reviewing:deftones zig zags

ok when isaw these i though they were wicked so i reached into my pocket rounded up about a dollar or more, cuz it never cost more than that for zig zags, i went to the cash and asked to see them, and how much. The lady said $11 and i was like what the fuck, so i pocketed them and pushed to the back of the crowd. They burned slow and had a nice deftones logo on them but they wern't worth $11
Name: Matt J
Reviewing:deftones white pony shirt

yeah the deftones red white pony shirt is sweeeeet, i wouldnt know if the logo comes off, cause i have a black one exactly like it, and my decal didnt come off, its black cause it was the tour addition, buy that shirt! its great, peace.
Name: Oscar Esquivel
Reviewing:Deftones fans themselves

I know this isnt really a review, but i just needed to get this out. Deftones fans are some of the nicest people. I dont know if its something about the music or what but they all just happen to be the most open-minded, deepest, nicest people. I feel right at home and comfortable when talking to deftones fans i meet or talk to online. i guess its sort of a shared respect for all life and unity amoung all races, sexes, colors, religions, and sexual preferances.
Name: Oscar Esquivel
Reviewing:best video- Its not exactly a music video, but it has deftones

The crow city of angels- deftones performing teething, thats the reason I started liking them, thats the first song I heard by them and it was awesome, I just wanted to get up and rock out right there in the theatre, Its so cool, I bought it when it came out(the video) I like how its all dark at its night time and all the crowds just going nuts over chino yelling "Look at yourself you aint no genius". Best video ever!!!!!!!!!
Name: Oscar Esquivel
Reviewing:best video- Its not exactly a music video, but it has deftones

The crow city of angels- deftones performing teething, thats the reason I started liking them, thats the first song I heard by them and it was awesome, I just wanted to get up and rock out right there in the theatre, Its so cool, I bought it when it came out(the video) I like how its all dark at its night time and all the crowds just going nuts over chino yelling "Look at yourself you aint no genius". Best video ever!!!!!!!!!
Name: Brandon Allen
Reviewing:deftones hoodie

i have and love the white lettered w/ green outline hood it the best, i'm not to bid a fan of the deftones multi colour messed up letters deftones hoodie, but i would be cool if the made one w/ the screaming cat on the back.
Name: Encrypter

Recorded with Jonah from Far, the song Savory was released one of Far's EPs. Although it was Far who released it, it has been come to know as a deftones song. Originally recorded by Jawbox, Savory has got to be one of the deftones best recordings to date. With a buzzing guitar and high pitched rings held together with angelic lyrics, this duet of Chino and Jonah is one of the most beautiful rock songs I've ever heard. With an incredible solo and great drumimg throughout, you can't go wrong with this song. i personally would love to see Savory rerecorded and mastered for an upcoming album and hopefully a single as well. For any new deftones fans out there that are looking for undergroud songs to download I suggest you start off with this one, it's well worth the download. -- Encrypter
Name: brandon
Reviewing:secret songs?????

man why are there all these secret songs on these deftones albums i dont get it, because fist, damone, and the boys republic are probably the deftones best songs i think those should be there singles out on the air waves but we know that the world is all about the radio friendly music. i love there other songs as well but these secret songs are the shit!!!!
Name: Filipe

The one thing im afraid is that the deftones end up like Korn or Limp Bizkit, their first albums were really great, then they had their big fame that you all know,and then they started making bad music,because of their fame or something i guess you know what im talking about, and there is one thing that scares me a lot, because of the back to school video, if it starts appearing on mtv lots of times like the britney spears videos or the nsynk ones the deftones may start following the same road.Im just saying this because i love the deftones,and its that band that hipnotizes me everytime i listen to it. P.S.- If you didnt understand a word i said ,i just got to practice my english more often(im portuguese),and im sorry if you took my words wrong,but i was just giving an advice(is that the right word?i hope so) Peace*
Name: Matt
Reviewing:Back To School (Mini-Maggot)

Why in the hell are the Deftones re-releasing "White Pony" with this on it? What a bunch of crap! Don't get me wrong, I like the song. In fact, I think it should've been the album closer instead of the original "Pink Maggit". I just DO NOT like the fact that they are messing up a good album by giving into the demands of their label. Also, I liked the original version of "Back To School" that was leaked to the 'net before "White Pony" came out. The mix is alot better, the arrangements were just right...overall, it doesn't sound like crap, unlike the new finished version. Oh, and just so the boys know: you don't need to make an MP3 into Fort Knox. I cannot believe all the security measures they put on that one file. The thing is programmed to crash itself if ANY attempt is made to unlock or copy it without the CD and that friggin' download client on. What a crock!
Name: Jordan
Reviewing:Spaces between Deftones, Korn, and Limp Bizkit

I could get off on a rant about how great the 'tones are, but I'll probably get to that later. First off, I wanna say a few things about Korn and Limp Bizkit "selling out" as a lot of people like to say. LB sell out? Of course they did. They bashed their first album and everyone who bought it. They go 'round talkin' trash about other highly respected bands like Nine Inch Nails, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, and (even though I'm not a fan) Creed. They totally changed their musical style on their 2nd effort and I'm not even going to buy their forthcoming effort. Korn. Hmm, I wouldn't say they've sold out yet. Every band is going to have perhaps a bad album, and Issues just happened to be that effort. I really don't think Korn is enjoying their success as much as others on MTV. Hell, success almost broke the band up. I would love to see Korn get back with Ross on their fifth album. He's just a fuckin' amazing producer. Hell, he made Vanilla Ice's Hard to Swallow! a little less hard to swallow and actually half-ways listenable. I think Korn's first two were so great because of Ross's involvement. And as for Deftones, I have nothing bad to say or criticize. I saw them live last month. I couldn't believe it, they blew up and were #3 on the billboards and they played this tiny ass venue here in Nebraska of all places. Ya gotta have respect for that. I thought I was gonna cry when Chino came out on stage and even got to meet Steph after the show. It was beautiful. That is all. Thanx for listening.
Name: David
Reviewing:deftones id rom

is it me or does the id rom kick ass? its like a music video but its also like a movie. i think it captures the true deftones style. the way chino uses his body to say what he needs to stay. abe bangen his heart out on the drums. chis dreds flyen around with his phat ass bangs and booms. and theres stephan with a smile on his face as if hes sayen look at me mom im a rock star and you thought ill be answering phones for the rest of my life. i wish street carp would be a single so they could releash this video(sorry icant spell).
Name: Rob
Reviewing:Cant Even Breathe

I know this song is very old but I recently downloaded it and it I must say this song has become one of my favorite deftones song's. Being a huge fan of Weezer as well I was delighted that the song has a very weezerish quality mixed with that screaming that only chino does best. Plus some very creative guitar playing by Steven, this song is definitely cool. Check it out if you havent heard it. later
Name: Jaime

Deftones music has changed over the years, at first with a hardsounding record(adrenaline), i really liked them when i heard bored about 3 years ago, then ,they put more production in a great sounding around the fur, with amazing bass and guitar lines, and chino's voice sounding better, when i knew about the white pony, in january of 00', at first i was afraid, because i thought that the sound would be like the new KoRn sound, more commercial, and very very bad in my opinion because i really liked them with korn and life is peachy, anyway, but when i heard korea which i downloaded from a web page in march, i thhought "man this is deftones!" and when i heard elite, and street carp, i was really happy about the new dwftones sound, more harmonic, but still with that spirit of giving the fans what they want, so thats all =). (forgive my bad english im mexican)(when will deftones come to mexico!!!).And one more question ,does camillo(chino) has any mexican relatives???????????) ! AND I LOVE THIS PAGE!
Name: Fausto Moreno
Reviewing:the boy's republic

This song is I think one of the best deftones song and it saddens me that is only going to be enjoyed by those who buy the special limited edition cd. The drums that start out the song make you want to get up and mosh and you get just a kick ass feeling when the guitar kicks in. Then comes in chino's voice with the most divine lyrics "new star, shine your light down on everyone cause I don't care" Deftones are one of the best bands out there now way better then koRn or Limp Bizkit (which I like also but just don't compare) and definitely better than Papa Roach or Metallicca. "I dissapear" is the most sellout song I've ever heard. Sadly the deftones are also one of the most ignored bands out there so as chino would say "It's not like I care, truly"
Name: Cesar Arenas
Reviewing:The EPK

This video is awesome. I got it from a guy I met at a Papa Roach show in March of 2000. I'm not going to give out his name or e-mail address or anything because I don't want to have him be flooded with people wanting it from him.
It starts off showing the credits and a nice little intro, then it goes to some old man in bed. It looks as if he is burnt or something. People all over have gas mask and shit. On the oxygen tanks (that is what I'm guessing they are) are marked with the letters "WP" and a picture of the horse/pony. The old man is running from someone (I don't know who) and then is shows a woman and a man having sex, they also look burnt. In the distance you can hear the song "RX Queen" as it gets louder it cuts to a clip of them playing it.
After the it stops showing "RX Queen" it shows more of the man and women having sex and more of the old man running. It looks like the man is being chased by some men in army suits. The old man brakes free and as he is running he is turning young and then back to his burnt self. Again in the distance you can hear another Deftones song playing in the background, this time its "Street Carp". Once again the footage is short, but it looks awesome. Also on a side note Chino doesn't appear to be as fat looking as he does in some recent pictures I've seen (sorry Chino).
This video is only eight minutes long, so all this is shown in the span of eight minutes. Also I'm not sure if I'm writing down the order stuff happens in order since I've only watched it one time so far. Okay, now it shows the man and woman having sex again and again you can hear a Deftones song in the background really faintly, but as it gets louder it cuts to some footage of them playing "Change (in the house of flies)". Whenever it shows the footage of them playing its the same footage just diffenet song. The video ends with the old man that was running gets away from the men that were chasing him. Then the credits roll and its over.
Songs featured in the EPK (Electronic Press Kit):
RX Queen
Street Carp
Change (in the house of flies)
I think there might be a 4th song that is shown during this EPK, but I've only watched it once so far.

Reviewing:def-clones and record companies

for all you hard-core deftones fans out there, you know as well as i do that there are tonnes of bands imitating their style (especically chino's lyrical style) and even trying to be the next deftones. if thats not bad enough, record companies are signing these guys cause they know that they can make easy cash with a band that sounds like deftones. i wont mention any names but i will say that they sound okay at first but easily become very predicatable and boring. the only band able to pull of this style and keep it interesting is of course the tones themselves.
Name: Sara
Reviewing:deftones vs korn

yes yes, i know its not even like that. def n korn arent fightning i know, but i have got to say what im thinking of. dont you think its strange that deftones did a song with mr best rapper of all time b-ral when korn did a song with ice-cube. ice n the hill has been fighting for ages, theres no respect going on between thoose bands. korn and tool fans had a big huge fight a couple of years ago about what band was the best, i think korn took the victory in their hands and crushed tool, but dont get me wrong, i love tool. just think it's funny that deftones uses all of the stars that has got something negative to do with korn.
Name: Arthur

This song is tight!! First new 'tones song I've heard in 3 years! Finally. They have definately improved. Damn. Chino's vocals are just so soothing and passionate. But just from this song, I noticed right away that Chi has really improved on playing the bass. This song has an awesome bass line. Abe plays his heart out and you can definately hear Franks ambient textures. This song is so fuckin mellow, I love it. Can't wait till The White Pony!
Name: Kino the king of Power MT
Reviewing:Abe's drumming

This is an odd review, but.... I'm a drummer, in fact I'm the best drummer in Great Falls area MT. I'm from a town of 100 people called Power, MT. Oh yeah, I'm 14. The fact is, I think Abe is a great drummer. I think most bands have shitty drummers. Like the guy in Everclear. Well Abe's got a cool style, and I like the stuff he does. Him and Jose from Incubus keep alive the drumming styles that invole brains, not just hitting the snare hard. There are so many stereotypes of drummers, like the one that we're idiots that sit back there and jack-off. No way man. I play my god damn heart off, just to see some idiot say, "well, i could do that." Take me on bitches. :-)
Name: Cherie
Reviewing: Deftones White Pony Red T-Shirt

First off all i want to start out with how awesome this shirt is. It is red and has a star and a white pony on it. Its wicked. But I only had one REALLY big problem with it, the first time I washed it the decals started to come off the front of the shirt. This pissed me off, and i made the company send me a new one, but it did the same thing, but not as bad as the first time. This shirt kicks ass, and anything deftones rules. Just beware and don't get ripped off k? later
Name: Poop KING
Reviewing:white pony shirt, man!!!!!

Dude, that shirt is fuckin' pimp! I wore it lots, and boy lemme tellya, it really holds up in da washer!!!
Name: Arthur
Reviewing: Deftones in their entirety

If there is one thing that I love the most about Deftones, is that they are not repetitive.They never have been, that's what makes them my favorite band in the world. Living in Sacramento is great because I have seen and met them many times, and it's cool to be able to see members of your favorite band without having to travel very far.I live in Sacramento, the music scene is great, Deftones are kind of an "example" of the Sacto music scene. Me being in a band, the music you listen to influences the music you create ,and Deftones influence my music. From songs like Plastic, to Can't Even Breathe. Or Teething to Damone. Deftones find a way to make melodic music that will stick in your head, and it all blends together so well. I've been a Deftones fan for very long, and they have yet to dissapoint me, and they never will. That's all from me, DEFTONES ARE THE BEST
Name: Aria
Reviewing: The Whole Deftones World

The Deftones kick more ass than should legally be allowed. They are one of the best bands to come around since Danzig and everything they have ever done is f*cking amazing.
Name: Jason
Reviewing: Other

I'm just gonna get my love for the deftones in words here, so here I go....When people ask me what religion I am, I simply reply, "DEFTONES" I know it may sound corny, but fuck! the band owns. I love everything about them!!! At school people call my Chino cuse I guess I kinda look like him. People also know me as the guy who always wears those Deftones shirts and headphones. I have all there boot legs and rare shit and demos and all, maybe missing like 3. Own Adrenaline and Around the Fur. FUCK FUCK! I just love the band! They influenced me all over, like how I dress, how I talk, how I act, how I write my lyrics and play my drums, probably how I eat and sleep too! Its almost disgusting, but I so love this band. They are very personal to me, and when anyone downs them I can't help but want to go off on them, I mean they are affending my religion. Get this I have never seen the band live! Its sad and I hate myself so much for it. If I ever were to talk to the band or meet the band or just get a glance of them, I'd probably just freeze up. GOD! THERE FUCKING AMAZING! I don't know what else to say, I love the band and those guys. I'm up in the ranks of all those DIE HARD fans, except for not seeing them live, FUCK! Oh well, go read my Adrenaline review now damnit!
Name: Derek
Reviewing: White Pony (Live at Ozzfest 99)

As the deftones are ready to release their 3rd album, we look at the progress. Adreniline was a heavy, screaming album, Around The Fur was lightened a little with a bunch of slower songs, with a touch of heaviness. The White Pony album is expected to be more slower as the deftones are fading thier "heavy side" away. The title track, White Pony was heard at Ozzfest, and i heard it off a MP3. This song has much heavy potential but hints a bit of softness. I hope the 'Tones remain having the heavy side that brought a lot of fans. We can only wait..
Name: Ryan
Reviewing: Deftones

Name: Richard
Reviewing: Bootlegs, Live Show

I have 2 deftones bootlegs, they are "Anger" and "Melting Point", those are 2 great cds. They have all the greats on it.If you dont have them I suggest you buy them off the internet now. I have seen the deftones 4 times now.And each time I get more excited to see them. They are the greatest band live. Isaw them on October 31, 1997 at Canes in San Diego, then November 5, 1998 at Soma in San Diego, then on July 24 on Ozzfest at Glen Helen Pavillion, and National Orange show in San Bernadino on October 2, 1999 on the 2nd annual Cypress hill Smoke out. I also met the deftones on the first time I saw them on OCtober 31, 1997. It was an official autograph signing at Tower records next to the San Doego sports arena.I got them all except for Chino's because he was ill at the time, but luckily he still played that night,THank GOd! They are the coolest people in the world.My idols!Thats all I have to say, I will review again when the new album comes out.
Name: Sean
Reviewing:deftones involvement with korn...

you know, i hope to hell that deftones never ever associate with korn again... i used to be the biggest korn fan untill follow the leader came out...that was the shittyest cd i ever heard... i saw david (drummer) on a calvin klein add... that kinda pissed me off.. anywayz, im done bitchin... i have faith that the tones wont get trendy on us......oh yea, they need to come back to arizona.
Name: Josh
Reviewing:Minus Blindfold

in my opinion minus blindfold is the most kickass song the deftones have. when i here it, i rock with it, breath it, want it, taste it, and live in its glory.
Name: Dominic
Reviewing:All music by Deftones

I think that they are sooooo good that they should make a limited edition box set for fans! They are currently my favorite band too so....there are many things I like about them, I think the guitar work is very good, vocals are just wild, and drum beats really get me jumping around.............What a great band.
Name: Bridget

I really like the new Deftones shirt with the white pony on it but I wish they would make girly shirts. not saying the guys' shirts look bad on other chicks but I'm not too fond of them on me. When I saw them this summer in Portland, Or., they had chick ones that were white or pink with a red pony on them. Do they have those anywhere else????