'Deftones Yahoo Chat with Frank and Abe'
October 3rd 2000

yahoomusic: yo yo yo what's goin on people!
yahoomusic: as you can see...i am yahoomusic
yahoomusic: and i am sooo stoked to wlecome you to this LIVE chat with
yahoomusic: (can i get a drum rollll puh-lease)
yahoomusic: DEFTONES!
yahoomusic: This chat is also available in audio for users with the windows media player and sound capability. To eavsedrop on the LIVE conversation, hit this link: playlist.broadcast.com/makeplaylist.asp?id=673518&segment=59

deftones_chat_live: What's happening? What's up?

yahoomusic asks: Hey guys! Welcome to Yahoo! Chat -- We're thrilled to have you here, but straight off the bat i gotta ask what Chino, Chi and Stephen are up to today? Will you tell them that we missed them?!?
deftones_chat_live: Stephen is on a media blackout!
deftones_chat_live: He won't talk to no media. Like Prince. But he's jester, not Prince. yet. He's a fool.
deftones_chat_live: Chi, Chino who knows, they're probably lost.
deftones_chat_live: Me and Abe are at the house in lovely Sacremento, sipping on some cold beer, listening to some music.

yahoomusic asks: when are you guys kicking off the Back To School tour with Incubus?
deftones_chat_live: I believe it starts Oct 13 in Seattle. And runs till December 17 or something like that.
yahoomusic: any international dates?
deftones_chat_live: Abe: We just have been bouncing back and forth from Europe to the states, then we are going to Brazil...
deftones_chat_live: We are doing Rock in Rio, and try to do some other dates in Australia, and then come back here and do it all over again!

countesscuervo asks: was that live 105 band in your backyard thing fun to play or did they not invite enough people to see you play for it to be enjoyable?
deftones_chat_live: Jeff's backyard was tight, it was fun as hell.

Tue Oct 3 18:06:01 2000
deftones_chat_live: We rolled up and popped on in, we got to play almost an hour. THere were maybe 100, 150 people in the backyard.
deftones_chat_live: I think we killed his keg,, went on his roof, a good time, nice guy.

s0fa_q asks: I've heard rumors about a tour with Weezer after their next album is released next year, is that still likely to happen?
deftones_chat_live: Man, I love Wheezer we would love to tour with them.
deftones_chat_live: They were shy, they came to our last show, he was amazed we loved their music. It would be beautiful, if they wanted to tour with us we would love to.
deftones_chat_live: There is nothing actually in the works, it comes down to timing, but we'd love to make it happen.

vaccaro69 asks: deftones, what are your favorite types of beers?
deftones_chat_live: Abe: I'm drinking a Coors Lite man, that's cause I'm older now and trying to keep my figure.
deftones_chat_live: Frank: I'll drink any beer actually, we'll drink whatever.
deftones_chat_live: We're not beer snobs...

yahoomusic asks: I love the track on White Pony with Maynard from Tool...How did that come about? Have you guys known him for long?
deftones_chat_live: Frank: We met him a couple of years ago.
deftones_chat_live: Obviously we were fans of the band Tool.
deftones_chat_live: THrough a friend we met him.
deftones_chat_live: So he came down while we were writing songs for the record.
deftones_chat_live: We actually had the music for that song, and he started singing to it,
deftones_chat_live: and we finished recording the music, and he came down and belted it out and in about an hour it was done. He's very efficient.

ixiserotoninixi asks: Will you ever do a studio version of "Say It Ain't So?"
deftones_chat_live: Why not? NEver say never.
deftones_chat_live: Say it ain't so!
deftones_chat_live: Who knows?
deftones_chat_live: It would be fun.
deftones_chat_live: But we are just too serious, we don't have fun anymore.
deftones_chat_live: No, we have fun, we have a blast.
deftones_chat_live: Maybe if someone does a Wheezer tribute record or something.
deftones_chat_live: We've always attempted to do some cool B sides from the beginning of our career.

mos_shark asks: Frank, how did u come up with that cool chorus on "change"?, it sounds so angelic.. its great..
deftones_chat_live: What's up Mo shark? I don't know, just playing with sounds, we just jam in our little rehearsal spot, it just came. Just maniuplating sounds, and it stuck, that's how I work with Chino also, we just bounce stuff off each other.
deftones_chat_live: Just looking and digging, which is something I'm always doing.,

deftonesworldwide asks: Do you guys get to see many fan webpages (i.e. defto.net, defnet.net , thedeftones.com)
deftones_chat_live: Oh yeah, we've been to most of them.
deftones_chat_live: Deftones biggest band in the world, BQAD.net is cool, I just a little interview for homie over there, we appreciate all the sites, it's really cool.
deftones_chat_live: Deftones.com, it's crazy what music will make people do,

ixiserotoninixi asks: I heard somewhere that there was a B-side from White Pony called "Webster." Is this true and if so, will it ever be released like "Crenshaw?"
deftones_chat_live: Actually Webster was one of the songs that made the album, we had so many working titles, we forget which was which, I don't even remember what webster was...
deftones_chat_live: I think webster might even be Boys Republic,
deftones_chat_live: I am pretty sure webster is just an old working title for a song that made the album. We forget cause we're old and feeble.

snowpup147 asks: what was the most challenging song to record for white pony?
deftones_chat_live: Hmm. Well, man....
deftones_chat_live: Abe: I don't mess up!
deftones_chat_live: Frank: He's a human drum machine.
deftones_chat_live: Abe: We had a difficult time in the studio, it all turned out well, I'm just happy it came out the way it did, it was crazy.
deftones_chat_live: Frank: The whole ting was hard to make, it was that time, we came in fresh off the road, we were tossed home, then tossed off into the studio, I guess if it wasn't hard it wouldn't have been real.
deftones_chat_live: If it had been any easier, it would have been tough if we had time to second guess ourselves.
deftones_chat_live: If it was as easy as the potatotes Abe whips out in the morning, I tell you......

evitagen580 asks: are you guys goin to be at family values 2000 if they have one?
deftones_chat_live: There will not be a Family Values 2000 this year. So I guess we won't be there.

vaccaro69 asks: is there a chance you guys might be the special 4:20 apperance at the cypress hill smokeout?
deftones_chat_live: We're already busy that day. We played that show last year. I would love to be.
deftones_chat_live: But the smokeout is always fun, we had a great time last year, this year sounds even bigger and better.

deftone277 asks: What about the remix album? Any more communication with Shadow or is it still just theoretical? -Scharged
deftones_chat_live: It's just still out in the air, it's funny, we never thought it would get out and kids would start asking about it....
deftones_chat_live: We talk about it when we are in a drunken stupor.
deftones_chat_live: Me and Chino once ran into him and asked him to remix our album, then we realized we hadn't recorded it yet.
deftones_chat_live: We now realize it could happen.
deftones_chat_live: Right now we are so busy with tours and singles....
deftones_chat_live: We need someone to kick us in the ass every now and then.

nightime_cavity asks: back to school is great but when is released as a single, whenwill we see the video?
deftones_chat_live: Actually, apparently it came out today.
deftones_chat_live: I got a copy of the video today.
deftones_chat_live: It should be done in the next few days I think.
deftones_chat_live: And delivered to whoever they deliver it today. The record came out today.
deftones_chat_live: I'm not sure it will be released as a single. Maybe like Change was in Europe or something.

insaniacrew666 asks: hey! Abe , who is your favorite drummer?
deftones_chat_live: Abe: Stewart Copeland.
deftones_chat_live: Top of the head.

yahoomusic asks: Frank, i'm curious about what it's like for you being a turntablist in such a hard-rockin band? how does it differ for you creatively from some of the other bands you've been in?
deftones_chat_live: It's actually more of an experience I think. People I worked with before I did my part which was separate from anything else.
deftones_chat_live: WOrking with this band is a full time and gratifying to be creative with these guys.
deftones_chat_live: It's new to me, and I'm just trying to make good music. I don't question it or think about it too much,

misbighead asks: What does the new song "Change" about? some say cocaine, is this true?
deftones_chat_live: They say a lot of things! Why even tell what it's about?
deftones_chat_live: You can interpret it in your own way...how does it make you feel? That's what it's about.
deftones_chat_live: But exactly what it means, you should ask Chino. Who knows?

mos_shark asks: Abe, I hear you like Mexican food.. whats your favorite mexican food?
deftones_chat_live: I love Tamales. I love fresh tortillas, fresh rice and beans. It goes back to the sauce, all about the sauce.
deftones_chat_live: I'm hungry...
deftones_chat_live: I love fresh, fresh Mexican food with nice salsas...I love it all, baby.

adrenaline_kitty asks: i had a birthday party and no one came, will you please come to my house and play some songs in my backyard? :-)
deftones_chat_live: Happy birthday!

sourgirl1234 asks: does pink maggit have any sort of "special meaning" to any of you..?
deftones_chat_live: I guess it does, as far as in the process of making the record, we combined two totally separate things, and it became one.
deftones_chat_live: We ended our album on it, it was one hell of a way to end an album.
deftones_chat_live: It was simple too.
deftones_chat_live: It became this cool, epic type of thing. Which kind of made another song out of it...
deftones_chat_live: It kind of made sense. It's kind of like our Purple Rain maybe. And you can't mess with Purple Rain......
deftones_chat_live: I hang with them when I see them out here.

chinowongmoreno asks: Hey frank, its homie D from the board, whats up with your old band socialistiks? You still working with them on the side?
deftones_chat_live: They are doing some kind of compilation out here in the Bay Area...I haven't been able to do anything with them because I've been gone.
deftones_chat_live: But I'm sure I'll be working with them soon,.

deftones43512 asks: why don't you guyz release a cd of demos and rarities?
deftones_chat_live: It's kind of already out, they're not all out just so you know, I've got something here that nobody has.
deftones_chat_live: Abe: I'm a collector.
deftones_chat_live: I have the first demo we've ever done.
deftones_chat_live: But everything else is pretty much out. I don't know how, almost everything we've ever recorded is out.
deftones_chat_live: There will be a time when we'll release something like that......
deftones_chat_live: But I don't think any time in the near future would be smart, cause we have a new album.
deftones_chat_live: And it's there for anyone who wants to dig, so it's fun, use your mind a little, it's much more gratifying.
deftones_chat_live: Go close your TV or computer and go to your record store.....

T_Raider14 asks: Abe, what's generally in your cd collection? like what artists?
deftones_chat_live: Bad question: a little of everything, we all love, love music, I have everything from A to Z.
deftones_chat_live: It's a tough question, anything from Rockets in the Crypt to Miles Davis to COol Keith to taj Mahal.
deftones_chat_live: It can change from your mood and the day.
deftones_chat_live: If you are pissed off, if you are feeling romantic.
deftones_chat_live: One thing about the Deftones, if you don't know by now, is we are music fans, we love music. That's why we do Wheezer covers.
deftones_chat_live: Everything you know what I mean. People just need to love music and appreciate it for what it is.
deftones_chat_live: Music will not make you cool. It's the nerdy kids digging music with the headphones......

muchthanmore799 asks: hey abe and frank... i dont have a question, i just wanted to say on behalf of the worldwide message board, we appreciate you guys taking the time to come in and talk to us... and keep us updated.... most of us are there everyday... supportin you guys... you rule.. keep doin what yr doin!!! much love!
deftones_chat_live: Cool, right on, appreciate that. WE have cool people at our sites, and at our worldwide board.
deftones_chat_live: It's a little community, and we're always watching, just so you know, we're always there....

thehollybear asks: Hey Abe, it's The Hollybear from the board...what's up with the Phallucy re-release rumours?
deftones_chat_live: Man, I don't know, just another thing we're talking about....
deftones_chat_live: The Deftones was my first band, I left for awhile, for whatever.....anyway Phallucy, we cut a record, it never came out....
deftones_chat_live: At the point in time when everything is easier for us to, it would be great to put out a seven inch of Phallucy, we are too busy trying to make Deftones all we can be...
deftones_chat_live: there's a lot of work for us to do right now...
deftones_chat_live: Oh man, that sucks.....I feel like a heel now, I don't even know who I

deftone277 asks: Who will you vote for? Bush? Gore? Nader? Supercharged?
deftones_chat_live: am going to vote for. I'm just going to listen to my wife, she'll tell me. I should keep up on that stuff but I don't.
deftones_chat_live: We only live in our own little bubble, it's really sad. I'm outa here, I'm mad now.....
deftones_chat_live: Just kidding....

mrbrown311 asks: How did you guys hook up with Fred Durst on 7 words live?
deftones_chat_live: The business is like a school and you run into people in the hallways....
deftones_chat_live: We ran into him at a show, he came out and sang that day, Fred is a big fan , always has been, we know him quite well.
deftones_chat_live: Sometimes fans want us to be the anti-Limp Bizkit band, that's lame, there's a lot of room out there for everyone. Even you, you want me to talk shit about everyone. It's a waste of time being a hater.
deftones_chat_live: That's why our albums sound the way we do, we put on blinders, go into our own world, and make our own music.
deftones_chat_live: People need to stop worrying about what we think about Durst.
deftones_chat_live: If we don't like him, y ou won't like him?
deftones_chat_live: That would be dumb.....

b1rthm4rk asks: please im the webmaster from DEFTONES, the biggest band in the world, please say a big thanks to abe and frank live, for giviing me such praises!!!!!!
deftones_chat_live: What's up brother? Everything is cool man!
deftones_chat_live: That's a trippy thing too.

nicklab9 asks: Did the Pearl Jam/Denmark incident scare you guys regarding festival shows?
deftones_chat_live: That's a trippy thing too.
deftones_chat_live: We played that three times. it's been going on 32 , 33 years, it's totally well run, a good vibe and all, it was a freak thing,...
deftones_chat_live: We've been never the type of band to provoke an incident.
deftones_chat_live: It was weird.
deftones_chat_live: We just try to promote positivity and make sure everyone is doing alright out there.
deftones_chat_live: Cause it could go anyway at any time.
deftones_chat_live: We just try to promote good thoughts.

gracadelica asks: I'm in ireland and it's 02:30 here. I'm tired and I want to go to bed but I'll sleep well if you answer my question. What do you guys do in your spare time when your not jamming, recording or touring?
deftones_chat_live: We just kick it.
deftones_chat_live: You usually find us together hanging out, at each others' house, on the porch, drinking beers, or in a bar somewhere.
deftones_chat_live: It's kind of like a Nelly video! I like that Abe.

Tue Oct 3 18:36:19 2000

bindonline asks: FRANK: Did you write the intro song used during the last tour, the one played before the band came out?
deftones_chat_live: That is Twin Peaks...
deftones_chat_live: A little exerpt, I wish I wrote it!
deftones_chat_live: Great stuff when you've got a girl, some drinks, some smoke.....

rontie222 asks: whats the weirdest gift you've gotten from a fan?
deftones_chat_live: I've been getting a bunch of knives from people.....
deftones_chat_live: It's weird, we were doing signings and people hand over their babies.
deftones_chat_live: I've signed a sonogram of a child-to-be.
deftones_chat_live: It's odd, but pretty wicked, crazy....

deftone277 asks: How does Frank like his new computer? Does Chino need help picking one out? Haha
deftones_chat_live: Yeah, he needs a lot of help.
deftones_chat_live: Frank: I like it, I just got a laptop it's cool I can keep in touch with fans on the road.
deftones_chat_live: My wife doesn't like it...

tracer_x60 asks: This is TrAcEr from the deftonesworldwide board, will you guys ever release a video that has all your videos, interviews and other stuff
deftones_chat_live: Believe it or not, we did fouir other videos before that, we have tons of footage, from the get go till now, we're just compiling.
deftones_chat_live: WE'd love to put something out, there are some crazy things...
deftones_chat_live: A little bit maybe backstage, not too much, we all have tons of digital video cameras on the road, we're getting a bit better at the game I think.

dai_l_cheng asks: Do you guys ever get in physicall fight's?
deftones_chat_live: With each other? Yeah!
deftones_chat_live: Why not? But be careful of Abe, cause he always has a knife!
deftones_chat_live: Abe: We're so beyond being......we're just brothers, and when brothers get together, sometimes you just lose it.
deftones_chat_live: But we like each other. But it gets wild sometimes.
yahoomusic: this is from roxyskachic What do you think of the whole MTV thing. You guys were on TRL and didn't look too happy.
deftones_chat_live: Well, you know what, we've been together 12 years now. This is a whole new thing. WE've always done what we've done, and co nstantly toured.
deftones_chat_live: It just so happens that MTV is playing music we've played for 12 years.
deftones_chat_live: Right now, it's gravy on top. WE're doing what we've always done, music that makes us happy.
deftones_chat_live: It was a strange thing going on, but it was all in all kind of cool, I see nothing wrong with it.
deftones_chat_live: MTV is a tool we can use, and right now, we'd be dumb not to use it. But we don't have to whore ourselves...
deftones_chat_live: But the kids want it, some of them don't want it.
deftones_chat_live: Now MTV does want to talk to us. And it would be dumb - for the kids who want to hold us all to their own, I can understand, but why?
deftones_chat_live: I don't want to be held in by anyone.
deftones_chat_live: Abe: Even now, when bands start getting bigger, it's like, it's my mind, I knew them before anyone, and the people you hated in high school one day are wearing their tee shirt, I know how that feels...
deftones_chat_live: Frank: I used to be into this thing hip-hop, and I told my friends, check this out, it's dope!
deftones_chat_live: Let's be real here, Deftones, and all music, comes to an end eventually. Let's just accept it and enjoy the ride.
deftones_chat_live: WE're trying to make it as enjoyable as possible without stifling anybody.

wrathman18 asks: I heard fans have some parts in the video is that true?
deftones_chat_live: Yeah, there were a lot of fans in the video actually.
deftones_chat_live: It was filmed in a high school and school was in session.
deftones_chat_live: We took over a high school.
deftones_chat_live: We just kind of showed up, and we were in the middle of school...it was cool, there were a lot of fans there, which was better than a lot of fake people.
deftones_chat_live: They were real people.

slipknot_trader asks: what is the wu-tang clan cover you guys do?
deftones_chat_live: I don't know, who is it, it ain't us!
deftones_chat_live: If we did one, we'd do Protect Your Neck.

rontie222 asks: will the next album be heavier than White Pony?
deftones_chat_live: Who knows? Maybe lighter, It might be disco, who knows?
deftones_chat_live: It might be...maybe the heaviest fucking record in the world...and it might not, it's all about head space, what we've learned from going around the world a couple of times now...
deftones_chat_live: we;re trying to grow too...but we like heavy music, we might write some heavy assed shit, or it might be country.
deftones_chat_live: People don't know what we will do and I like that.
deftones_chat_live: WE're like that, we're proud of being able to switch things up.
deftones_chat_live: Back when we started there were a lot of influences, but now we can pinpoint the influence and run with it.
deftones_chat_live: And we are comfortable doing it.
deftones_chat_live: LOL!

yahoomusic asks: you guys have toured with Kiss and with Ozzy. can youn possibly describe such experiences?
deftones_chat_live: Abe: Ozzy we toured with a few times with and without Ozzy, which was crazy.
deftones_chat_live: KISS was not at all an enjoyable experience, I couldn't give a shit, I can respect Kiss for what they've done, but that tour was not fun.
deftones_chat_live: Ozzy and Sabbath, I never dreamed of. Ozzy's people treated us very well, they took care of us wonderfully every time.
deftones_chat_live: Whereas the other one was different. That's all I got to say. But still, it was pretty damned cool.
deftones_chat_live: It was what it was and so be it.

gracadelica asks: Where did you find Rodleen who sang on Knife Party? She has an amazing voice.Would you consider having her feature on more of your stuff?
deftones_chat_live: She's cool as hell. She was recording when we were finishing our record, at Larabee, she was a friend of a mutual friend of ours.
deftones_chat_live: We were drinking beers and talking, and she had a tape of her playing live, an acoustic thing of her playing guitar and singing, and it blew us away.
deftones_chat_live: And we asked her to come in and she did about six takes which were all different and all good.
deftones_chat_live: She just came in and threw down.
deftones_chat_live: Every time we've done it, we've done it twice with her live, she's rad, we like our friend Rodleen.
deftones_chat_live: She's gone off incredibly high on that one...

nifeparty asks: what's your most memorable show that you've played?
deftones_chat_live: Hmm. This festival in Portugal that was awesome. It was in the middle of wine country, way up in these vineyards.
deftones_chat_live: A lake, middle of no where, thousands of people, great show, it was our first time in Portugal, but it was like we were always there.
deftones_chat_live: And then at the Zenith in Paris, France was a great show too. WIth Rockets from the Crib...
deftones_chat_live: It was a great feeling, we flew home the next day, it was a great way to end the tour, it was really, really cool.

korn_kid5521 asks: my question is: what will the team sleep side project sound like?
deftones_chat_live: You know, who knows what it's going to sound like?
deftones_chat_live: it's still pretty much in pre production. we'
deftones_chat_live: will be working on it a lot during this tour, and hopefully we'll be getting it out soon...

evilclowninc asks: are you for or against napster?
deftones_chat_live: It's beyond NAPSTER now, we've never been against NAPSTER. NAPSTER is obviously the beginning of something bigger and better.
deftones_chat_live: We never would have gone back to school if it wasn't for something like NAPSTER, because that's how kids got the song.
deftones_chat_live: And everyone just assumed it would be on the album, and it wasn't. But we got all that feedback on the song, and that's what made us go back and put it in.
deftones_chat_live: So that feedback from the net influenced us...

countesscuervo asks: are you going to reggae in the park(golden gate)
deftones_chat_live: No, when is it?
deftones_chat_live: It would be cool, Reggae on the river, reggae on the park, we just have a little time off, I'm hanging with my boy, he just turned two...
deftones_chat_live: It's nice to be chillin', we got friends coming over, a dinner party in a few minutes...
deftones_chat_live: The tour starts Oct 13 in Seattle.
deftones_chat_live: And it goes till about Dec 17.
deftones_chat_live: WE want to see you all there.
deftones_chat_live: Check out Deftonesworldwide or deftones.com
yahoomusic: www.deftonesworlwide.com
deftones_chat_live: Check your local papers and stuff. But we'll be in your vicinity real soon!
deftones_chat_live: Thanks, it was very, very cool, wish we could go on longer!
deftones_chat_live: Thanks for having us!
yahoomusic: hey everybody we're all out of time for chatting today!
yahoomusic: but thanks for coming by to chat with The Deftones LIVE!
yahoomusic: we're sorry we didn't get to all of your questions.....
yahoomusic: we did the best we could to get to all of your questions!
yahoomusic: we had thousands of questions
yahoomusic: if you missed any portion of the chat
yahoomusic: be sure to check back tomorrow for the transcript
yahoomusic: and the archived audio
yahoomusic: which will be posted online tomorrow
yahoomusic: right here at yahoo! chat
yahoomusic: if you want to send in thank yous and world of love send em in now!
yahoomusic: we'll be sure to share em with Abe and Frank

ny2jeter2 asks: THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oleunhappy asks: come to finland!!

Mr_C_85 asks: THANK YOU DEFTONES!!!!

jmw1086 asks: u kicked ass

Tue Oct 3 19:06:24 2000

T_Raider14 asks: hey guys thanks for answering my question!

ta_mis asks: later guys, good luck

darkfool2000 asks: I suppose I have mr. "Moderator" to thank
yahoomusic: that would be Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Moderator to you!
yahoomusic: and you're welcome!
yahoomusic: thanks for coming out tonight!!!

badgirl_95687 asks: you guys are tight

djkrockpot asks: COME BACK TO SAC
yahoomusic: hey krock
yahoomusic: the guys were actually calling in from sac
yahoomusic: whaddaya know!

miguel567_98 asks: you guys are the best keep goin' on no matter what and come to latinamerica

bungledtone87 asks: bye to all deftanatics out there

binomoreno asks: I love you soo much I could cry.

nohope67_94 asks: I love you Deftones!!! I hope you coming soon in Montreal !!!!
yahoomusic: ok party people
yahoomusic: the show is over....
yahoomusic: and if you missed anything
yahoomusic: be sure to visit deftones online
yahoomusic: at www.deftonesworldwide.com
yahoomusic: until next time
yahoomusic: PEACE!