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Name: Jesse
Reviewing:Deftones Video's
Ya know....alot of videos these days just plain suck. Especially alot of the pop shit and rock video's are starting to suck majoraly. But alas, one band doenst make BAD video's. I have to admit I first saw and heard the Deftones on MTV2 3 years ago when I saw 'My Own Summer'. I thought it sucked. But I eventually liked it. Thats mainly because Be Quite and Drive...(Far Away) was a decent video of them performing and I liked it and the song even more. THe 7 Words video  is an awesome live performance from the Def-heads and the 'Change' video was pretty cool. 'Back To School' somewhat corny, BUT hey its fun to watch! Now 'Digital Bath' that video kicks ass!! I think its my favorite..............
Name: -DevliN-
Reviewing:Bored/BQAD/IMOS/Change/B2S/DIgital Bath
The Bored video....
amazing it just captures the essence of the deftones...no over-analyzation the live raw gritty feel is just awesome...
Be Quiet and Drive(Far Away)...
a lot of people say this video is boring...i enjoy the video i think it goes with the feel of the song with the clips of the woman and chino gettin jiggy with the hose, and his hands i enjoyed the sleak feel of it...
Shove It(in my own summer)
Deftones, sharks, rawking out...water..the intensity of the song and the video sort of going with the lyrical theme of the song...beauty....
Chino got fat but who gives a f*ck? The video sort of retuns to the oldschool feel of the 'tones...house party, their still playing everyone seems drugged out, and the blurrings and masks were a nice feel...at least they didn't put a damn fly in the video :-)
Back to School(mini-maggit)....
I hated this video honestly. I hated the whole remake and enjoyed Pink Maggit as it was without this extension....it didn't fit on the cd and they didn't need to re-relase it let alone make a video. I hate the theme it's corny...and those kids prolly don't even know who the tones are...i hated this video cheerleaders...high school...the set should belong in an old korn video...not in a deftones video
Digital Bath...
i just caught this yesterday... i love this video...chino and the goggles...lol Abe and the blurred hatchet...stef and the bud....chi and him slammin the bass....the live footage was amazing! I loved the mirrored chino's and the stop-motions i just love the video...the bath-tubs are also awesome...best video next to bored.....
Name: Jake
Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) The Video
First off I do know that Deftones had TONS of trouble with their label and they hated the outcome of this video. I do not blame them, the video is boring as hell, There is like nothing going on. On top of all that its only half the song, which I understand but I do think the second half of the song (which they cut) is better. All in all this video sucks, which really sucks cuz it's a great song.

My Own Summer (Shove It) The Video
This is without a doubt the best Deftones video. The on water performance and the sharks. It just frankly kicks ass. The deftones should go with this kind of feel for more of their videos.
Name: kelly frank
Reviewing:my own summer video

i thought it was the best video to date ,with chinos style of vocals and the ocean and inside the scuba shit singin is tight i like all the old videos where chino is a more vibrant and alive dude hes more clean cut and cool looking but drugs take there toll on everyone and thats what ide look like now too so peace out and keep listening and check out shortiemusic.com chino did a song called lapse with them its awesome
Name: Jim
Reviewing:Back to School video

I think this has to be the best Deftones video there is as of yet. The way Chino is just another kid at school and he seems to take over the school is just what most high-schoolers (like me) wish would happen. I did find a problem though. The whole band is only together for a few seconds in the whole thing. I'm under the impression the director, since they worked with Eminem and the like, was focusing too much on the singer and not the band as a whole. Singers seem to get more attention now in videos because kids think they're "hot". Besides that though, the song, video, and the story in the video rock!
Name: leo10583
Reviewing:change / 7 words / bored video

Change Video - it took me a month after it came out to catch it but i was sooo worthy, i was so happy to see it, in this one, as in white pony there's a lot of "change"in the ways the deftones used to do things, but altogether is a great video, as usual it's got them rocking at some kind of party house, where everyone is wasted, for some reason it reminds me a lot of the around the fur theme and artwork, with the pool table, the actual pool, this time the director tried some fx stuff and even though it looks kinda weird it's good, just like everything that the deftones do!

7 Words Video - people this video is the shit! i really like the 'tones videos cause they don't have like big budget stuff going on, but just them rocking out the place, and that's what they do here, it's them playing at a club in sacto where they used to play back in the day, with them and the crowd going nuts while they play, it also has some scenes walking around and stef breaking a bottle!!! as simple as it sounds it beats every video out there.

Shove It Video - pure genious what else can i say??? most likely if you are here you've seen the video but if you haven't you should, i think it's the best deftones video ever, it's got the playing as always whihc is the best part, it's got watter, and of course it's got sharks!!! and it's kinda cool the fact that you see stef rocking on what could be a fender strat, that if you are into guitars...

Name: scott
Reviewing:bored video

this is the most magnificent video i have ever seen in my entire life. if only other bands could take a lesson from the deftones on how to make a bad ass video. i know most people probably haven't seen this video, unless you have m2 or something like that, it's on every once in a while. if you have seen it, you know what i mean. it's just an old school video in some abandoned house in the ghetto. the band just gets together at this house, and just jams. by the end of the song, the room where they are playing is packed with kids from the neighborhood just going crazy, moshing with chino right in the middle. a very very low budget video, but in my eyes, better than any video with twice the budget could ever do. i'll quit rambling now. it's late and i'm tired.
Name: Arthur
Reviewing: European Shows (video)

Amsterdam - The video I have, it only has 2 songs, Root and Nosebleed. Great performances. Chino is interviewed too, he just talks about Around the Fur.

Essen, Germany - This video has the songs Lotion, Can't Even Breathe, Teething, Birthmark, and Damone, the videos 7Words and My Own Summer, and an interview with Chino. Great show.

Rotterdam, Neth. - Has the songs BQAD, My Own Summer, MX, 7Words, Mascara, and Engine #9. Has Interviews with Chino, then Stef, Chi, and Abe. The interviews are tight, taken on their tour bus. Stef sparks it up in the streets and Chino lights up in the back of the bus. Good shit. The show's awesome, Chino talks about his shoes getting stolen every night, and there's a pretty phat stage dive part too.

Pink Pop Festival 98, Neth - This show has got to be one of the best shows they've ever played. The songs are 7Words, Teething, BQAD, and Headup. Chino is the fuckin' pimp in this video, especially when he performs Teething and Headup! My favorite performances. There's also and interview with the whole band in Stef's house. You'll see Chino ride a scooter, mow the lawn, give a tour of the tour bus, and the band plays an acoustic version of BQAD on the driveway. This video is the shit! Not to mention a kick ass show!
Name: Jeff
Reviewing: Bootleg Video 12/03/94

This video is from San Jose I think, it's from back before Adrenaline was released so all the songs are demo versions. They play Nosebleed, Bored, Minus Blindfold, One Weak, 7 Words, Root, and Engine No. 9. The version of Bored has some different lyrics and a longer breakdown part; I heard that Bored was originally called "Oraled" so maybe that's what this is. Watching this you can really see how much Deftones have changed since 1994; Chino has his dreads, earring, and eyebrow ring, and Abe can be seen pounding away with his long hair flying everywhere. The band really gets into it, it's a very intense set. The camera usually stays closest to Chino or Stephen, and the picture quality is mediocre, but this video is a nice look at Deftones Pre-Adrenaline days.
Name: Jeff
Reviewing: Bootleg Video 12/20/96

This vid is from San Francisco, the last show before they went into the studio to record Around the Fur. They play every song off Adrenaline including Fist plus Teething, Tired of Sex (Weezer), and Right Brigade (Bad Brains). The concert starts out great; Chino is kneeling on the ground growling then Steph busts into the opening riff of Root. The whole place goes crazy, Chino is jumping around screaming with his afro bouncing, Abe is killing his drums, and Chi's dreads are flying around like alien tentacles. This show is much like Adrenaline; there is a lot of emotion, from the soothing melodies of Fist to the insanity of Nosebleed. Chino talks to the crowd a lot, he tries to crowdsurf to the bar, but the audience can't quite get him there. And he has to give them a 'lecture' when somebody tries to steal his shoe. The camera work is pretty good, you get to see al the band and there are some nice close-ups.
Name: sean kincaid
Reviewing:be quiet and drive video

this song is one of the most powerful songs i've ever heard and i felt it hit me in a place where music isnt supposed to hit a person. however once i saw the video the feelings were only intensified which i never thought could be possible. i look forward to being able to see the video whenever i can and because i live up in canada there isnt much chance to see it very often. i would say this video is probably one of the best i've ever seen.