Last night was amazing!! You could tell that nobody really knew what to expect. Phallucy was awesome. They played about 8 or 9 songs, including a new song and Crankslut by Daycare. Abe, Dave and Sonny did an awesome job! When Chino came out, the place went nuts! You could tell he was trying to avoid being singled out. He wanted us to be there to see Team Sleep, not just the lead singer from the deftones. Todd was cool, and DJ Crook's shit sounded fuckin' tight! The songs we really beautiful! Chino played stef's gutiar really well and even did a little keyboards. he did a lot of different things with his voice and even threw in a couple of his signature screams. The material was a lot heavuer than I orginally expected. I can't wait for the CD (March, chino says). Chino's gutiar got fucked up at one point and he said, "My shit sounds like Rush!" then Todd said, "What's wrong with Rush motherfucker?" They were all laughing and having a good time, which is what it's all about! After the show I met Abe, Dave, DJ Crook and Todd. They were all very nice and very cool. I took lots of pics and I'll try to get em to ya soon!!
br> One love, pinkmaggit Ryan Bennett