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Chino in the 80's picture donated by L.Silva - it's Chino at a wedding, with his girlfriend at the time Deftones in 1991, lookin sad cuz Abe went to Phallucy =) Deftones in 1993, cover of Alive and Kickin, with old drummer John Taylor Deftones posin for the Alive and Kickin swimsuit calendar 1993? Deftones posin for the Alive and Kickin swimsuit calendar 1993? Deftones posin for the Alive and Kickin swimsuit calendar 1993? Deftones posin for the Alive and Kickin swimsuit calendar 1993? 1993 posing for a swimsuit calendar 1993? 1993? 1993, that's Chino flying on the skateboard Chino and son Coby, picture taken from my interview with Chino in Heckler Magazine Chino live with Korn 1994, picture thanks to Picture I took of Chino and his son, at Ozzfest 99 - he's pointing for his son to look at the camera, not to tell me to go away =) Chino at a Sacto sk8 park Stef at Warped Tour 98 Photo thanks to Sonny M. Fred Durst, B Real, and Stef kickin it in a hotel room Hesher, Bad Brains' bassist, and Chino Socialistik, DJ Franks hip-hop group from Sacramento News and Review Dec.2000 Socialistik, DJ Franks hip-hop group, photos courtesy of Heckler Magazine, check out the interview that goes with these photos at Socialistik, minus DJ Frank, on the cover of Alive&Kicking, 1998 Chino, after getting his Virgin Mary tattoo from a Sacto tattoo artist Jay Jay Maynard and Chino singing 'Passenger' 08/04/00 Vacouver B.C. Maynard and Chino shaking hands 08/04/00 Vancouver B.C. Deftones and CKY Chino and Rey from Tinfed Stef and Chino in 1990 Chino in 1990 Chi in 1990

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Here are pics I took of Team Sleep live in San Francisco
Here are pics of Deftones at their Roadie's Wedding in 1994
Here are pics from Deftones Secret Sacto Show at Capitol Garage
Here are pics I took of Phallucy's Practice at the Deftones practice space
Here are pics I took at Chi's Poetry Reading (Feaaturing pics of Jonah's onelinedrawing)
Here are 37 backstage/tourbus/live pictures from a 1993 Tour (Live Photos, Chino Skating, Chino's wife, Deftones in tourvan)
Here are Chino skating and chillin with some friends in 1995 (Chino does an ollie on his Sonic sk8board, has a smoke...)
Here are pics I took at the 09/26/00 Private KROQ Deftones Show (Including Photos of Rodleen of Knife Prty)
Here are pics I took at the 08/08/00 show
Here are photos I took from Deftones Internet House Party 6/01/00
Here are various pics from Ozzfest '99
Here are pics from when Deftones were on cable access TV in 1990 (Including one of Abe from when he was in Phallucy)
Here are pics I took at 08/05/99 at the secret show at Slim's in San Francisco
Here are 5 photos I took at Warped '98 - 2 at Ozz '99 - 1 at Enharmonik Studios (where Deftones' demos were recorded)
Here are pics donated by 'El Diablo' (Includes photos from Kerrangs "naughty" interview)
Here are some cool high-quality pics from San Jose 2000
Here are a bunch of Live Pictures from a few different European Shows
Here are pics taken by Tuckman
Here live pictures from Minnesota and some from New Jersey
Here are some RAD pics from 11/03/97 in Sacto & some from SF (Copyright T. Ryan Photography)

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