Deftones June 1998
Sonicnet Online Chat with Chi and Abe

Hi, this is Chi and Abe from The Deftones. Were an ethnic joke band, like Loudness.

Deftonesfans : How much influence did Korn have on making your CD and now that you are famous do you have any effect on other bands like Incubus and Limp Bizkit etc.?

Deftones: Chi: Korn had no influence, but Bad Brains was a big influence.

Honeyj18 : Among all your songs, which is your most and least favorite?

Deftones: Abe: No least favorite, my favorite changes from week to week. Right now it's Around the Fur.

Hampsterpoot : Do you guys get along w/ Limp Bizkit well or is it just a business relationship?

Deftones: Chi: "They're very cool."

TheAntiHero : What are some of your favorite bands to listen to when you're not listening to yourselves?

Deftones: Abe: I like Elvis Costello and Willie Nelson.

OWC_Prez : Sup? What was it like being on MTV's Fashionably Loud this spring?

Deftones: Chi We weren't on, but I'm fashionably uncircumcised. My sweater has a hood.

Skatanicchick : if a band that is not signed gave you your demo and you like it, would you give it to someone who could sign them?

Deftones: Abe & Chi: Sure, we'll get you signed, make you millions and you'll be set for life.

ROCKnROLL_REBEL : Deftones, first let me say, I love my own summer, and be quiet and drive. My question is, are you surprised of the success of the band in this short of a time?

Deftones: Chi & Abe: Yes, we're a ten year, overnight sensation.

We_Must_Rage_Against_the_Machine : who is that girl on the cover of around the fur?

Deftones: Chi "Danny DeVito."

BeQuietAndDrive_Deftones : Are you excited about being on Warped Tour this summer? If so, what are you looking forward to most of all?

Deftones: Abe: Yes, we're looking forward to the barbeques.

ReXus7 : It seems to me that the lyrics are deeper on the around the fur album than that what you guys were aiming for?

Deftones: Chi: We just want people to think we're cool.

Tarana23 : Are you guys coming back after Europe to do more clubs?

Deftones: Abe: We might do clubs in the Fall.

SonicNetHost: How did you decide the name of your band?

Deftones: Chi: Bud Lite...40 Oz.

SonicNetHost: Have you written any new songs lately?

Deftones: Abe: Yes. Chi: No.

SonicNetHost: What's your favorite store in the mall?

Deftones: Chi: Petland and People for Bestiality. Abe: Fuck it. It's all good.

SonicNetHost: Are you going to release the first tape you guys put out?

Deftones: Chi: Fuck no.

Deftones: Thanks everyone. Don't be afraid to play outside and tear away from that screen. X - Files is just a movie.