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7 Words

This was the first Deftones video shot, for their first single, 7 Words. It features footage of the Deftones performing at the legendary Cattle Club, and hanging around Sacramento. My friend was at the filming of the video, it was a regular show, except they played 7 Words about 6 times and told everyone to go crazy. If you look close you can see Stef wearing a Cattle Club T-Shirt, a Heckler magazine (local zine) sticker, and a quick shot of DJ Frank.


This is the second single from Adrenaline. The live part of the video was shot at this abandoned warehouse in Sacramento where a lot of bands like to jam. The rest of the video shows the band hanging around Sacramento and at Chino's house, Stef and Chi riding their bikes, Chino skating and playing basketball, and Abe talking on the phone. The basketball Chino plays with in the video is one he had since he was a kid and loves to play with. In the video you can see members of Willhaven and Socialistiks, Dave and Jacoby from Papa Roach, and Chino's wife. A guy I know that was at this video said that basically friends and fans of the band came up to the wherehouse to watch them play, they were all playing unplugged to a tape of the song, except Abe of course. The event was catered by Pescado's fish tacos. And after the video was over, Stef was giving away 'Deftones Dickies' shirts cause they couldn't sell them anymore cause of copyright reasons.

Around the Fur EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

This is the video released to the press only at the time of Around the Fur's release. This EPK is a bit more typical of EPK's, much unlike the White Pony EPK. It includes interviews with each band member, clips of live shows from the Adrenaline tour, and some screen shots of fan websites and album art. Also, a good portion of it shows behind the scenes footage of the My Own Summer (Shove It) video shoot, the making of that video, and the band members thoughts on the video.

My Own Summer (Shove It)

This is the first video from Around the Fur, directed by Dean Kurtz. It shows the Deftones playing on some floating cages in the middle of a lake. Sharks are shown swimming underneath chomping on stuff, footage from Australia. Chino often talks about sharks, saying that there's a lot of sharks out there trying to take bite, so the sharks may be a metaphor for something. There is a shot of a pig with a crown floating in the water, which is a trademark of director, Kurtz, who likes to put pigs in his videos. And it's not a stunt pig either, it's a real, dead, pig.

Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)

This video, shot in Los Angeles and directed by Purge, was heavily controlled by the label, and the band was somewhat dissapointed with the end result. It shows the band playing under a bridge, and shows close ups of a girls body parts, and ends with Chino sporadically flinging around a spraying hose. Chi's dreads are so long that they actually fling a puddle of water into the camera.

Around the Fur
Not much is known about this video, because it has never been released to the public. It was filmed in Japan when the Deftones were on tour there. The video is very erotic and violent, and has some nudity in it. It will appear on the Deftones Home Video when it is released.

Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

This short film, directed by Shawn Foster (Naked Productions) shows a totalitarian, oppressive future where gas masks and oxygen tanks are required for survival, even when making love. As the story develops, The Deftones and their music are revealed as a form of relief from the chaos. Deftones are shown playing "Change" "RX Queen" and "Street Carp" amid this storyline. The video was debuted at the Deftones Internet House Party, and played in various art house movie theatres. Most EPK's are sent to the press with footage of the band talking about the album, or playing live, but Deftones and Maverick wanted to do something different, and they accomplished it very well.

Change (In the House of Flies)

This is the first video from White Pony, showing Deftones playing amidst an exotic party lasting several days, lots of close ups on the dreary strung-out faces of partyers, with a few cool special effects of things "changing". This video made it onto the Top 10 countdown on MTV's Total Request Live, a first for the Deftones. It was shot on May 30th and 31st in the Hollywood Hills and directed by Liz Friedlander.

Street Carp

This video was never officially released to television, but is on the promotional ID-ROM, and is played sometimes on European and Australian TV. It shows Deftones playing from the same shoot as the EPK, but the whole song this time, and shows the same old man from the EPK running away from security.

Back to School

This video was shot at Grant High School in Van Nuys, CA and directed by Paul Hunter. The video Chino singing in various spots in the school, and of Chino skating around the school, and ends with the whole band jamming the song in the gym. The video gives a very uplifting vibe, with students breaking out of class and Chino screaming so loud all the windows break. During the shooting, in between takes, they performed Elite and a slower version of Change.

Digital Bath

The Digital Bath video is mainly composed of documentary footage from the Back to School Tour 2000. The band is shown playing live, driving, hanging out backstage, and jamming in this little room in Abe's house. Chino is wearing some snowboarding goggles for some reason. Also shown are some shots of a girl in a bath. Also Abe weilds a cleaver at the camera, but MTV blurred it out, which dissapointed poor Abe. The vid was directed by Andy Bennet but Deftones edited some of the footage themselves.

The Crow: City of Angles

This is not actually a video, but a movie that the Deftones appear in. They are shown performing the song "Teething", the same song contributed to the movie's soundtrack, during the Day of the Dead festival in the movie. The version of Teething they play is slightly different than the version heard on the soundtrack, it sounds a bit more like the demo version heard on the 7 Words single. Stef played a prank during the shooting, moving around his amp between takes.
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Limp Bizkit - Counterfeit Remix Video

This isn't a Deftones video, but Chino does make a guest appearance. He is at a table playing chess with DJ Lethal, then kicks over the table and walks away. And later is shown chillin' up on a bridge.

Korn - Who Then Now? Home Video
This is Korn's first home video which features Chino. Korn is explaining the origin of the song "Wicked" then it shows Chino in the studio recording his part of that song. Also, I think it shows Chi and Abe partying with Korn in a real quick shot.

Vans Warped Tour 1998 - Punk Rock Summer Camp
This video features many bands from the 1998 Warped tour performing live. Deftones are shown performing Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away). Later in the video Abe is shown jamming on a small drum setup with the band Ozomatli out by their tourbus, with Stephen and Frank groovin' in the background.

The Liks - Best U Can Music Video

This is a music video by The Liks (Alkoholics) featuring Abe and Chino in the background, Abe on drums, Chino on guitar. The video takes place in a party atmosphere. The Liks asked them to be in this video, and they accepted.

Daycare - Violets Video

This video shows Dave, Daycare's singer, following around this girl on a bike that he is sort of infatuated with. What he doesn't know is that she isn't as perfect as she seems, as shown when she partakes in various wild activities on a bed next to the band playing. One of the wild activities is her hanging out on the bed with Abe and a bong nearby, and and as the scene cuts, Abe starts unbuttoning his shirt. When the video was shot, I played a geeky kid on the bed trying to serenade the girl, then Abe came in with the bong and pushed me out, but that part got cut.

Willhaven - Carpe Diem Video

The story of this video is that Grady, Willhaven's singer, wakes up in a tub of ice cubes missing his voice box. He runs around town frantically looking for it. Chino is shown driving down the road and hits Grady with his car, then Grady throws Chino out of the car and takes off in it, which makes Chino a bit angry. It was written and directed by Brad Oates of Trainwreck Productions.