1. Iceskates - This was the first "Untitled" track on MTV news special...starts out the album kinda quiet and moody with techno-ey drum loops (if you've seen the MTV News thing, you'll understand) and contains the line "I won't stop following you". This is believed to be one of the modified Team Sleep tracks that made the cut of the record. As the song progresses, it builds into the heavier part displayed on the "newshit.mp3" the deftones distributed over the internet

2. White Pony - Another song many fans have probably already heard from live mp3's or from OzzFest '99, the album version finally does justic to the track as its much clearer and heavier than the quality of the live mp3's. The song remains the same save for a few more guitar melodies and effects were added throughout the verses and the choruses, slightly different vocal melodies, and features new lyrics, basically embellishments made in the studio.

3. Flint - This was the third track previewed on the MTV News special. Once was called Flint Eastwood, but shortened to Flint since the name didn't really fit with the band or the song. The lyrics include the lines "I look at the cross, I look away, now give me the gun, and blow me away" on the quieter verses. The chorus part sounds a lot like Smashing Pumpkins with some sweet vocal melodies. A prime example of their newly emphasised quieter side, and of their new record, Flint is my personal favorite, cut, and would make for a good single, possibly the first.

4. New Murderer - The track name on this tune is still tentative, but this is another contender for the first single. The lyrics deal with being kidnapped and being forced to do things that would make you uncomfortable and the song, while it has its heavy moments, never quite approaches the ferocity most of the tracks on Around the Fur possessed, and as Chino has said, is a bit more soothing.

5.Spiraling - A track recorded with B-Real of Cypress Hill that almost didn't make the cut of the album, a bit more hip hop oriented than almost anything they've ever done, but don't expect it to be anything like another "n 2 gether now". It was the track played on the "trippy trailer" or "stony bird's eye view" to give you an idea.

6. Digital Bath - As with the last track, this where DJ Frank gets to cut loose with a lot more ambient noise. This is where the deftones go for that ambient techno trip hop vibe they described when discussing a bit about the new directions they were taking.

7. Knife Party at the Niko - The second half of the album kicks off hitting the ground running with the interestingly titled "Knife Party". It's a brutal, fast paced, high energy, screeching track that pushes the extreme loud side of the band for most of the track, the second heaviest track on the album.

8. Feiticeira - A more midtempo, and beautifully melodic tune like "Flint", one of the more, saucy love tunes Chino was speaking of in reference to the songs on the record, another favorite...

9. Input - This is the tentative title for the track Maynard of Tool recorded with the band. The beginning of this track was played in the background towards the very end of the MTV News special when they were talking about calling and talking to Fred Durst(asshole) about being scared about making their new records. Listen closely on that part of the interview for a taste, quiet guitar and dark atmospheric vocals, much like the quieter parts of "Fist". It builds into a heavier part over the course of the track and features a pretty damn exceptional duet w/ Maynard and Chino.

10. Elite - THIS IS THE HEAVIEST TRACK ON THE RECORD...bottom line. It may still fall a little short of the ferocious attack of "Lotion" or "Headup" and is slightly more in the vein of the more melodic approach of the new disc, but this scathing metal track should satiate the cravings of fans who still dig their heaviest sounds. This is the closest the record gets to approaching the fury of the tracks on ATF. So for the ones only in it for the hard and heavy, only listen to tracks 2,7, and 10. The others who are openminded, listen to it in its entirety.

11. Pink Maggit - Since there are eleven listed tracks this time around, this is not a secret track, and well..just the last listed track. Fans may have heard parts of this tune in two places. First there's their Ozzfest 99 appearances and live mp3's in which the beginning part of this song was played as an intro to "Be Quiet and Drive". This part of the song was a somber melodic passage with Chino's impassioned vocals blaring over it. The song as it is now has that quieter part as the beginning, leading up to a heavier part previewed on MTV News 1515 as the second song played. It contains the lines "Back in school, we are the leaders" and is meant to serve as a high school anthem that says don't wallow in your misery, go do something about it cuz you're the man, and go out and live, fitting with the theme of this album. It's a pretty neat way to end the album...

*12. Untitled - As there were reportedly 12 songs slated for the record a few months ago, this 12th track is something Chino spoke of briefly in an interview in early 99. The interview if you can find it was his year in review of 98 and he was discussing the latest song he'd written, which he said was an acoustic interlude he wrote on guitar that he was really excited about putting at the very end of the next record. Whether this acoustic interlude makes it on the record unlisted on either track 12 or hidden after track 11, or whether it'll end up on the final pressing of the album is as of yet uncertain.